I didn’t want to be buried with [my songs].” That I wrote in prison,” Diamond adds, referring to “I Am Her,” which has already been heralded as a trans anthem of empowerment. “Understand I wrote songs that I couldn’t shake. That has to mean something. “Even the inmates on the inside were singing along to it and kept on asking me to sing.
The truth should come from the source.” Tranter, formerly the frontman of Semi Precious Weapons, has had issues with the music industry, and consequently now prefers to work behind-the-scenes rather than on stage. But those days are over, honey. “The more subtle challenge is that most people don’t want people who’ve actually experienced the hardest hardships singing about them because it’s too real. They’d prefer a white, straight, cis ‘ally’ singing and speaking about it because it makes them less uncomfortable. “This business has proven to be just as racist, transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic as the rest of the world, so that’s the obvious challenge [for Shea],” Tranter tells Variety.
As a transgender teenage runaway, she robbed a store at gunpoint in an attempt to pay for gender confirmation surgery, but wound up serving a decade in the men’s prison system despite her comparatively young age and conflicting identity. As a boy who always identified as a girl growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas (before moving to Memphis and then Flint, Michigan), Diamond was raised on gospel music and later gravitated toward Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Dolly Parton.
That’s a person who can take it off. We get killed off before we’re 25. People don’t want to see the struggle of what it takes for a trans woman to survive. It looks like [me].” “I tell people all the time: I’m closer to the grave than I am to the cradle,” she cracks. Consequently, Diamond is getting a relatively late start on her career aspirations. “Honey, look, I have pennies older than half of the people that objectify me or feel a certain way about how I live my life. What does survival look like? So to be a 40-year-old woman, a trans woman, to make it to that age it’s not really heard of. Everything this person does is for survival. The trans experience is a person who isn’t doing it for entertainment purposes. The only type of entertainment you want from us — no shade — is Jerry Springer. It’s more comfortable for people — for everybody now — for entertainment purposes to see a drag queen.
“If I can be completely honest, and I mean completely honest, there were times I had very lucid, vivid dreams that something like all this amazing stuff that is happening, and I would wake up in a cold cell. “I’m in awe right now,” says Diamond. So somebody is gonna have to pinch me." These days Diamond has opportunities to perform outside of correctional facilities; last month she played Hotel Café in her adopted home of Los Angeles, for instance, and finds herself hobnobbing with the likes of Nile Rodgers out on the town.
Don’t just look at: ‘Oh, that’s a trans woman’ or ‘that’s a woman of color.’ This is somebody who is making some dope music, some music that has to be made. Diamond insists that "Seen It All" is merely an introduction to the woman she fought hard to become, and is currently at work on a full-length album. We have a hell of a fight of ahead of us, and some good music is not gonna hurt.”” /> If you think this [EP] is something, you’re going to go crazy. I want to shake things up. I want to exact change — I believe we can do [that] through our music, but we have to come together and stop demonizing each other. We all can win. This music is a testament of our time. This isn’t a competition. … "My music is gonna shake your brain up. Creatively I want to go beyond: I want to blur the lines of what gender is and sexuality is. “I think about influences like Madonna who reinvented themselves time and time again," she says.
If you’re trans and you’re my color, trying to do anything — absolutely anything, honey — it’s not going to be an easy fight. Says Diamond: “How many dark-skinned artists do you see with my complexion? Otherwise, all those songs would have died with me.” That wasn’t a rhetorical question. Diamond’s talent has already been showcased on TV, but instead of a trashy talk show it was on episode one of Ryan Murphy’s "Pose," which focuses on transgender women of color taking on the mean streets (and the after-hours ballroom scene) of New York City circa the ’80s. If you weigh too much, you asked to lose some weight. If you too dark, you asked to lighten your skin. We’re at the same place we’ve always been: If it ain’t white, it ain’t right. There aren’t many. Diamond is hoping to be similarly embraced by the music business but she has her doubts. I was just fortunate and blessed to meet Justin for the visionary he is.
Her voice is sent down from heaven to help her tell the raw poetic truth about the hell she has overcome.” Says Tranter: "[she makes] soul music with the most honest, progressive, underdog perspective that one can imagine. Tranter, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, admits, “I don’t get to address the current social political climate in most of the music I work on.” He considers Diamond, whom he discovered performing at a Black Trans Lives Matter event, the ultimate source.
She's speaking for herself and hitmaker Justin Tranter, who executive produced her debut EP "Seen It All" (Asylum Records). The two plan to celebrate its release by taking in a movie. "We’re activists, we fight every day of our lives,” says singer Shea Diamond. “We need one night to let down our hair,” she adds.

