These are just part of the Trumpamuck crimes. That was a corporate merger of crime families. It’s obvious that the Trumps, like the Bushes, were a crime family, buying into and forever wed, in holy matrimony, to the Kushners. Plus, there were all these allegations linking him to the Mafia and the Russian mob then, the basis for him getting money for his Atlantic City casinos…
Endurance or not, Trump’s actions this week, and those of his minions, is incendiary stuff.
Most of this, though isn’t funny at all, namely finding out that people I once treasured as friends — Ariel Pink, John Maus — were part of this attack on the Capitol. It just gets a lot more heartbreaking when people you love and respect get caught up in Trump or QAnon. Down to Trump lawyer Lin Wood calling for Mike Pence to be executed by firing squad. These are not stupid people. You either freak out and check for space along the Golden Gate Bridge to jump off, or, if you have a sense of humor like me and Al Jourgenson (from Ministry), you spend 12 hours a day laughing. They should know better.
When did you start its roll call and how did it wind up where it is now? “Tea Party Revenge Porn" is a clearing house for everything we’re talking about: present-day fascism, Putin, the mob, phone and internet-based obsession, fake news.
McMullin fired back at your DK diss with his own tweets: "The young Seattle punk in me would have been pleased. If Jello has an issue with the Dead Kennedys, Mitt Romney and I fighting fascists and Nazi punks, that’s his problem… The truth is Mitt Romney is more punk than Jello ever was.”
That’s not a word to be taken lightly. From Ted Cruz to AOC, everyone is throwing around the word Nazi like a softball this weekend. How did you come to write the "Nazi Punks" song in the first place?
He’s already selling stuff for 2024. He’s just going to make money of those people, now. Forget about throwing anyone under the bus. Was it scab singer Skip, who recently denied DKs are a political band, just, 'a social satire band?’" Look. Doesn’t matter if he ever runs. [Quoting his tweet.] ‘"How dumb and clueless can you get?? How about they apologize to DK supporters over the years who the band’s music and vision means so much to? BIAFRA: Sorry, I was just distracted by the online Trump 2020 store. Isn’t that what Trump does? What a carny. Instead of taking any responsibility, they’re passing the buck. All right… Forget who at Dead Kennedys praised Romney or McMullin.
"The young Seattle punk in me." What is he, a Screwdriver fan? It’s reactionary music that attracts reactionaries from all sides. So, this is what you have to endure. Always has. And Mitt being more punk than me? I can’t top that. Punk is a very high-energy, high-adrenaline, primal-scream form of music.
Mitt cares about the USA,” the official DK account tweeted, to the heated chagrin of their ex-frontman. Showing further distaste for icons of the right such as Rudy Guiliani (“he’s a cross between Count Chocula and Klaus Kinshi’s Nosferatu with that melting hair dye”), Mitt Romney and GOP activist Evan McMullin, Biafra spent the weekend dissing his former bandmates for showing their (now-removed) Twitter support of Romney and McMullin. "Thank you @SenatorRomney and @EvanMcMullin.
No matter what, I didn’t want the album to be "Trump this" and "Trump that." Look, I grew up on Alice Cooper. Songs such as “Satan’s Combover” and the title track were written before Trump stole the 2016 election and Hilary (Clinton), true to form, didn’t fight back. “We Created Putin" — I noticed that the lack of a Marshall Plan for the Soviet Union created another Hitler in Trump. I always thought, "Hey, what if horror lyrics were about real monsters?"” /> Plus, Russian banks are the first banks that Trump has taken money from that he’s going to have to pay back, one way or another.
>When San Francisco-based musician and activist Jello Biafra’s Instagram flashed photos of the singer wearing a “Trump Hates Me” T-shirt with a link to his song, “Nazi Trumps Fuck Off” on the day that the Capitol fell under siege, it was hardly the first time Biafra showed off his brand of caustic politics.
The very name of his former group, Dead Kennedys, created outrage when the band rose through the punk ranks 40 years ago, but the singer wasn't just out for shock value. From then on up through a Green presidential candidacy in 2000 and beyond, Biafra has forever put his money where his smart mouth is —especially where the necessity of putting down neo-Nazism in America is concerned. With his famous former band, in 1981 on his Alternative Tentacles label, he released the anti-fascist anthem, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off," followed by an anti-Reagan rant, “California Uber Alles.” In recent times, Biafra has updated his classics as additional adversaries rose to power.
