The series mostly follows the novel's events faithfully, following a crew of Jesuit priests and scientists, led by a Puerto Rican linguist of mixed Taíno heritage, Father Emilio Sandoz, who make first contact with an alien civilization on a Vatican-backed mission to a distant planet called Rakhat. Things go awry in the Jesuits' quest to prove the existence of God throughout the universe, and the misadventure ends in disaster and scandal. Father Sandoz, the sole survivor, returns to Earth physically and psychologically broken only to be subjected to an inquiry.
"Queen's Gambit" co-creator, director and showrunner Scott Frank is writing every episode of FX's adaptation of the visionary modern classic, "The Sparrow." Emmy Award-winning director Johan Renck ("Chernobyl," "Breaking Bad") has been tapped to direct the sci-fi project.
Frank and Renck, along with "Better Call Saul" producer Mark Johnson, will executive produce the limited series based on Mary Doria Russell's acclaimed magnum opus. "The Sparrow" is being produced by FX Productions.
The book, categorized as a work of speculative fiction, grapples with the potential ethical, philosophical and spiritual issues of humans intermingling with extraterrestrial life, raising questions about humanity itself. "The Sparrow," published in 1996 by Random House's imprint Villard, won numerous prestigious literary awards, including the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis and the British Science Fiction Association Award, among others.
This isn't the first time "The Sparrow" has been adapted, though this is its first successful shot in the book-to-show pipeline. The project eventually fell apart when Russell revoked all film rights.” /> Back in 2006, Warner Bros. Pictures acquired the rights for the novel for Brad Pitt's Plan B and Industry Entertainment to produce, with Michael Seitzman ("Code Black," "North Country") writing the movie's script.

"If road movies have an intrinsic weakness, it’s the episodic nature of their narratives, but ‘Nomadland’ solves that beautifully, creating a pattern in which the path is more circular than linear, and impactful characters come back around to more deeply enrich Fern’s journey," he wrote.
In his review, Debruge called the film an "ode to American independence." It also landed on many critics' best of the year lists, including Variety's Peter Debruge. Prior to its theatrical rollout, "Nomadland" made rounds on the festival circuit, winning top prizes at Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival.
Searchlight Pictures, the Disney-owned specialty studio, is distributing the film and plans to premiere it internationally throughout the spring (pandemic permitting) starting on March 4.
Chloé Zhao's acclaimed film "Nomadland," a road drama that's expected to be a major awards player, has modified its release plan due to the pandemic.
"Nomadland" is Zhao's third feature, having previously directed 2015's "Songs My Brothers Taught Me" and 2017's "The Rider." Up next, she's directing Marvel's "Eternals," due in theaters later in 2021.” />
David Strathairn co-stars along with real-life nomads Linda May, Charlene Swankie and Bob Wells. She lost everything in the Great Recession and seeks the wisdom and hospitality of real-life nomads in the U.S. Based on Jessica Bruder's book of the same name, the film is set after the economic collapse of a company town in rural Nevada, with McDormand’s character Fern exploring a life outside of conventional society as a modern-day nomad.
29 before opening in traditional theaters and drive-in locations on Feb. The movie — starring Frances McDormand as a woman who leaves her small town to travel the American west — will debut in select Imax venues on Jan. 19. On the same day as its wide release in February, "Nomadland" will premiere on Hulu.

