The delivery of "Taken"'s second season, meanwhile, helped increase the company's TV sales revenue by 18% to €22.7 million ($26.6 million).
EuropaCorp's TV and subscription-based VOD sales in France and the U.S. also rose by 35% to €40.5 million ($47.4 million) during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.
The company is currently looking to raise capital to repay its debt which is evaluated at more than €230 million ($270 million).” />
The company's slate of upcoming releases include Thomas Vinterberg's "Kursk" with Matthias Schoenaerts, Colin Firth and Léa Seydoux; and Besson's "Anna" with Luke Evans, Helen Mirren and Cillian Murphy. The company is also set to handle French distribution for Guillaume Canet's "Little White Lies 2" and David Lowery's "The Old Man and the Gun" with Robert Redford and Casey Affleck.
EuropaCorp's consolidated revenue figures for the financial year 2017-2018, which ended on March 31, were reported today by the company which is listed on the Paris stock exchange. EuropaCorp did not address the recent rape allegations filed against Besson in its official statement. Results have yet to be audited.
EuropaCorp's TV series roster include "AI (Artificial Intelligence)," "Gray," based on David Baldacci's original concept, "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc Sec," based on Jacques Tardi's classic French comic book and "American Flagg!," based on Howard Chaykin’s comic.
"Valerian" boosted the company's revenue from theatrical distribution, as well as video and VOD sales in France and in the U.S.
The company's international sales business increased by 57.1% to €76.7 million ($90 million), representing about 34% of the total turnover for the last fiscal year.
The company said it would be producing two to three English-language films and about two French-language films per year, on top of producing English-language TV series.
Although Luc Besson's $180 million "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" fell short of box office expectations, the science fiction film drove the annual revenue of Besson's company EuropaCorp to reach €223.7 million ($262.2 million), a 60% year-on-year increase.

and Germany a year ago with digital nets from Discovery, ITV, NBCU and RTL among others. Amazon launched its channels service in the U.K.
“We continue to build on the selection of live and on-demand TV channels for Prime members with over 120 channels across Europe, so it couldn’t be more fitting that today we celebrate by bringing customers StarzPlay,” said Alex Green, European MD of channels and sport at Amazon Prime Video.
Lionsgate chief executive officer Jon Feltheimer made the announcement. Lionsgate made the announcement Thursday as part of its earnings report for its fiscal year ended March 31 at the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
The fourth-quarter earnings and revenues topped Wall Street forecasts. Adjusted earnings were $55 million, or 25 cents a share — well ahead of the analyst consensus of negative one cent a share. Revenue of $1.04 billion in the quarter was slightly above the forecast of $1.037 billion.
In Britain, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to access Starzplay for £4.99 ($6.67) a month.
“These new channels allow us to extend the reach of our storytelling and bring the growing portfolio of Starz original series as well our extensive library of hit TV series and movies to a new audience.” The launch of StarzPlay "marks a significant expansion of the Starz platform into the global market," said Starz chief Chris Albrecht.
Motion picture revenue fell 19% to $424.9 million due partly to "La La Land" generating much of its box office in the year-ago period and profit slid 38.6% to $29.2 million. Media networks revenues edged down 1.4% to $365.7 million and segment profits were down 7.7% to $115.2 million.” /> TV production revenue gained 2% to $252.7 million and segment profits nearly doubled to $23.4 million.
The TV lineup includes new shows “Vida” and “Sweetbitter,” as well as Starz dramas “Power,” "Outlander" and “Boss,” and comedies “Party Down” and “Survivor’s Remorse.”
and Germany on Amazon Prime Video." "Our strong quarter capped a successful year in which we exceeded our internal and consensus financial expectations with significant contributions across our film, television, and Starz platforms," he said. Today I'm pleased to announce that we've taken a major step forward in this initiative by launching Starzplay branded channels in the U.K. "We enter fiscal 2019 well positioned to continue growing our worldwide content platform, deepening our key talent relationships, and rolling out Starz as a truly global consumer brand.
The launch of StarzPlay means that British and German viewers will be able to watch upcoming original shows from the U.S. premium cabler day-and-date with the U.S. and Germany; there is already a branded Starz Play Arabia OTT service in the Middle East. and access a catalog of movies including “The Hunger Games.” The channel launches are the first for Lionsgate-owned Starz in the U.K.
In a key expansion move, Lionsgate is teaming with Amazon to expand its Starz network in Europe through its Starzplay channels in Germany and the U.K.
The move comes a year and a half after Lionsgate bought Starz Inc. for $4.4 billion in cash and stock in late 2016.