They scorn the man who tries to sell them a scruffy-looking dog, but dive into freezing waters to save the mutt thereafter. There are moments of magic and moments of mayhem, but the emotional effect of this you-and-me-against-the-world story is a piercingly bittersweet melancholy that anyone ever has to grow up, when their childish selves are so much better people than the adults they'll likely become. There's a background of parental neglect that is hinted at though never shown. In reply, Mára feeds him tall tales of outlandish sexual exploits, but when they pick up a pretty young hitchhiker (Eliška Křenková), they're the ones who end up sleeping on the cold ground while she gets the car. And Mára's resolve not to cooperate with the authorities does eventually crumble, but only when his devotion to his grandfather is cruelly manipulated. Heduš fantasizes about joining the French Foreign Legion, and consults his more worldly friend about girls. Instead, we spend the whole film on this little adventure with the two boys, and observe all the ways it differs from the aggrandized account Mára gives the police officer.
They come to stand for all the threatened things that find a way hang on in there past their expiration date, maybe even to flourish in adversity. Or like the goodness that still lives on underneath Mára's shellacked layers of trash-talking cool, and the childish cheek-dimple that contradicts his skinhead scowl. Slovenian-born, FAMU-educated director Olmo Omerzu never overworks the metaphor, but the "Winter Flies" that buzz lethargically on windowsills throughout his third feature are, like the boys, a nuisance, but there's something admirable about their tenacity. They're like the friendship that blooms between Mára, a tough-talking teen rebel and the overweight, sweetly dorky Heduš, hulkingly clad in shaggy camo that gives him the silhouette of a sasquatch.
He demonstrates as much to the flinty police interrogator (Lenka Vlasáková) who brings him into custody when his quixotic journey in a stolen Audi, with fellow runaway Heduš (Jan František Uher) riding literal shotgun (it's ok, it only fires pellets) comes to an abrupt halt, in a grey town on the other side of the Czech Republic from where they started out. Fifteen-year-old Mára (Tomáš Mrvík) does — it's a little bit of useless lore he picked up from his hero-worshipped grandfather. Did you know you can bring a tea-dunked fly back from the verge of drowning by covering it in warming, drying cigarette ash?
Especially Mrvík, who carries the whole film on his hunched, wary shoulders and in a mutable expression that teeters between innocence and cynicism. And Omerzu and editor Jana Vlčková put the cross-cutting structure to good use by delivering some lovely transitions, as when we cut from Mára's ailing grandfather to the aforementioned Lazarus fly struggling back to life, or from Mára's proud assertion that he could happily live up a tree for three years, to a shot of the boys nestled amongst some branches using the sights on Hedus' toy gun as binoculars. But as accomplished as the filmmaking is (the clever, modern-classical score from Šimon Holý, Monika Midriaková, and Paweł Szamburski also deserves mention), it's the performances that stay with you, and the two young first-time-actor leads are a revelation. DP Lukáš Milota frames the action impeccably, with hard, desaturated imagery never romancing the dismal, drizzly roadside locations, while still having a sullen beauty that also complements its moments of deadpan humor.
The "young boys bond on a mission to nowhere" subgenre already has its own classics ("Stand By Me" being the benchmark) and a fresh crop of coming-of-age stories arrives every year like daffodils. Other, luckier kids might be crowned kings of summer, but Mára and Heduš get to be the unlikely lords of winter, and all the survivor creatures that find a way to stay warm in the cold.” /> And for a film in which the occasional small miracle does occur, and a heartwarming odd-couple friendship springs up almost in spite of itself, it is gratifyingly unsentimental. But while "Winter Flies" might not tell us anything new, it relates its old story with a vivid specificity and a beguiling sense of mischief that makes it feel fresh.