Sony Music’s RCA Records has promoted co-president John Fleckenstein to COO and Mark Pitts to president, while co-president Joe Riccitelli will leave the company, reps confirmed to Variety. The news was first reported by Music Business Worldwide.
Riccitelli will depart the company and provide transitional services to continue his work with key projects, according to the announcement.
Edge said Fleckenstein “has been a tremendous partner working effectively alongside me and across Sony Music globally these past few years driving our business forward. This new role will give him expanded oversight to reinvigorate all aspects of RCA’s operations."
He is clearly referencing the popularity of hip-hop and R&B, which have formed the core of Pitts' career for more than 20 years. He was Notorious B.I.G.'s manager and at RCA has worked closely with Usher, J. Cole, Miguel and others.
"With his deep relationships and decades of success working with legendary, pioneering artists, he is the ideal partner to help move our creative direction in a renewed, expanded way for the future.” Pitss will remain CEO and founder of ByStorm Entertainment, an entertainment company that was established in 1998. “Mark has demonstrated tremendous growth as an energetic, unstoppable leader whose unbridled enthusiasm and experience will be invaluable in taking our company to exciting new directions," Edge's statement continues.
Said Pitts, “New title, same energy! It’s no secret that music is a driving force in my life, so being recognized as someone who can continue to guide and motivate the RCA family of groundbreaking artists and fellow executives to further greatness is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. I’m blessed to still be in an industry that I’m so passionate about and the picture we paint for ourselves is NEVER completed, so I look forward to more learning and creating culture-defining moments.”
Edge also told MBW that RCA’s executive VP of A&R, Tunji Balogun, who has signed and developed Khalid, is considered a “star player” at the label, embodying an approach of “working with artists early, then supporting and developing them over the long term.” He also gave props to two former Interscope execs who have joined the company, Aaron "Dash" Sherrod, who signed JuiceWRLD to Interscope, and senior VP of marketing Archie Davis.
In a statement, Edge said, “RCA Records was a different company even just a few years ago. Over the past decade, there has been a genre shift in consumer demand and streaming has revolutionized every aspect of our business so we must constantly adapt and iterate on our successes."
According to an announcement, Pitts has been promoted to the role of president, "working to grow and drive its Creative Business Operations as well as the Company’s cultural initiatives and further unifying our teams’ effectiveness." Fleckenstein has been elevated to chief operating officer, "where, in addition to his current duties, he takes on more of the Company’s day-to-day business oversight. Both executives will continue to report to RCA Chairman & CEO Peter Edge.
Bringing his fearless and aggressive drive into the center of the company will be a true game changer for our people and our culture.”” /> I’m incredibly proud of the RCA Family we have cultivated over the past few years with our fresh creative minds, experienced team leaders and our trailblazing roster. Mark’s passion is unmatched. Fleckenstein, who joined RCA in 2015, commented, “We are an Artist-first company with the best development team in the business.
Edge also nodded to Riccitelli's contributions. He played a key role in building the careers of many of our biggest artists and I look forward to supporting his next chapter.” “I want to thank Joe for his years helping build RCA for success.

Associate producers include Miss Hazel Jade and Gabriel Resendez. Jamie DiNicola and Zosherafatain are producing "Trumpland" through TransWave Films.
Lysette said, “Trans people are resilient. We’ve been erased from history, and endured constant attacks on our existence, especially from the Trump administration. “” /> Our hope is that this project can be a bridge to folks who may not understand what we are up against and to also provide a real and raw look at not only our pain, but also our strength and joy.
A new trailer for the upcoming docuseries “Trans in Trumpland” opens with ominous music as Donald Trump is heard in voiceover saying, “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens.”
25. It was also announced on Thursday that Topic, the streaming service from First Look Media, has acquired North American streaming rights to the series. It will premiere on Feb.
I witnessed and experienced daily attacks on my rights. “I’m happy that 'Trans in Trumpland' will be released on Topic so that it can reach a wide audience. I think viewers of all backgrounds will find common ground in the compelling personal journeys told in each episode.” ”As a transgender Iranian-American, the past four years were devastating for me. It was an honor to meet and film four trans individuals who faced similar discrimination during the Trump era,“ Zosherafatain said in a statement.
Zosherafatain is also seen showing photos of himself at age 12 to a trans high schooler. The trailer offers a glimpse into the life of a trans woman who was held at a men’s ICE detention center. “No matter what the President says about you, you exist,” Zosherafatain says. “You are human.”
In fact, LGBTQ activists rightfully argue that Trump used his power to roll back the rights and protections of trans Americans. There's no question that Trump, who was impeached for a second time on Wednesday, did not fulfill his promise.
She executive produces alongside Chella Man and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy as well as Topic’s Ryan Chanatry and Jeff Seelbach. As Variety first reported, “Transparent” actress Trace Lysette signed on as a producer of the doc in July.
For the four-part “Trans in Trumpland,” director Tony Zosherafatain traveled to the red states of North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi and Idaho throughout the last four years to document the experiences of four trans individuals during the Trump presidency.