The patch also introduces a new playable counselor, Victoria Sterling, inspired by the character Melissa from 1988’s “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.” She is unlockable at level 42.
To celebrate the game’s launch anniversary, the game is awarding a 130% bonus to XP gains and doubled chances of finding collectible in-game cassette tapes through May 29.
"Friday the 13th: The Game” is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its release with a massive content update.” />
One of the most radical changes to the multiplayer side of things is the addition of weapon swapping, which lets players give their Jason loadout any of the weapons that were previously tied to specific incarnations of the character. The sole exception to this is the Kickstarter-exclusive “Savini Jason” (named for makeup artist Tom Savini), whose pitchfork can’t be used by other Jasons.
On Thursday, the crowd-funded game — which has supported its multiplayer-focused population with regular tuning patches and the occasional new map or playable character — will introduce the single-player challenges co-developers Gun Media and IllFonic have promised since launch. By completing the challenges, players can unlock 30 brand-new character emotes, with three available in each of the 10 vignettes. The offline solo mode puts players into the shoes of masked killer Jason Voorhees in 10 scenarios, which will feature unique “cinematic kills” and special objectives.
To see a more detailed breakdown of the changes, read the developers’ patch notes on the game’s official forum. A number of bug fixes, matchmaking adjustments, and Part VII Jason improvements are also included in the update. The update also marks an upgrade to the game’s engine, which means a host of new character animations and graphical improvements that were unveiled in a YouTube preview last month.

For Abrego, his goal has always been to start a Latino business — not just in Spanish language, but simply putting more Latinos both in front of and behind the camera. To that point, Abrego said “over the years I was starting to build a company, this was something I didn’t see a lot of, so that was something I set my sights on, and something that we have been doing a lot of.”” />
Wednesday evening at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Endemol Shine North America chairman/CEO Cris Abrego discussed the production company’s burgeoning Spanish-language division alongside EVP Flavio Morales, director Jessy Terrero, and “MasterChef Latino” judge Claudia Sandoval.
Abrego oversees a collection of hit reality television programming produced by Endemol Shine North America, including “MasterChef,” “Big Brother,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and “Mira Quién Baila.” Raised in a bicultural household, Abrego explained how his background has helped shape his decision-making process in both Spanish and English language programming.
Morales shared that the company is currently focusing on more music-driven series, which he says is an easy entry-point for viewers with the aid of social media. Celebreality series, similar to “I Love Jenni,” are also in the works, some of which may be docuseries as well.
The forces have joined to co-produce scripted bilingual docuseries “Nicky Jam: El Ganador,” based on the life of Reggaeton artist Ricky Jam. Endemol Shine recently collaborated with the Mexico City-based production company Boomdog, forming Endemol Shine Boomdog, focusing on original production of both unscripted and scripted series for the U.S. “El Ganador” director Terrero stressed the importance of bringing Spanish-language programming to a predominantly English speaking Latino audience, explaining that English-speaking Latinos are “subliminal Spanish speakers” because “their grandmas speak it.” Hispanic and Mexican television markets.
“For that reason I think it’s given me the same credibility that any successful producer, production executive or creator would have.” “In my house, Telemundo and Univision were on just as often as NBC, ABC and CBS, and I could easily go from watching a novella with my mom to ‘The Jeffersons’ or ‘Different Strokes’ with my dad,” Abrego said.
Sandoval added on to the sentiment, saying that seeing “MasterChef” with different cultures was enlightening and that English-speaking viewers could easily watch the series with subtitles and enjoy it.

"PUBG" is the second most-streamed title on Twitch, behind only "Fortnite." It’s also the third most-watched game on the popular streaming service behind "Fortnite" and "League of Legends." Since "PUBG’s" release last year, the title has become one of the most popular online games to play and watch in recent memory.
Joonhyuk Choi of the PUBG DEV team gave further details about improvements players can expect in a post published on Xbox Wire on Thursday.
Thursday's update is one of the largest since the developer posted its spring road map on March 9. Specifically, this update should address the world-loading issues by simultaneously rendering buildings and interiors, and fixing instability issues which led players’ games to crash.” />
“In addition to Miramar and its new weapons and vehicles, the development team continues to improve optimization and stability throughout the entire PUBG Xbox Game Preview experience,” Choi wrote. “Players will continue to see regular updates that improve terrain and building interior load times upon landing, as well as reduced instances of crashing and instability across the entire game.”
also released two DLC outfit packs, the Golden Tracksuit and the Instructor Set, for $4.99 each. PUBG Corp. New weapons (R45 revolver, Win94 lever-action rifle, sawed-off shotgun) will complement the vehicles made specifically for the terrain of Miramar — a six-seat van and an off-road pickup truck.
Just a week after the release of the Miramar map for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) on mobile platforms, Xbox One players of the popular battle royale game will now get to join in the fun.
“To put it bluntly, we are simply not satisfied with the game's current console performance, and especially so during tense moments of onscreen action,” the post reads. “Until we are completely satisfied in the quality and reliability of the experience, efforts to optimize performance will be an ongoing hi-priority issue.”
The new map features a wide expanse of desert, which varies from densely packed buildings to wide-open areas.
In their Spring Road Map for "PUBG," developers noted their disappointment with the Xbox One version, posted on the official website’s forum.

