If initial audience reactions are anything to judge by, the third should have no problem continuing the series’ trend of box office success. The packed-to-the-rafters 1,000-seat Bonlieu Grand Auditorium theater was raucous with laughter, and the film received a mighty, rhythmic applause when the end credits rolled.
Generally, if the crew likes it, we know we’ve got something. “So we’ve always tried to make things for us. “I don’t know what a six or eight-year-old likes, but at the same time I don’t really know what a 35 year old likes,” Tartakovsky said of filmmaking for all ages.
It wasn’t just the kids that enjoyed the film.
While the laughs were shared by all, it was kids present that seemed to take the greatest pleasure from the film’s jokes and pratfalls. For instance, every time the family dog Tinkles was on the screen, even in disguise, screams of joy could be heard from the audience’s younger members.
“The interesting thing is I got an opportunity to write this one along with Michael McCullers,” Tartakovsky told Variety in an interview. “And because I started it from the ground up, I was able to structure it the way that I structure stories. That means that I write for the sequences that I want to see animated.”
“I will definitely be seeing it again when it comes out in theaters,” said Sarah, an animation student, as she left the theater with a group of her classmates.
It’s on the ship that Dracula first lays eyes on Ericka, the acrobatic blond captain. And, for the second time in his life, he zings – the monster equivalent of love at first sight. Unbeknownst to everyone on board however, Ericka is the great granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, long-time nemesis to Dracula and hunter of all monsters.
ANNECY, France — Wednesday night saw the unofficial world premiere of a nearly-finished version of the third in Sony Pictures Animation’s tentpole film series, “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.”
The film kicks off in the same hotel from the first two films, but when Mavis sees her father Dracula, who seems a bit down, she organizes a cruise vacation so that he can spend more time with his increasingly overworked family. They quickly set off on their water-bound adventure. She also invites his friends and their families.
“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation,” is scheduled for release July 13.” />
“I love the first two, and everything Genndy does, but this one has so much action, it feels epic.” “It’s my favorite so far in the series,” said Peter, a freelance animator visiting Annecy for the first time.
The first two “Hotel Transylvania” films have been the company’s largest animation box office hits outside of the first “Smurfs” movie. “Hotel Transylvania” and “Hotel Transylvania 2” accumulated a combined U.S. box office in excess of $800 million.
He also co-wrote this installment, the first time he has held that mantle for a “Hotel Transylvania” film. “Hotel 3” was introduced to the audience by franchise director and animation legend Genndy Tartakovsky. The ovation for the man behind series such as “Samurai Jack,” “Dexters Lab” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars” was perhaps the biggest of the evening.

According to a statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, sent to Variety, Adim was found guilty on May 21, 2018, for indecent assault and battery for groping and assaulting an adult female on a harbor cruise ship early on May 30, 2016. He was sentenced to one year in a house of correction, with that term suspended for a two-year probationary period.
https://twitter.com/AshleySpivey/status/1006908666249973762″ />
The news was first broken by blogger Reality Steve before former "Bachelor" contestant Ashley Spivey commented on the news on Twitter. Adim is one of 28 men currently vying for Becca Kufrin's love on this season of "The Bachelorette," which is in its third week.
In a season already replete with social media scandal, current "The Bachelorette" contestant Lincoln Adim was convicted of indecent assault and battery last month resulting from a 2016 incident in Boston, it was revealed on Wednesday.
Television declined to comment. Both ABC and Warner Bros.
If he complies with the judge’s orders, he will not have to serve out his term, but if he fails to comply with those orders or re-offends, he could be ordered to serve out the year behind bars. The judge ordered him to stay away from the victim and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week during those two years. By law, he is expected to register as a sex offender.

“They did great stuff with 'Mad Max' and know vehicles and combat,” he said. “There needs to be a lot of quests to do, but also there needs to be some ‘What if I took that and take it over there to see what it will do?’”” />
Developers Avalanche, especially after their work on the “Mad Max” game seemed like a good match.