Though you’re no longer in Dead Kennedys, you were its frontman and lyricist until the mid-'80s, and take its place in history very seriously.
VARIETY: Before getting to your recent Instagram posts, the Twitter feed of your former band, Dead Kennedys — which you criticized for its support of Mitt Romney and Evan McMullin — threw its social media manager under the bus for that debacle.
The other day you Instagrammed a photo of yourself wearing a “Trump Hates Me” shirt, together with “Nazi Trumps Fuck Off,” a fresh take on your “Nazi Punks Fuck Off.” Your Instagram is littered with anti-Trump references. What is your history of hate regarding Trump?
He was just a rich guy who wanted more attention than other rich people do. Back when I first heard his name, the '80s, suddenly, here was this celebrity rich asshole crowing about his wealth, until someone pointed out that he wasn’t the richest man in New York. He wasn’t even Gatsby.
Like saying Mitt Romney is more punk than me. Problem is, the guy that said that, McMullin, has his eyes on public office. Following that pre-primary poll, I did a rant-cast on YouTube, “What Would Jello Do?,” pointing out what a racist Trump was. Since that time, my audiences have been strongly anti-Trump, and the ‘Nazi Trumps Fuck Off” T-shirts that we made flew out of our door. But you will always get people doing and saying the dumb stuff. Unless he gets a Fox News show first. They sold more than anything we ever had available, music and otherwise. Immediately, we got Twitter-ized, first-grade reading level comments like “Trump is punk,” and “Has Jello become a Muslim?" That’s when I thought, "Even my listeners are falling for this. Trump could win." From then on, I had the eerie feeling that he’d be our next president.
What disturbed me the most about that post is that whatever right-wing dickhead did it also used Evan McMullin’s name as clickbait. His was a name bandied about as an alternative to Trump, as a write-in candidate, in 2016, by Bill Kristol. Kristol may be a Never-Trumper, and therefore one of their friends, but McMullin, Kristol and such are not our friends. Just because talking heads talk a good anti-Trump game, they’re still hardline conservatives. You can’t polish that turd. So I don’t like when, in my name — since so many people do think I’m still in the band -— I get associated with right-wing foolery. I was the brains of the operation.
Until the first pre-primary polls came out. I knew he was an asshole before, but I never figured he was that horrible, until then. Nazi party or not, he is a fascist who makes no secret that he is a white supremacist. Seeing that the guy doesn’t have a sense of humor, I don’t think he’s laughing about this either, like a lot of us are, especially considering how dangerous the people are who take him seriously. Right off the bat, he came out as anti-immigrant with his “Mexicans as rapists” bit. All Corporate McNews could do, though, is howl in protest and make fun of him as some sort-of celebrity buffoon. That’s when he doubled his competition, including the candidates they wanted such as Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Like Richard Nixon, Trump wanted to be president for life. Holy shit. Going back to the Trump store, there’s a “Mount Trumpmore” shirt with an illustration of Mount Rushmore with a much larger Trump head off to the left, shadowing George Washington’s.
Especially after the attacks on the Capitol.
When did that Trump that you’re talking about grow dangerous enough to be tagged a Nazi, in your mind?
I’m far from the first person to say, forget a third party — where’s the second? If Biden thinks he can let all the Trump regime’s crimes go in the name of uniting the country, he better think again. I have very little faith in Biden whatsoever. I don’t consider those people "left." We have one party in this country.
That’s Betsy DeVos, whose brother, Eric Prince, gave us Blackwater and reportedly has a military-type training spread in Wyoming. I’m counting on Adam Schiff’s committee to get the Mueller Report completely un-redacted, and, from there, follow the money. If they really want to stop the neo-Nazi shits that nearly torched the Capitol building, with all of Orange’s people let in as the Capitol cops parted like the Red Sea, don’t just go after the dude with the horns that everybody though was either Jamiroqui or Rob Zombie. Follow the money. He’s been linked to Russian collusion, but Mueller never bothered to follow that money. So, here’s DeVos freaking out and jumping the ship before the rest of the rats on a voyage that her family more than likely paid for. raid last week, was financed, in part by the DeVos family? You can’t make this shit up. For example, did you know that the clowns who raided the Michigan Capitol building, some of whom were charged with plotting to behead Governor Whitmer and behead her, but got out on bail and were spied at the D.C.