It’s just a respite from every day life,” he continues. It’s the perfect definition of escapist entertainment. “I was amazed. Hamill hadn’t seen the first season of “Trollhunters” when he was first approached to play Dictatious, “but the chance to work with Guillermo del Toro was just something I couldn’t resist.” Prior to going in to record his first episode, he got caught up. With the world being as difficult as it is and the tragedies we see in the news, you need a safe place. “The way it effortlessly moves from these fantastical realms to suburbia, it seems so unique to me. “This show is just so much fun, not only to watch but to be a part of.” That’s why people want to go to Hogwarts or the Land of Oz or Middle Earth or even a Galaxy Far Far Away. It’s such a great show for the whole family,” he says.
I prefer having the whole cast there just for the reasons I describe, but it’s hard to complain when you see the finished product and it seems indistinguishable from the episodes where you work with the cast.” “Like a musician, a lot of times you play off the other musicians, their rhythm, their intensity, their delivery, and it influences how you would respond. To Hamill, that solitary part of voice acting is a blessing and a curse.
“I went, ‘Oh my God, you’re Guillermo del Toro!’ He said, ‘I know.’ He’s such a personable and a positive person; just a delight,” Hamill recalls. “Seeing ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and ‘Hellboy’ and all these movies he did, I thought, this guy could be a really complex, twisted, bizarre individual, and to find out he was so far from that was amazing to me.” Hamill got a chance to be a fanboy when del Toro showed up for his first recording session.
“You can become so attached to these characters. “I would love that,” says Hamill. Skips from ‘Regular Show’ comes to mind. I’ve had characters I’ve played that when it comes to an end, it’s like losing a family pet; you never stop missing them. But that’s the way of life for an actor: The play closes, the TV show gets canceled, the movie wraps.”” />
“I saw a scene with me and Kelsey last night where I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s like we’re almost overlapping dialogue, like we’re in the same room.’ What they can do now is amazing.” And he’s amazed by the way the final product comes out, like with “Trollhunters,” where he never recorded with Grammer, but had many scenes with him.
(Fred Tatasciore) and the brainy Blinky, voiced by Kelsey Grammer. He’s aided in his quest by two of his high-school friends along with the trolls Aaarrgghh!!! Hamill’s latest villain will be back to cause trouble for Guillermo del Toro’s “Trollhunters,” when Netflix premieres part three, the final season of the animated saga, on Friday. The DreamWorks Animation series follows a teenager who becomes the protector of a race of trolls and other fantastic creatures that live beneath his city.
“One of the reasons I love it so much is that they cast with their ears, not their eyes, so you’re going to be able to do countless roles that you would never get if you were on camera because you’re just physically not right for them,” he explains. Voice acting holds a special place in Hamill’s heart.
“These people are deeply talented actors, character actors, a lot of them from the theater, from stand up, from improv. He’s a big fan of the voice acting community. It’s a tremendous talent pool and they are so welcoming.” “It is one of the most talented groups of people I’ve ever worked with,” he says.
Freeze on the Adam West ‘Batman.’ He’s a wonderful character actor. He talked with the show’s creators and asked them if there was a character actor that would be a good basis for him to build Dictatious on. I wasn’t imitating Kelsey, but I had to sound like his brother,” says Hamill, describing how he created Dictatious’ voice. “They said George Sanders from ‘All About Eve’ and he was Mr. “Kelsey has one of the greatest voices. I’m not really imitating him, but I’m channeling his sort of grandeur.”