"Any giveaways should be open to all, regardless of whether they leave a review or not. The message should always be: this is a week for us all to celebrate indie games and their amazing communities, here’s some free stuff, we love you!"” /> Any new content should be available to all. "The ask should never be: when we have X reviews we will release this free thing," it said.
"Fallen London" and "Sunless Seas" studio Failbetter Games is launching a week-long campaign to celebrate indie game developers and their communities.
"It became obvious that the best way to do this would be a campaign for all indies to get involved with, something fun that brings a bit of positivity to the online games discourse and raises all of us up."
But, it stresses this event is supposed to be a celebration, not an exchange of swag or freebies for reviews. Failbetter has set up a Google Doc with a variety of ways developers, influencers, and streamers can get involved.
The first ever #loveindies Week takes place July 16-20 and aims to increase the reviews, ratings, and word of mouth of indie titles.
"We knew we had thousands of players who hadn’t left reviews but who might take a moment to do so if they felt they were part of something bigger, and something that would make a real difference for our team. "Failbetter Games were looking for a way to entice our (fantastic) community to leave more reviews on our games, in order to improve their visibility on stores and build customer trust by (hopefully!) boosting positive review percentages," the developer explained.

 ” />
The competition was held on Monday at the University of Washington, and had eight teams of two compete against each other. Each team included a partner with an intellectual disability and a partner without an intellectual disability.
“At Microsoft, we believe that gaming is for everyone so we’re proud to pilot the first gaming tournament at the Special Olympics USA Games this summer,” said Spencer in a press release. “Competitive video gaming is enjoyed by players around the world, and our goal with this pilot tournament is to challenge biases and breakdown barriers while providing an empowering and fun experience for all players.”
Beth Knox, president and CEO of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, commented on the benefits of gaming for people with disabilities.
“We are thrilled to partner with Xbox to bring the first-ever video gaming tournament to the USA Games.” “Many of our athletes are avid gamers and research indicates playing video games can potentially boost cognitive and motor skills of people with intellectual disabilities,” said Knox.
Microsoft has sponsored the Special Olympics since the 2014 games, and is a proud premier sponsor for the 2018 games. Microsoft's Phil Spencer, head of gaming, expressed the company's excitement about the first gaming tournament of the Special Olympics.
The 2018 Special Olympics USA games included a "Forza Motorsport 7" tournament, according to a press release from the Special Olympics.
Microsoft will also participate in a job fair for Special Olympic participants and their families, as a part of the company's efforts to practice inclusive hiring for people with disabilities. Sponsoring the Special Olympics is just one part of how Microsoft is showing the belief that gaming should be for everyone. The company is also releasing an adaptive Xbox controller later this year, intended to help players with limited mobility enjoy games.

The Ji.hlava fest screens more than 100 films in their world, international or European premieres, with competition sections including the Opus Bonum, the First Lights section for debuts, Fascinations, focusing on contemporary experimental film, and the Eastern European competition Between the Seas, this year extended with an additional student category.
The voice, Godard’s own, riffs on the French New Wave auteur’s habit of overlaying philosophical observations to complement his jump cuts and surreal imagery in films such as “Alphaville.”
The spot is the latest in a string of commercials made for the docu fest by the likes of Godfrey Reggio, Jan Nemec and Johann Johannsson and “comes in the format of a short film, an intimate haiku,” said Ji.hlava director Marek Hovorka. Noting the clip’s “minimalist format,” he added, “Jean-Luc Godard remained loyal to his signature method of layering meanings and references. Each new viewing opens up new interpretations.”
Godard’s latest film, “The Image Book,” won a Special Palme d’Or in Cannes this year, taking home a prize created just for the uncategorizable work by the 87-year-old director.
“And even if nothing turned out how we’d hoped,” he intones, “it would not have changed what we’d hoped for.”
The images flicking by seem to cover the history of art, which “spontaneously alternates with his own memories, selfies and the perspective of a dog that gives the human position a different angle,” added Hovorka.
One of Central Europe’s top docu fests, known for cultivating art film and nonfiction work that explores genre boundaries, has adopted a suitably avant-garde look this year, thanks to the work of Jean-Luc Godard.
25-30 in the former silver mining town of Jihlava in the Czech Republic, is not mentioned in the moody one-minute clip posted on YouTube, although its logo appears in the last few seconds. The 22nd Ji.hlava international docu fest, running Oct.
The fest is also co-founder of the pan-European festival network Doc Alliance and the VOD portal DAFilms.com.” />
Instead, a disembodied hand runs a finger across a mobile phone screen menu of photographs, presumably from the life of an older man, murmuring in voiceover.