No reason other than a show of strength.
Considering your distaste for Trump, and his public’s love for him, what friction did you get, on social media or live events?
The song, then, was about the early stages of slam-dancing where people would show up, without any interest in the music at all — real buff jock types — who would run off the stage, target someone, and punch them in the back of the head, or the face, and run off. When I wrote “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” in the first place, I wasn’t writing about actual ideological Nazis. My take is this: If they act like one, and behave like one, then, yeah, calling them out as such is fair game. The Nazi skinhead thing hadn’t yet erupted in England yet. They just wanted to wail on somebody.
Over the course of several hours during a quickly shifting weekend, Biafra and Variety spoke on several occasions about everything from politics to his own new album, “Tea Party Revenge Porn,” the return of his YouTube program “What Would Jello Do?,” and new recordings with Al Jourgensen, including a new Ministry album (“Morale Hygiene”) and a renewal of their Lard project.
Anyway, I heard from fans who actually grew up under true fascist regimes — kids from the Soviet Union, Greece or Latin America countries with military dictatorships. Those people were acting like Nazis. I’m not bowing to pressure to do a Newsom one; you can only do so many. We did “California Uber Allies” with Schwarzenegger-themed lyrics. They wanted to hear “Nazi Punks.” They told me that song gave them courage. Then, when I formed Guantanamo School of Medicine specifically to play new music, not be some old-man punk retro act… I got cajoled into playing songs such as “Holidays in Cambodia,” which was never played the same way twice. So I wrote it, and the Dead Kennedys played it. So we brought it back and switched it out to “Nazi Trumps.” Now that I find out that people I knew and loved were part of the Capitol siege, maybe it should be “Trump-sy Punks Fuck Off.”
Whether it’s your new album, “Tea Party Revenge Porn,” or comments you’ve given the L.A. Weekly regarding Gavin Newsom, Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, you’re no fan of the left, either.
Trump put the '80s rich into the tabloids on a regular basis.

Cohen began her career at Paradigm and also served at Verve Talent and Literary Agency before becoming a partner in the lit department at WME in 2019. Her roster at WME included directors Gabriela Cowperthwaite (“Blackfish”), Jennifer Yuh Nelson (“Kung Fu Panda 2”) and comedy veteran Paula Pell. The South African-born Cohen grew up in Australia, and is known for championing female and diverse filmmakers and artists.
Cohen will serve as a partner at Range Media and it has not been confirmed which clients will be following in her new role. Former William Morris Endeavor literary agent and partner Tanya Cohen has formally transitioned into management, joining Range Media Partners.
Matt Donnelly contributed to this report.” />
At the time, Cohen was said to be in early negotiations as part of a highly contested competition of her services between several new management firms that have launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the standoff between the Writers Guild of America and the talent agencies. Earlier this week, Variety exclusively reported that Cohen would be departing WME to pursue a management career, along with motion picture and literary packaging agents Solco Schuit and Simon Faber, who are looking to pivot to a management path or producer roles.
We’re thrilled to welcome her to Range,” Range Managing Partner Mick Sullivan said in a statement. “It’s been a privilege to watch Tanya build her business over the years. She has a natural eye for discovering talent and a tremendous reputation for empowering the advancement of artists’ careers in the most creative and thoughtful ways.

She might have brought that edge to a show — even a laugh-tracked sitcom! Sedgwick is a winning actress who’s had great success on TV, mainly in drama. The sunniness and relentless, incurious momentum of “Call Your Mother,” restricting what’s curious and interesting about Jean’s story and Sedgwick’s performance to the margins, is suggestive of a show whose unwillingness to take a risk results in the finished product being not much of anything at all. It takes more than familiar warmth to make us care about characters; they need to be allowed to be characters, too.” /> — more interested in doing something beyond the broadest version of itself.
The series, about an overbearing mom (Kyra Sedgwick) barging in on the lives of her two children (Joey Bragg and Rachel Sennott), hits in its pilot episode — the only one made available to critics — notes that are alternately too familiar or jarring for the wrong reasons. Perhaps it’s because the present moment is so unsettled that “Call Your Mother,” ABC’s new sitcom from “The New Adventures of Old Christine” creator Kari Lizer, manages to feel in its pilot episode more comforting than it otherwise might. The show has a pleasant warmth, but it seems to have too little of a sense about what within it works to find its footing.