I’ll do three to five [takes] in a row, always slightly different to give them choices because you’re really sort of providing jigsaw puzzle pieces that they’ll be able to assemble later.” “Thank goodness there are people that can hold me by the hand [during recording]. Hamill notes, however, that it can be a solitary profession, where you’re often in a recording booth by yourself.
“On Twitter people say, ‘I love you in ‘Powerpuff Girls,’ and I say to myself, ‘Wait a minute, did I do the ‘Powerpuff Girls?’’ I’ll have to go to IMDb and check.” With animation, actors may not get to see the final product for up to a year after they’ve recorded their roles. Hamill’s done so many voice roles, that it’s difficult for him to remember them all. “No one thinks to send you an email to say, ‘Hey, your ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ is on next Thursday.’ I’ve done so many of these that I’ve never seen because I just can’t keep up with them. But I love it.”
And depending on how the final season of “Trollhunters” plays out, we may see more of Hamill’s Dictatious. “Trollhunters” wraps up with part three, but del Toro, Netflix, and DreamWorks Animation have more “Tales of Arcadia” in store for viewers with interconnected series “3 Below,” coming later this year, and “Wizards,” in 2019.
Hamill joined the series in the second season as Dictatious, Blinky’s brother who turned to the dark side to serve the evil Gunmar in his quest to take over not only the trolls’ world, but the world above ground as well.
Mark Hamill is best known for playing cinema’s ultimate good guy in the “Star Wars” franchise. But as a voice actor, he’s played an impressive array of bad guys, from Batman’s complex arch-enemy the Joker to the comical Gadfly Garnett, the pink-hued thief in the Disney Junior series “Miles From Tomorrowland,” and many more in between.

Kavanaugh has signed a consulting contract with UltraV, which will pay him $10,000 a month after the sale goes through, according to filings.” />
He applied for the permit in 2012, after he and other entertainment executives were targeted in an extortion plot. The permit was rescinded six months after it was issued, after the mogul got in trouble with the department for landing his helicopter on a sheriff's helipad. The permit was issued in January 2013 by then-Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who is serving a five-year sentence in federal prison for obstruction of justice. Kavanaugh used to have a concealed weapons permit but it was taken away.
Kavanaugh's Proxima Media gave $215,000 last month to an independent committee that supports Bob Lindsey, a retired sheriff's commander who is running against incumbent Jim McDonnell in the June 5 election.
A spokesman for Kavanaugh, Henry Eshelman, did not respond to requests for comment. Eshelman is also serving as a spokesman for Lindsey's campaign, raising an issue of potentially improper coordination between the candidate and the independent committee.
In the 2014 election, he supported James Hellmold, who finished fourth in the primary. Kavanaugh has long had close ties to the department, raising $150,000 for the Sheriff's Youth Fund.
As of this month, the company has 11 employees. Relativity went bankrupt in 2015, and recently declared bankruptcy again as it looks to shed liabilities in a sale to UltraV Holdings. The company disclosed in a filing that since emerging from its first bankruptcy in 2016, Kavanaugh has been unable to raise fresh capital. As revenues dwindled in recent months, the company laid off staffers and cut salaries for its few remaining workers.
Kavanaugh, the former CEO and founder of Relativity Media, contributed to Mothers for a Safe L.A. County, which has raised $312,000 in total in support of Lindsey's campaign. Other donors include YouTube star Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul, who each gave $2,000.
The department generally awards permits only to those who can show that they are in real danger or to law enforcement officials, such as county judges and prosecutors. Lindsey has made liberalizing the department's concealed weapons policy a centerpiece of his campaign. Lindsey has promised to issue permits to anyone who claims they require one for self-defense, attracting favor from gun-rights supporters.
County sheriff who has promised to make it easier to get concealed weapons permits. Former Hollywood mogul Ryan Kavanaugh is backing a longshot candidate for L.A.