The anniversary event ends Monday, July 23 at 5 p.m. PDT. There won't be a grace period to redeem them after the event, Psyonix said. The balloons expire at the same time.
"The goal layout, in particular, is a departure from the modern goal positions seen in the rest of 'Rocket League's' arenas, but it does harken back to the old-school days of 'Battle-Cars,' which should tickle the old nostalgia feels quite nicely," the developer said on its official website Tuesday.
It reportedly reached 40 million players worldwide earlier this year.” /> A Nintendo Switch version came out in November 2017. "Rocket League" launched in July 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
"These ‘Golden Eggs’ do not require a Key or Decryptor to unlock, so just crack up to ten of ‘em open to find one of over 60 possible customization items from our retired Champions Series Crates," Psyonix said.
It's doing away with the usual loot crates. Psyonix is also changing how players earn customization items during the anniversary event. Instead, players can earn "SARPBC" anniversary-themed balloons during matches, which can be redeemed for the new items. They can also be traded in for a new type of anniversary "surprise."
Starting July 9, players can hop into the all-new 3v3 Anniversary Playlist, which features a throwback stadium inspired by Psyonix's 2008 vehicular soccer game "Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars." This year's festivities will be a little different than previous anniversary events, Psyonix said.
Psyonix's "Rocket League" turns three next week and the developer is celebrating with a two-week anniversary event.

• A Laboratory Focus, spotlighting recent lab restorations, on Oct. 18.” />
16-19. As this year’s “Great Witness,” Den Hamer will offer insights from her unique experience in both market co-ordination and festival management as she introduces the 6th edition of the Lumière Festival’s MIFC, which runs Oct. She will also take part in several events during the market.
The 10th Lumière Festival in Lyon, France, is bringing the heritage film sectors of western and eastern Europe into focus as part of its International Classic Film Market (MIFC) this year, with a keynote by Sandra Den Hamer, director of the Netherlands’ EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, and a look at Poland's ambitious film restoration program.
As EYE director, Den Hamer oversees an institute that plays a key role in the Netherlands’ film heritage and preservation sector as well as in cinematographic innovation and promotion.
• The heritage video publishers’ showcase of upcoming releases, on Oct. 16.
A Laboratory Focus, spotlighting recent lab restorations, on Oct. • An exhibitors’ program, which presents special screenings of heritage labeled titles, on Oct. 18. 18.
The MIFC is also honoring Poland as this year’s guest country. The Polish Film Institute in working closely with the country’s leading film industry players on an ambitious project to restore 150 films in the next five years, thanks to the E.U.-funded Digital Poland Program. 17. As part of the market focus on Poland, a panel discussion will be devoted to the country’s film restoration program on Oct.
Other key events this year include:
Prior to joining the EYE Filmmuseum, Den Hamer served as the director of the Rotterdam Film Festival, from 2000 to 2007, as well as coordinator of CineMart and the Hubert Bals Fund.
16. • A major networking lunch, which opens the market on Oct.

His rep could not be reached for comment.” />

Simpson in his Las Vegas hotel room in February. The new project might also include other targets, as he was also reported to have filmed a stunt with O.J. "Sacha graduates soon," the teaser says, ending with a title card for Trump University that uses the actual logo for the defunct real estate training school.
He was previously set to star in Michael Winterbottom's "Greed," about the world of the super-rich, though the project seems to be on hold. Baron Cohen is currently shooting Netflix series "The Spy," written and directed by Gideon Raff.
"He's back," the trailer promises, "as you've never seen him before." The words are interspersed with a "Happy Fourth of July" message from Trump and footage of the President saying "Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school! Learn about being funny."
In the the 2016 satirical comedy "Grimsby," which Baron Cohen starred in and co-wrote, Trump becomes infected with HIV after Daniel Radcliffe's blood is sprayed into his mouth due to a gunshot. Released during Trump's campaign, the movie included a disclaimer that the candidate did not actually have HIV.
Sacha Baron Cohen has posted a 4th of July tease for a new project that appears to take on the comedian's old foe, Donald Trump.
Trump's proclamation "I never fall for scams" was recently mocked when he spoke to comedian Stuttering John while on Air Force One. Baron Cohen and Trump have a long and antagonistic relationship. Trump has said he was the only person to immediately walk out of his interview with Baron Cohen's "Ali G.," but Baron Cohen has said he was actually there a comparatively long nine minutes.