On Dec. As of the end of the third quarter, WarnerMedia said 28.7 million customers were eligible to get HBO Max — but only 8.6 million users total had activated service. 8, AT&T chief John Stankey said HBO Max gained 4 million subscriber activations since then, to stand at nearly 12.6 million.
To sweeten HBO Max's pot, WarnerMedia plans to premiere Warner Bros.' entire 2021 film slate on HBO Max and theatrically. The WB films are set to include “The Matrix 4,” Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” remake, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s adaptation of “In the Heights,” “The Suicide Squad,” “Space Jam: A New Legacy” and “The Many Saints of Newark” (a prequel to HBO’s “Sopranos”). The move garnered industry ire but AT&T and WarnerMedia execs defended the strategy given COVID-suppressed in at least the first half of the year.
AT&T-owned WarnerMedia company is putting its shoulder into maxing up HBO Max, with the direct-to-consumer price discount playing a key role in its attempt to move the needle. The company introduced the six-month prepay offer three weeks ahead of the Christmas Day debut of “Wonder Woman 1984,” starring Gal Gadot, simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters.
Did "Wonder Woman 1984" fail to deliver the HBO Max subscriber haul WarnerMedia was banking on — or was its promo pricing so successful it reupped the deal? The media company, looking to lock up more paying customers for HBO Max through mid-2021, extended its 22% promotional discount for new subscribers who prepay for six months.
With the day-and-date move, WarnerMedia in 2021 will need to net 8.4 million incremental new HBO Max subs above its current pace to recoup lost revenue from theatrical and home-entertainment distribution, according to estimates by analyst Craig Moffett.
24.” /> now have access to the HBO Max app through their provider, and WarnerMedia inked a long-awaited distribution deal with Roku to get HBO Max on the streaming platform just before the premiere of "WW84." WarnerMedia also killed off its seven-day free trial offer for HBO Max last month ahead of “Wonder Woman 1984,” which leave the service Jan. Most HBO subscribers in the U.S.
The special offer is available to new and returning HBO Max subscribers who prepay for six months at $69.99 (about $11.66 per month, versus the regular $14.99 monthly price). The promo was set to expire this Friday, but WarnerMedia has now extended that until March 1, 2021.

BEATS presented a number of eye-opening examples, such as the “Harry Potter” film franchise, which had a single BESEA character in Cho Chang (Katie Leung) over eight films; similarly, BBC and Netflix's London-set drama “Giri/Haji" featured a number of BESEA characters, but only one spoke with a British accent.
focus, with characters expected to be British or living and/or working in the country. The test also has a keen U.K. “We want this test to become the standard for the industry to achieve,” explained BEATS member and actor-writer Rebecca Boey, noting that in order to pass the test, BESEA presence mustn’t feel tokenistic — where a character’s presence feels more like a symbolic gesture or a box tick.
In a statement, the org argued that although the Mammoth Screen-produced show was filmed across numerous Southeast Asian countries, “none of the main cast are East/Southeast Asian, including the actor portraying half Vietnamese, half Indian Sobhraj.”
“The numbers are pretty bleak for anyone who is not white, but when it comes to East Asians, they were so insignificant, they were redacted,” said Ko. “When we say BESEAs are working with zero inclusion in the TV industry, we are not being impressionistic or metaphorical — we are being literal.”
The 1986 film “Ping Pong,” which featured a host of British Chinese characters, also passed with flying colors. Successful films include the Andrew Leung and Ben Whishaw-starring “Lilting,” which features several BESEA characters, fluent English spoken by at least two, and specific storylines for BESEA figures; as well as the 2016 film “The Receptionist,” which turns on a Taiwanese graduate in London and in which BESEA characters have their own goals and story arcs.
British East and Southeast Asian media advocacy group BEATS has rolled out a ground-breaking new representation measure for the U.K. industry.
During the event, BEATS member and screenwriter Emma Ko also highlighted the shocking lack of BESEA representation off screen, as revealed by recent diversity data from industry bod Diamond that broke down, by ethnic background, key off-camera roles in the U.K. industry, spanning commissioning editors, writers, directors, producers, executive producers and production managers.
The film industry hasn’t fared much better, with just three BESEA-helmed films that have been publicly funded and theatrically released from 2000 onwards: Xialou Guo’s “She, a Chinese” (2009) and Hong Khaou’s “Lilting” (2014) and “Monsoon” (2019).
Earlier this week, BEATS took aim at the BBC for the lack of representative casting in its hit Netflix co-production “The Serpent,” about serial killer Charles Sobhraj, played by “A Prophet” star Tahar Rahim, a French actor of Algerian descent.
The initiative is fashioned after the Bechdel Test, which evaluates portrayals of women in media, and the Riz Test, a measurement of Muslim representation inspired by Riz Ahmed’s rallying 2017 speech about diversity. Launched during a virtual summit hosted by BEATS (British East Asians in Theater and on Screen), the British Film Institute (BFI) and ITV, the BEATS Test measures on-screen representation for British East and Southeast Asians in U.K. film and television productions.
Out of 17 films evaluated by BEATS, only three passed.
“If you’re an all-white team and you want to make a film about the true story of the repatriated Liverpool Chinese, please do so with someone who can make that project better. Ko encouraged anyone developing a BESEA or ESEA-themed project to think twice about who is hired.
“Why hire someone to sprinkle soy sauce, when you can hire a talented BESEA team who possess the vital lived-in experience to do these stories justice and will help you bring that story to life authentically, creatively and with quality?" said Ko.” />
Last year, BEATS called out ITV's "Singapore Grip" drama for its depiction of colonialism. Interestingly, ITV was a co-sponsor of Thursday's summit.
“For British East and Southeast Asians to become a normalized, naturalized presence on our screen and in the fabric of British life and society, we’re going to need a few more productions to make an effort to pass the BEATS Test.” “It would seem that passing this test is actually quite a radical and groundbreaking achievement — and it shouldn’t be that way,” said Boey.
In order to pass the BEATS Test, a project must be able to answer “yes” to the following three questions, in which BESEA stands for British and Southeast Asians: (1) Are there two or more BESEA characters? (2) Do at least two BESEA characters speak fluent English with a British accent? (3) Does at least one BESEA character pursue their own goal separate to the white characters?
14 summit was the first of its kind to address issues relating to British East and Southeast Asian representation in the U.K., which is sorely lacking on and off-screen, with scarce momentum for change within the industry. The Jan.