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And then of course it did change my life." Well, if Keanu Reeves was a good basketball player, he would have done that part. My mindset was very positive and confident and just, 'I've got to get this part.' I just had a feeling. Now it's not quite as restricted. "I remember auditioning for it, because at the time I was on 'Cheers' and had been on 'Cheers' six years, and I just couldn't get other work," Harrelson says. So I remember trying out for it and part of it was we had to show we could play basketball. "At the time it was much more of an issue of if you're on a show, then you're kind of known for that character and you're not in movies. Because he wanted to do it and he was already a popular actor.
Welcome to “Playback,” a Variety / iHeartRadio podcast bringing you exclusive conversations with the talents behind many of today’s hottest films.
He made his debut behind the camera with "Lost in London," which just happens to be releasing via Hulu and iTunes on the very same day as "Solo." It's a single-take escapade in the streets of London, which radically aired live in select theaters as it was filming more than a year ago. Harrelson is busy as ever these days, and part of the glut was a stab at the director's chair himself.
It takes a certain kind of filmmaker to walk in with a steady hand in the middle of that kind of uncertainty and keep things moving. Regarding Howard, like the rest of the team, Harrelson has nothing but glowing things to say.
I'd love to work with them again some time. "Phil and Chris are really good filmmakers, they just have a different style," Harrelson says. They wanted to do it different than the way the powers that be were used to 'Star Wars' being done. "They love to improvise and try things and mix it up. But it would have been a much different movie if Ron [Howard] hadn't come in." I think they're terrific. I love their style of working, but it wasn't ideal for the 'Star Wars' universe.
Subscribe via iTunes.” />
We also branch out a bit to discuss a few other things, including "White Men Can't Jump," which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and put Harrelson on the cinema map after years in the TV trenches. But if a certain movie star had the skillset, things might have gone a lot differently.
"But I started thinking a couple years after that there's merits to the story. I started thinking that even though it was just a humorless night, it could be funny." It's a redemption story about true gratitude for the life you have, in a sense. "[It was] a great bunch of actors in London who helped me recreate a night in my life that happened many years ago that was without question one of the worst nights of my life," Harrelson explains.
He says he was "devastated" by the removal of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, whose process he enjoyed. He stars alongside Alden Ehrenreich as Tobias Beckett, a career criminal making his way through the seedy underbelly of the galaxy when the scruffy-looking upstart crosses his path. Along with the rest of the cast and crew, Harrelson weathered a change in the director's chair four months into filming. As a sort of mentor to the young Han Solo in "Solo: A Star Wars Story," Oscar-nominated actor Woody Harrelson gets a pretty sweet place in cinema history.
So savvy," Harrelson says of the Oscar-winning director. "He's such a gentleman. Such a sweetheart. "He's just a guy who can come in like that after four months of shooting and just go, 'OK, we're going to do this, do this, and just pick up the pieces and go on,' and that's what he did."

Geekwire reports the shut down of Wargaming Seattle, located in Redmond, Wash., is related to company restructuring. Wargaming Seattle is known for its “Dungeon Siege” and “Supreme Commander” titles, but the studio was recently working on an unannounced MMO project.
Wargaming will be assisting the current employees of the Redmond studio if they decide to apply for open positions in other offices within the company. Every member of the 150-strong team that has been working on an unannounced MMO project will be offered a severance package. We would like to express our gratitude and thank everyone on the team for their hard work.” “Wargaming will be closing their Redmond development studio as part of the company’s restructuring process.″ />
The studio was founded in 1998 as Gas Powered Games by Chris Taylor, who’s known for his work on “Total Annihilation” (1997). Wargaming Seattle has faced financial struggles in the past. Taylor left Wargaming Seattle in 2016 to start an indie game studio. Taylor launched a Kickstarter in 2012 to get funds for the studio but was ultimately acquire by in 2013. He expressed his sadness over the studio’s closure on Twitter.
Wargaming Seattle announced its closure this week, leaving the studio's 150 employees without jobs, and questions about its parent company’s financial state, according to Gamasutra and former employees on Twitter.
Variety has reached out for comment. Former Wargaming Seattle employees took to Twitter after the abrupt closure on May 23. It’s unclear if the closure was immediate for all employees or if the studio will be open until the end of the month.
Wargaming released the following statement regarding the studio closure: The meeting included Wargaming chief Victor Kislyi, who delivered the news to the employees. Gamasutra reports a former Wargaming Seattle employee told it that the company called a “surprise all-hands" meeting on Thursday.

who has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 80 women, is expected to turn himself into authorities on Friday in New York, just one of the several jurisdictions that are investigating him on allegations of criminal sexual misconduct. Weinstein, the disgraced producer and co-founder of the Weinstein Co.
"I was surprised," she said, adding that she's happy for victims of Weinstein, with whom she said she has been in touch.” />
Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, said Thursday that Harvey Weinstein's intention to turn himself in on charges related to sexual assault represents a shift in the movement to change how sexual violence is handled.
To see him face charges, Burke said, is almost unbelievable. Weinstein, once a towering and feared figure in Hollywood, was seen by many as untouchable for years as he allegedly victimized women in ritzy hotel rooms and at his production companies.
"This moves from the court of public of opinion into an actual courtroom," Burke told Variety by phone. "That is super cathartic for a bunch of the survivors, or even survivors who are not necessarily victimized by him."
"We might be looking at a shift in the way cases of sexual violence are actually dealt with." "For those people for whom criminal justice is the how they want to seek justice, to see it actually happen, I think is a big deal," she elaborated.