“I’d still be breastfeeding if we lived in France!” she declares at one point to laughs from the laugh track but likely winces from viewers at home; earlier, she’d asked her best friend (a game Sherri Shepherd) “If I’m not mothering anymore, am I still a mother? That this is really not so very long at all is the joke, but Sedgwick, when the pilot’s frantic pace slows for a beat, infuses the character with a say-everything desperation whose unfunniness seems to serve a larger point. Sedgwick’s Jean Raines, in the first episode’s early going, ditches Iowa in favor of Los Angeles as a way of dropping in on her son Freddie, who hasn’t picked up the phone for her in (gasp) four days. If I’m not teaching anymore, am I still a teacher?”
(Daughter Jackie’s gay best friend, played by Austin Crute, emerges as a less hackneyed character through sheer force of charisma on Crute’s part.) A romance plot between Jean and the host of her AirBNB-style lodging (Patrick Brammall) feels unnecessary, unbelievable — given that Brammall’s handsome Brit is hosting paying guests in a beautifully appointed home that’s indistinguishable from Jean’s two children’s beautifully appointed homes — and almost mean-spirited. Which makes it unfortunate that, for instance, the children’s storylines are swaddled in iffy attempts to stay current, like Freddie’s girlfriend (Emma Caymares), a parody of an influencer written with the broadest of strokes. In her dealings with her children, whom she’s known their entire lives and who are now estranged from her and from one another, Jean’s lonesomeness comes through; when she tries to smooch the guy whose house she’s been staying in for a day, it seems misplaced and poorly paced, to say the least. This is a story worth exploring!

I am proud to be able to say that I am the son of Pilar Monroe Schneider." "Pilar spoke often of joining her beloved husband of 39 years, my lovely father Marvin Schneider," he wrote. "That day has come for them to be together.
In addition to her son Rob, Schneider is also the mother of producer John Schneider, artist Stanley Schneider and realtor April Schneider Farley. Among her many grandchildren is also singer Elle King, known for her hit song "Ex's and Oh's."
Schneider is survived by her sister Rose, her sister-in-law Lenice, her children Stanley, April, John and Rob; her step-daughter Linda, her ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.
Rob Schneider wrote a tribute to his mother on Instagram and shared a family photo with details of her life.” />
She and her husband led a foundation dedicated to helping the area's schools, and she ultimately took over the lead when Marvin died. Schneider continued to support the Pacifica school system throughout the remainder of her life. Her focus was to ensure music teachers and classes were provided at each school.
When not teaching, Schneider found roles acting in commercials and some of Rob's movies, including "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo," “ The Animal,” "The Hot Chick" and "Big Stan." She was also a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
She was 91. Pilar Schneider, the mother of comedian and actor Rob Schneider, died of natural causes Monday at her home in Pacifica, Calif.
in the 1950s as an American citizen. Schneider grew up in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. She also served as president of the Pacifica School Board for two terms. She had a passion for teaching and held a job teaching elementary school students for almost three decades before teaching special education.

New appointees of the HRTS Advisory Council, comprised of past Board Members, include: Leigh Brecheen, Partner, Goodman Schenkmann & Brecheen, LLP; Matt Cherniss, Head of Development, Apple; Stephen Davis; Gary Marenzi, Founder/CEO Marenzi & Associates; and John Morayniss, President, JDM Media.
The newly-elected members of the HRTS Board of Directors beginning their three-year terms this month are Albert Cheng, Chief Operating Officer & Co-head of Television, Amazon Studios; Tara Duncan, President, Freeform; Rafael Gomez, Head of Business Affairs, AMC Networks; Tina Perry, President OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network; and Alejandro Uribe, CEO, Exile Content.
Melissa Grego's three-year stint as the CEO of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society will continue on. The organization's also released the names of its newly-elected Executive Officers and Board Members, and the industry leaders newly appointed to serve as Advisory Council members. Today, the HRTS announced that Grego's role has been re-upped.
I’m so proud of the work that we’ve done to make HRTS a community that is inclusive of all people working in TV and entertainment, and I look forward to continuing our efforts as a Board Member. Our newly-elected officers are outstanding leaders in the industry and friends and I’m excited to work with them on new and existing events and initiatives.” "Melissa joined HRTS with a shared vision to transform HRTS to support the membership and meet today’s challenges in the industry. “It has been my great honor to work alongside Melissa Grego as President of HRTS over the past three years,” said outgoing HRTS President Marc Korman, in a statement.