“This is Todd saying, ‘I want to do a thing, a mobile Elder Scrolls that feel like a console experience but on your phone and then bring it to every other platform,” Hines said. “That seemed awesome so OK, do it.”
“ “Until we talked to Avalanche and saw they could take it to the originally place id (Software) wanted to go. “We didn’t have anyone who had that ability that could bring what we thought would be exciting to 'Rage,'” Hines said.
You can also customize your city or take on other players in an arena.
Hines noted that while the game had driving and vehicular combat, the original game wasn’t the sort of open-world title that was intended.
How can one devine how Bethesda picks what to spend time on creating and when to do so?
Take, for instance, “Elder Scrolls: Blades.”
Hines said that Todd Howard just said he wanted try to do something different with the Elder Scrolls franchise.
“The basic idea is still that we work on the kind of things that our devs are excited about making on the platforms that make sense,” Hines said. “If that’s console great. If that’s PC great. If it includes VR great. If not OK.”
How the game came about is typical of how Bethesda decides what to work on.
But instead of launching on a console or PC, it will hit this fall as a free-to-play iPhone, iPad and Android game. Revealed during the company’s E3 showcase earlier this week, “Blades” will be Bethesda’s latest entry in its popular Elder Scrolls role-playing game franchise.
Looking across Bethesda Softwork’s recently unveiled portfolio of games – from old-school shooter and RPG to VR experiences and AAA mobile game – it might be hard to connect the dots between those titles.
It was about pairing the right person or studio with the right game and idea. In some ways, Bethesda’s decision to revive "Rage" and develop a sequel nearly eight years after the first hit followed the same path.
The ultimate goal is to bring the same game to other platforms too, from PC to console.
Finally, the game has the Abyss – an infinitely replayable mode in which daring heroes push their limits floor after floor in a never-ending dungeon, where enemies become deadlier and deadlier as you progress.
During my time with the work-in-progress game, the controls felt like they could use a bit of work to tighten the responsiveness, but it was a fun way to play and worked equally well whether playing in horizontal or vertical mode.
“But it felt like it never delivered on the promise of being able to go all over the place and do stuff everywhere.” “I had a lot of fun playing it, it needed an ending, but it was fun,” Hines said.
The title has high-end graphics, rich environments and a robust line-up of magic, gear and skills. Despite its launch on mobile, the game is meant to be a massive first-person role-playing game.
That’s simple said Pete Hines, Berthesda’s senior vice president of marketing, and it really hasn’t changed much in the company’s more than 30 year history.

Fans had to wait a little longer for the third installment, though; it opened "Toy Story 3" more than a decade later, in 2010. The studio is currently working on a fourth movie in the series as well. Pixar released its first sequel back in 1999, debuting "Toy Story 2" after the original became a massive hit in 1995.
It's the latest in a string of sequels that have come from Disney/Pixar, banking on the success — and nostalgia — of the original movies. "The Incredibles 2" hits theaters this weekend, picking up right where the first movie left off.
Fourteen years after "The Incredibles" released, we're finally getting caught back up with the Parr family.
Which of these original movies would you like to see get another installment? Pixar hasn't just been releasing sequels, however. In recent years, it's unveiled original movies like "Inside Out" and "Coco" that could also score sequels. Weigh in below!” />
It's made a franchise out of "Cars," which spawned two sequels and a spinoff film, "Planes." "Finding Nemo" brought back Ellen DeGeneres in 2016 for "Finding Dory," and "Monsters University" found the creatures from "Monsters, Inc." on a college campus. "Toy Story" isn't the only film to get the sequel treatment at the studio.

More to come….” />
AT&T won't be able to hang up on Jeff Zucker. The colorful CNN chief signed a deal several months ago that will keep him at the cable-news network through the 2020 election, according to a person familiar with the matter,.
CNN declined to make executives available for comment. Vanity Fair previously revealed details of the executive's contract.

“In the ‘80s in Sweden, we played war in the woods against each other [as kids],’” said executive producer Tobias Andersson in a private meeting at E3 2018. “That’s something we can [recreate] very authentically, and we can make an experience that feels very alive and true to our audience.”
Avalanche wants players come up with their own creative solutions with the objects they find in the environment. This experimentation represents the kind of gameplay freedom the studio hopes to achieve — not only in terms of tactical combat, but also with storytelling. You can choose to either stay on your main quest, or ignore it and go somewhere else to uncover other narrative arcs. In the demo, notes, government documents, and maps contained clues about where you should continue your investigation.
One way you can do that is by paying attention to where you’re shooting, as enemies have specific components you can disable. You can acquire additional equipment and ammo from dead machines. For example, you can blind them by destroying the optical lenses in their eyes, or slow them down by shooting their hydraulic pumps. Though ammo isn’t as scarce as in other hardcore survival games, Andersson said players should “still be mindful” when using them.
“You need to be tactical in your approach [when it comes to] what you take out on these machines. Also, more difficult machines will have better armor, armor pieces on top of their components that you need to remove to get to the juicy bits,” said Andersson.
Certain tools can also help you kill more efficiently. Once they were close enough, he shot the power cabinets to unleash an electrical pulse, temporarily paralyzing his would-be attackers. After that, he was able to take out the Runners with ease. Later in the demo, one of the developers ran across a pack of Runners, which was too dangerous for him to face alone. So he lured them to a set of power cabinets by turning on a boombox (loud sounds will always attract the machines).
Developer Avalanche Studios is self-publishing “Generation Zero,” which gives their small team a lot of creative freedom. And since they’re based in Sweden, they don’t have to travel too far for inspiration.
In a 20-minute hands-off demo, the developers showed a beautifully rendered village that had been taken over by dog-like machines called Runners. Each Runner has a mini-turret they can attack you with, so it’s best to take them out quickly. “Generation Zero” runs on the company’s proprietary Apex engine, a set of tools built specifically for open-world games (it’s also powering the upcoming “Just Cause 4”). While looting car trunks for resources, they came across a lone Runner, and slowly crept behind it before unloading a few bullets into its metal chassis.
Andersson described “Generation Zero” as being more like a “cerebral puzzle” where you have to analyze the information yourself. But don’t expect to find giant waypoints or an endless checklist in the menu screen that’ll keep track of everything.  
The year is 1989, and you play as a teenager who, after returning home from a trip, finds dangerous mechs roaming the countryside. As you scavenge the environment for vital weapons and supplies — either alone or with up to three buddies in cooperative multiplayer — you’ll slowly begin to find out what really happened. Judging by the abandoned cars and houses, it looks as if no one else survived the ordeal. Coming to PC and consoles in 2019, “Generation Zero” is an open-world action game that takes place in Sweden.
We want it to be more than just, ‘Where’s the next dot on the screen I need to follow?’” he said.” /> “We’re not trying to breadcrumb the player too much, but there’s a fine balance between giving hints and actually telling people what to do. …
Some remember the ‘80s as a time for parachute pants, John Hughes films, and flamboyant hair metal bands. But in the alternate history of “Generation Zero,” a small group of people will forever associate it with a mysterious, cataclysmic event — and the gun-toting, mechanized creatures that emerged from it.