In the coming days, the HRTS will announce details of a virtual event to kick off the year, introduce the organization's new leadership and discuss its future.” />
Newly elected two-year term officers include HRTS President, Odetta Watkins (EVP, Current Programming, Warner Bros. Television); Chairperson of the Board, Dan Erlij (Partner, Co-Head, Television Literary Department, United Talent Agency); Vice President, Francesca Orsi (EVP and Head of Drama Programming, HBO); Secretary, Charlie Andrews, (EVP, Drama Programming, Development & Event Series, Fox); and Treasurer, Alejandro Uribe (CEO, Exile Content). Television and WME, among others. The media and entertainment industry veterans that will guide the HRTS include executives at Amazon Studios, AMC Networks, Apple, CAA, CBS, Television, Fox, Freeform, FX Entertainment, HBO, Hulu, ICM Partners, OWN, Showtime Networks, Universal Studio Group, UTA, Warner Bros.
Under the leadership of Korman and Grego, the industry networking and information platform released its first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Resource Guide, launched its signature Brown Bag with the Board virtual event series and its first Virtual Newsmaker Luncheon, tapped into the expertise of Board Members to create an Advisory Council and expanded resources across all operational levels.

Have you spoken to any cast members or made any offers for "Bachelor In Paradise"?
You know, right now, everybody is in consideration because we’re going to have a whole other season of "The Bachelorette" [before the next season of "The Bachelor"] so there will be other "Bachelor" candidates there, too. One of the lessons we’ve learned is to really think of everybody to potentially be the Bachelor. In the past, I think we’ve maybe made mistakes because we’ve overlooked people for whatever reason — maybe they’re too controversial or they weren’t that popular on their season, but there is no right or wrong so we should just talk to everyone and the right person will present themselves.
Ben Smith was a big standout on Tayshia Adams' season of "The Bachelorette." Are you eying Ben?
Here, the ABC executive discusses plans for "Bachelor In Paradise," including which alums might be cast on the next season, as well as that new spinoff.
So, even if you can't shoot in Mexico, you're committed to making it work to have a new season of "Bachelor In Paradise" this summer?
If Ben would do us the privilege of being on "Paradise" it would be fantastic. I can see him being one of the massive success of "Bachelor in Paradise," like he will meet his wife there.
Even something as silly as "Bachelor In Paradise," it really means a lot to people, and we know that, so we will do what we can to get it done. Since we’ve done that, the absolute most important thing now is "Bachelor In Paradise." We take a lot of pride in how much this show means to people. Ten months ago, the first thing that was important to us was to get "Bachelorette" done, and that was a monumental effort — I cannot give production enough credit; it was a Herculean effort. This show really gives people comfort and hope. And then you had to get "Bachelor" done.
"Bachelor In Paradise" typically films in Mexico. At this point, ABC isn't sure if shooting in Mexico will be possible, but regardless of the location, the network is willing to get creative to ensure a new season can be produced — even if it has to film in a bubble, just like the last season of "The Bachelorette" and the current season of "The Bachelor" with Matt James, both of which filmed at sequestered resorts at which the cast and crew lived on-site and quarantined for the duration of production.
[The next season of] "The Bachelor" isn’t for another year; we’re focused on Matt right now. Now, I don’t want them to see this and go on "Paradise" just to become "The Bachelor" because you should go on "Paradise" hoping that you’ll find your soulmate. But there are a lot of guys that would be in consideration to be the Bachelor. But obviously yes, Ben would be in consideration to be the next Bachelor. But just because you’re on "Paradise," even this summer, doesn’t mean that you can’t be the Bachelor — if anything, you have a better chance to be "The Bachelor" if you’re someone like Ivan [Hall] or Ben because your story is more fresh. Absolutely.
Will the vaccine be widely available? Everything is day-to-day. If not, maybe there is a bubble situation in Mexico. We will figure out something — I never know what will happen, but I feel very confident in saying that you will get "Bachelor In Paradise" next season. Right now, unfortunately, we’re at a place, especially in Los Angeles, where all the productions are getting shut down — you know, [Jimmy] Kimmel is back doing his show from home. Obviously, we don’t want producers and cast members to be getting vaccinated early just for the show, but if people can get vaccinated, then maybe we’re back in Mexico. But conversely, in a couple of months, this could all change. We could have a massive rollout of vaccinations and that would make it easier to travel and shoot places. Who knows. We’re looking at different permutations and scenarios.