We would hope that any Collective designated by the Copyright Office will work with us to stand up their database quickly, rather than create one from scratch, which would invariably require more time, the unnecessary expenditure of a potentially significant amount of money, and added risk. Since that time, we have invested significant time and resources in integrating the mechanical rights data SESAC obtained from the NMPA into our existing performing rights database in order to create a unified data structure that incorporates both rights categories and which links those rights to individual sound recordings. You’re referring to the establishment of the mechanical licensing collective and the requirement that it create a publicly accessible mechanical rights database. We are close to finishing this process, which will place us in the best position to provide not just the mechanical picture, but a comprehensive copyright picture that integrates mechanical and performing rights information for US and global copyrights. We’ve also migrated the combined database to our cloud-based system. You’re right that it may eliminate the need for the database that ASCAP and BMI previously announced, depending on the approach that’s taken. SESAC purchased HFA from the National Music Publishers Association about two and half years ago. As we’ve seen in our MINT joint venture with SUISA, licensing outside the United States requires the integration of mechanical and performance rights information for multiple territories.
Sesac is more than just a PRO at this point. in 2016] and the acquisitions of HFA [the Harry Fox Agency, in 2015]. We’ve substantially broadened and expanded our business model with the addition of the CCLI [Christian Copyright Licensing Intl. We are active in mechanical as well as performing rights, and we are building a global licensing platform through our Mint Digital Licensing joint venture. We view ourselves as a music-rights organization, or MRO, rather than a PRO.
We take a selective approach to our affiliation activities and have a smaller affiliate base than our principal competitors, which we believe enables us to deliver a higher level of responsiveness and service. Unlike those organizations, we are not subject to a consent decree, so we license in a free market, which we believe enables us to achieve better outcomes. We are a for-profit entity and take a partnership approach with our affiliates in order to deliver better financial outcomes for them.
Unlike ASCAP and BMI, SESAC is for-profit?
It’s hard to overstate how important these two were to the evolution of SESAC. It took a lot of courage and vision on Neil’s part. They put us on the path we’ve followed over the ensuing 25-plus years. At the time, it was a tough sell as we had no established artists on our roster and practically nobody had ever heard of SESAC. Neil became an affiliate of SESAC in 1994. That’s true of Dylan, too, who joined the same year. It’s great to see that Neil will receive the recognition he deserves from the Songwriters Hall of Fame with the Johnny Mercer Award at this year’s induction ceremony.” />
As performance-rights organizations go, SESAC is a for-profit royalty collector, banking a strong position for chairman and CEO John Josephson, who joined in 2014 after a successful career in investment banking, a unique position as a champion of songwriters. Today, the 88-year-old org administers more than 400,000 copyrights including songs by Adele, Bob Dylan and 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame Johnny Mercer Award honoree Neil Diamond. He knows the terrain intimately, having led a buyout of Sesac in 1994 while employed by Allen & Co.
It’s confirmation of the investment thesis that, following a number of challenging years, the music industry had reached a stable plateau from which it could grow on a sustainable basis. That has proved to be the case, [not just with] Blackstone’s investment in SESAC, but the successful Spotify IPO and the sale of Mubadala’s interest in EMI to Sony/ATV.
Have you had any discussions to get in on the joint ASCAP/BMI rights database?
How has SESAC adapted to the competitive new landscape?
What has Neil Diamond meant to your organization over the years?
What new areas of business look most promising in terms of expansion?
With a BA from Cornell and an MBA from Harvard, Josephson’s entrepreneurial adventures include co-founding the publishing company Downtown Music in 2005. Last year the company was purchased by the investment firm Blackstone for a figure reportedly in the $1 billion range, market validation for Josephson’s bullish view on the future of music rights. On the eve of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Josephson reflects on where SESAC’s been and where it’s headed.
What do you think about the new Music Modernization Act? Might it eliminate the need for a joint ASCAP/BMI database, since Congress is now mandating a ‘Song Exchange’ for songwriters?
What does SESAC’s purchase by Blackstone for a reported $1 billion say about the value of music?
 We see so many areas of opportunity. and internationally. We’re focused on the continued growth of our domestic PRO, the roll-out of a global licensing platform through our MINT Digital Licensing joint venture with [Swiss authors’ rights society] SUISA and developing a robust set of licensing and administration services targeted at U.S. independent publishers. We view audiovisual music as under-monetized and see significant opportunities to generate better outcomes monetarily, particularly in digital markets in the U.S.
We are always open to partnering with others. We were approached by ASCAP and BMI about it and joined a meeting or two earlier this year.

Flanagan’s producing partner Trevor Macy will produce along with Vertigo Entertainment’s Jon Berg. Mike Flanagan, who helmed Netflix's adaptation of the King novella "Gerald's Game," is directing.
Danny Lloyd played a young Danny Torrance. Now, however, it is considered one of the great horror classics and has built in fan base ready for a sequel. At the time, the film was considered a box office disappointment, earning $44 million off its $19 million budget. Stanley Kubrick directed the original adaptation of "The Shining," starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall.
He’s become a reflection of his murderous father, with lingering rage and a drinking problem that dulls his pain as well as his “shining” powers. He establishes a psychic connection with a young girl who shares his extreme abilities, and who is being targeted by a scary group with the similar abilities. They’ve found that their powers grow if they inhale the “steam” that comes off others with the power to shine, when they are suffering painful deaths. Those powers return when he embraces sobriety and uses his gift to help the dying at a hospice. Sleep" begins as Torrance carries the trauma of the Overlook Hotel into adulthood. "Dr.
Sources say King has given his blessing to McGregor's casting.
Warner Bros. saw "Dr. Sleep" as its next King adaptation. had been developing this film, as well as "The Shining" prequel "Overlook Hotel," for years, but the studio struggled to secure a budget for either film. Following the success of New Line's "It," every studio with any sort of King IP under its roof has fast-tracked each property into pre-production, and Warner Bros.
McGregor can be seen next in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh" adaptation "Christopher Robin." He is repped by UTA and United Agents.” />
Ewan McGregor will star as Danny Torrance in Warner Bros.' adaptation of the Stephen King novel "Dr. Sleep," the sequel to horror classic "The Shining."

Amazon shared this data at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco Wednesday, where the company's VP of Fire TV product development Sandeep Gupta said that voice on Fire TV really took off after the company allowed users to interact with their streaming devices via their Echo and Echo Dot speakers.
Hours spent using Alexa on Fire TV devices nearly doubled over the past 9 months. Alexa usage on Fire TV devices increased by 23x during the 2017 holiday quarter when compared to the same three months in 2016.
The Cube comes with integrated far-field microphones, making it the first streaming device to work like an Echo speaker out of the box. Based on that experience, Amazon also built the Fire TV Cube, a new device that is going on sale next week.
Previously, Fire TV had only offered access to Alexa via microphone-enabled remote controls, which required users to press a button. With the Echo integration, consumers can make use of the speakers' far-field microphones, which makes for a much more natural interaction.
Amzon has not released any sales data for its Fire TV devices, but a company spokesperson recently told Variety that Fire TV had "tens of millions of monthly active users."” />
Most people still associate Amazon's Alexa assistant with the company's iconic Echo speakers, but Alexa is also getting a lot of traction in the living room, courtesy of Fire TV streaming devices: Fire TV users queried Alexa close to half a billion times in 2017, the company revealed Wednesday.

Speaking of "Splatoon," team GG BoyZ of Japan was the victor at the Splatoon 2 World Championship on Tuesday. The four players — Taiji, etona, yamamicchi, and Dynamon — defeated German team BackSquids.
It's the online competitive shooter's first paid DLC and adds a new single-player mode featuring 80+ missions, new stories, and the ability to play as an Octoling in matches. Nintendo also released new info about the "Splatoon 2" Octo expansion, which launched Wednesday. An amiibo three-pack of Octolings is coming later this year, and Nintendo said it will continue to support the game with free updates through the end of 2018. It's available in the eShop now for $20.
Ultimate" comes out December 7 and features every character to appear in the fighting series to date. (Check out the full roster.) It also adds two new fighters, Ridley from the "Metroid" series and "Splatoon's" Inkling. "Super Smash Bros. Nintendo officially revealed the next "Super Smash Bros." title during its Direct on Tuesday. All current “Smash Bros.” amiibo figures will be compatible as well, along with fighter amiibos from other series. Players will be able to use a variety of controllers with the game, including Gamecube controllers (original or newly designed), Joy-Cons, or the Switch Pro controller.
 ” />
ZeRo of Chile was crowned the champion of the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 tournament on Tuesday, Nintendo announced. The competition took place during the first day of E3 in Los Angeles following the company's Nintendo Direct video presentation.
In his final match, he used Mario to defeat runner-up MkLeo of Mexico, who played as Sonic. He defeated seven other top-ranked players from around the globe, successfully defending his title from the 2014 tournament. ZeRo is a longtime "Super Smash Bros." player.