When are you looking to shoot that show?
How about Bennett Jordan? He was another standout — perhaps for different reasons — but would you consider him for "The Bachelor?
Did you feel like it was a major loss not having "Bachelor In Paradise" on the schedule last season?
The pond is overstocked. And then also, we’ll look at people who went home too early and were great and didn’t have enough time to shine. Sometimes the pond is really dry — this season will be the opposite case. The silent producer on the show is the audience so we’ll see on Twitter who people say they want to see.
If there is some different type of way we have to do it, we want to do it. I think we can tell that story in almost any setting, even if we have to find another bubble. As wonderful as it is being in Mexico with that type of setting, it really is about people we have come to love — or love to hate — finding a second chance at love. And there are so many of them now because we have four seasons worth of people.
I think right now, everybody is in consideration for "Bachelor In Paradise," and certainly Bennett is on that list.” />
Why is the network so hot on this show? You're actively at work on the senior citizens spinoff.
We're actively working on making it happen," Mills shares, adding that the network is further along than just the ideation phase. "In addition to 'Paradise,' the other thing we want to get serious about revisiting is the older 'Bachelor' spinoff.
"We are hell-bent on figuring out how we make ‘Paradise’ work," Rob Mills, senior vice president, alternative series, specials and late-night programming, ABC Entertainment, tells Variety. "Unless something horrendous happens, I feel very confident that ‘Paradise’ is coming back on this summer — how and where it’s going to be, it’s still to early to tell."
How do you make that in to 15-18 cast members? The biggest problem we’re going to have is that we have probably about 150 potential people we can have in the cast between the four seasons that haven’t been able to be on "Paradise," and then other people who have been on previous seasons. We have to figure out how it’s going to work first before we ask people to get time off from their jobs. It's still early. It’s going to be really tough.
Now, with coronavirus numbers surging once again, TV shows and film productions are shutting down, once again, and non-essential travel is discouraged. But, good news for Bachelor Nation: ABC is set on getting "Bachelor In Paradise" back on-air this summer, and is now prioritizing the show after shelving it last season, Variety has learned exclusively.
Would you consider Ben to be a lead on "The Bachelor"?
The casting was amazing and anytime we ever talk about it, it gets a massive response.
Where does "Bachelor In Paradise" stand?
With so many Bachelor Nation alums, how will go about deciding who gets to be in the cast?
So, even if there are production precautions with the pandemic, you would be looking to shoot that senior citizens show this year?
Part of the problem was that during the whole year of the pandemic, obviously the most at-risk group was older citizens. We love this idea and the fact that people have really responded to it, we want to try to make that happen. Now, the fact that we’ve found a way to shoot in a bubble, if we have to do it in a bubble, we would be able to figure that out.
If "The Bachelorette" starts shooting in March after "The Bachelor" airs, like normal, and if we can figure out "Paradise" soon, then perhaps we can figure out how to do this as soon as the fall, in between cycles of "Paradise" and shooting the next season of "The Bachelor."
In addition to a new season of "Bachelor In Paradise," ABC is currently at work on the much-buzzed-about senior citizen "Bachelor" spinoff, which gained considerable momentum when the network put out a casting call before the pandemic. The potential show was put on the back-burner when COVID-19 shut down the entire industry, as ABC needed to prioritize its flagship shows, "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." But now that a safely-working system has been put in place to shoot the reality dating shows, the network is re-focusing on the more mature offshoot.
With production halted across the industry in the height of the pandemic, ABC's fan-favorite summer dating show wasn't able to shoot its seventh season last year. "Bachelor In Paradise" was a television casualty of 2020.
Then, is Bennett perhaps a better option for "Bachelor In Paradise," rather than "The Bachelor"?

Tina Fey and Wayne Brady have joined the line-up for this year’s Educational Theatre Foundation Gala.
The Educational Theatre Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Educational Theatre Association, which is the home of the International Thespian Society. ETF provides essential financial support for theatre education and to expand access to school theatre programs.
                ” /> include Playbill, Apples and Oranges Arts, Broadway on Demand, The Diller – Von Furstenberg Family Foundation, iHeartRadio Broadway. Additional sponsors include AMDA, Kate Capshaw & Steven Spielberg, NBC Entertainment, Concord Theatricals, Nancy & Kenneth Duffy, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Broadway Licensing, Open Jar Studios, Mark Weinstein, California Thespians, Disney Theatrical Group, Dramatists Play Service, Mark Drum, Thomas & Ellen Hoberman, Irene Mecchi, Harley Neuman, and Kevin Yorn. Presenting sponsors for Theatre Alive!
The Shubert Organization will receive the Standing Ovation Award. Theatre Alive!: A Celebration of School Theatre, to be held virtually on Jan. 28, will honor director-producer-actor Kenny Leon with the Crag Zadan Theatre for Life Award.
Proceeds from “Theatre Alive” will go towards Thespian Relief Grants to Save School Theatre, which assist theatre programs financially struggling from effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the new Pathway program to address racial disparity in theatre.
“Research shows theatre education teaches life skills including creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.” “The belief that arts education should be available to all students, and the recognition of the importance of theatre education in preparing students for whatever path they pursue in life, is shared by our celebrity guests and our sponsors,” Educational Theatre Foundation president Julie Cohen Theobald said in a statement.
Tickets are free for the gala, which will stream on, Broadway on Demand and iHeartRadio Broadway.
Robert Greenblatt and Neil Meron co-chair the benefit. Nia Vardalos and John Stamos will emcee the gala. Performers will include Jennifer Hudson, Audra McDonald and Amber Riley.

Among other things, Quibi cited the Dec. On Monday, Quibi filed a response to Eko's most recent amended lawsuit. 30 order to reiterate that the company "does not and has not infringed, induced infringement of, or contributed to the infringement of" the Eko patents. Quibi's legal response also alleged that Eko’s claims for misappropriation of trade secrets "are barred because the alleged trade secret is not a trade secret, but rather was readily ascertainable by persons of ordinary skill in the pertinent art(s)" and furthermore that Quibi independently developed Turnstyle.
Eko's lawsuit against Quibi is being funded by activist hedge fund Elliott Management, which took a minority equity stake in the company last year.” />
8), the federal judge hearing the case denied Eko’s motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to freeze Quibi's financial assets, finding that “Eko has not shown it will more likely than not succeed on its [patent] infringement claims." In a ruling Dec. 30 (which was unsealed in redacted form Jan.
In previous court filings, Eko said estimated the value of the IP that Quibi “misappropriated and infringed” to be at least $96.5 million, or at least $101.9 million when factoring in prejudgment interest and fees. Eko alleged that Quibi planned to retain a reserve of about $60 million in cash to wind down operations.
Quibi, after raising $1.75 billion, is said to have told investors including Disney, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia that it would return $350 million of its cash on hand to them.
However, the judge sided with Eko in finding that the company's three patents at issue in the case are likely valid, contrary to Quibi's assertion that those patents are invalid.
In addition, and perhaps more significantly, Snyder found there was "sufficient" circumstantial evidence to suggest that three former Snap employees — who had received an NDA briefing from Eko CEO Yoni Block on Eko's interactive-video tech before joining Quibi — had engaged in theft of trade secrets.
But even though Quibi has now mostly wound down operations, the Jeffrey Katzenberg-founded company has retained a legal team to deal with the pending legal fight with New York-based interactive video company Eko involving Turnstyle: the technology that Quibi used to determine the orientation of a viewer’s phone (either horizontal or vertical) and present content in the appropriate mode.
Quibi announced a deal last week with Roku, which acquired the bulk of the failed mobile startup's streaming rights — some 75 shows, which the streaming platform plans to make available for free on the Roku Channel.
11 filing, "Any claim by Eko for damages is negated by the existence of noninfringing alternatives to the Patents in Suit. Defendants will identify noninfringing alternatives following claim construction and in connection with damage-related disclosures." Quibi's lawyers have asked the court to deny Eko's bid for an injunction and demands for monetary damages. In addition, Quibi said in the Jan.
Quibi has set up a holding company to handle the litigation with Eko and the potential sale of the Turnstyle assets. The Turnstyle assets weren't part of the Roku deal; that involved the transfer of Quibi's seven-year content licensing rights, which a source said was worth "significantly" less than $100 million.
Eko failed to show that Quibi is "fraudulently concealing or transferring assets or has otherwise engaged in a pattern of financial misconduct" in a way that would cause "irreparable harm" to Eko, as Eko asserted. District Court for the Central District of California wrote in the ruling. "The Court concludes that Eko has not submitted evidence that satisfies its burden that a freeze of Quibi's financial assets is warranted," Judge Christina Snyder of the U.S.
Specifically, she noted that two of the ex-Snap staffers joined Quibi on Oct. 15, 2018, about two weeks before Quibi CTO Rob Post declared "that his development team settled on five candidates for its rotation technology." "The Court agrees that the weight of circumstantial evidence is sufficient at this stage to suggest the Snapchat-turned-Quibi employees took the ORTS method [Eko's Optimized Real Time Switching technology] with them to Quibi and used it to assist with the development of Turnstyle," Snyder wrote in the Dec. 30 decision.
Asked for a response, Eko declined to comment on the latest legal developments.

UMPG, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, is headquartered in Los Angeles and represents the publishing interest in songs by Adele, Jhené Aiko, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Bee Gees, Mariah Carey, Brandi Carlile, Coldplay, Elvis Costello, DaBaby, Billie Eilish, Eminem, Halsey, Jimi Hendrix, H.E.R., Billy Joel, Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, Megan Thee Stallion, Shawn Mendes, Metallica, Post Malone, Otis Redding, Bruce Springsteen, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and U2, among many others.” />
Songs credited to Bell have move more than 150 million units in the U.S. Bell has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and was named Variety's 2019 producer of the year.
A native of Quincy, Mass., Bell is a self-trained musician who got his big break after moving to L.A., where he first collaborated with Post Malone on the rapper-singer’s breakthrough LPs — 2016’s “Stoney” and 2018’s “Beerbongs & Bentleys” — the latter on which Bell co-wrote all 18 cuts. Bell executive-produced Post Malone’s most recent album, "Hollywood’s Bleeding." In 2020, Post notched another massive single, "Circles," which Bell co-wrote and co-produced.
The company has also acquired Bell's catalog. Producer and songwriter Louis Bell, who has worked extensively with Post Malone and has notched hits with Camila Cabello (“Havana”), the Jonas Brothers (“Sucker”) and Halsey (“Without Me”), has signed an exclusive global publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG).
It’s even better when you can work with good people! Said UMPG chairman and CEO Jody Gerson in announcing the signing: “I am thrilled to welcome Louis Bell to the UMPG family. Our global team looks forward to providing outstanding opportunities that support his artistry and songs.” He is not only an immensely talented songwriter and producer for the some of the biggest artists in the world; he is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know.
Most recently, Bell contributed to multiple tracks on Miley Cyrus' latest album, "Plastic Hearts."
The UMPG deals were negotiated on behalf of Bell by Jason Boyarski of Boyarski Fritz LLP. “I am extremely excited and grateful to begin this journey with Jody, Lillia Parsa and the entire Universal Music Publishing team, added Bell, who is managed by Electric Feel Entertainment.

The docuseries, a follow-up to the 2017 YouTube documentary “Simply Complicated,” will also feature footage from Lovato’s 2018 Tell Me You Love Me World Tour, captured during the early stages of the project's production.
"For the first time, you’ll be able to see my chronicle of struggle and ongoing healing from my point of view. I’m grateful that I was able to take this journey to face my past head-on and finally share it with the world." “It’s been two years since I came face-to-face with the darkest point in my life, and now I’m ready to share my story with the world," Lovato said.
Demi Lovato is returning to YouTube with a new docuseries.
For the first time, Lovato will open up about every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018 and lessons in the aftermath. "Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil," set to debut in March, will unpack the most challenging times in the artist’s life and career, including when she discovered the importance of her physical, emotional and mental health.
Demi stands for empowerment, and this documentary is going to answer the many questions that have been out there – providing a real window into the life of one of the biggest stars in the world, who is simply a human being." Ratner, "Demi’s willingness to explore the darkest elements of her life is going to leave the audience with a complete understanding of everything she’s been through and ultimately where she is going. Added the series' director and executive producer Michael D.
The first two episodes will launch on Lovato's YouTube channel on March 23, followed by the following two episodes that will be released weekly on the next two Tuesdays.” />
“YouTube Originals is committed to telling real stories about the complexities of life and for Demi to use our global platform to open up about this chapter is something we are very proud of.” “We are excited to continue sharing Demi's brave story,” said Susanne Daniels, global head of original content at YouTube.