"Julia" is inspired by Child’s life and her long-running television series, “The French Chef,” which pioneered the now popular genre of cooking shows. The series also stars David Hyde Pierce, Brittany Bradford, Fran Kranz, Fiona Glascott, Bebe Neuwirth, Isabella Rossellini, and Jefferson Mays. Child will be played by Sarah Lancashire.
“Combining an extraordinary creative team, powerhouse cast and timely subject matter, the series has all the ingredients to resonate with HBO Max audiences for years to come."” /> “We’re delighted to expand our relationship with HBO Max by teaming with our production partners at 3 Arts on 'Julia,' the complex and compelling story of the celebrated chef, author and TV personality who almost single-handedly invented the world of food television,” said Jocelyn Sabo, Lionsgate Television Group senior vice president.
HBO Max has given out a series order to the drama based on the life of chef Julia Child.
"This show’s look into her life, marriage, and trailblazing career as she transformed the way we talk about food is an absolute delight. Our incredible cast and formidable creative team are a recipe for success, and we couldn’t be more excited.” “We are so happy to help bring the incomparable Julia Child back to the small screen, when we need her more than ever," said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content for HBO Max.
Todd Schulkin is a consulting producer on behalf of The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts. Chris Keyser is the showrunner and executive producer. Lionsgate will serve as the studio. HBO Max has given the series an eight-episode order. 3 Arts Entertainment’s Erwin Stoff and Kimberly Carver will also executive producing along with Charles McDougall, and Daniel Goldfarb.

"Violation" (March 25) – Madeleine Sims-Fewer, who won TIFF's Rising Star award for her portrayal in the film, stars as Mariam, a woman who vows to protect her sister from the danger she believes her to be in. Already on edge over her crumbling marriage, Mariam tries to hold it together as she sets her sights on revenge.” />
4) – Inspired by Mary and Percy Shelley's relationship and the well-known work "Frankenstein," the Shudder Original captures the gothic period and stars Alix Wilton Regan, Giullian Yao Gioiello, Philippe Bowgen, Lee Garrett, Claire Glassford and Shannon Spangler. It's directed by Nora Unkel. "A Nightmare Wakes" (Feb.
Check out the full list of Shudder's upcoming movies below:
"Shook" (Feb. 18) – Social media fame gives way to a sick game in which a villain forces a celebrity to solve various games by threatening the lives of her loved ones. The movie stars Daisye Tutor, Emily Goss, Nicola Posener, Octavius J. Johnson, Stephanie Simbari and Grant Rosenmeyerorde.
The final film in the 11-week lineup is "Violation," which both ran at Sundance and the Toronto International Film Festival.
"After Midnight" (Feb. But in her place seems to appear a creature that emerges from the edge of his property. 11) – A young man (Jeremy Gardner) wakes one morning to find that his partner (Brea Grant) has vanished, leaving behind only a note to explain her disappearing act.
It is directed by Natasha Kermeni. Its plot centers around her efforts to re-establish a sense of control. "Lucky" (March 4) – Billed as a surreal feminist thriller, the movie follows a self-hope author (Brea Grant) who discovers she's being stalked by an unknown man.
"Stay Out of the F—ing Attic" (March 11) – Employees for a moving company are hired to help clear the rooms of a Victorian mansion, but the client offers them extra to get the job done overnight. As they set about doing the work, the movers stumble upon dangerous secrets. Morgan Alexandria, Ryan Francis, Bryce Fernelius and Michael Flynn star in the film.
play the adult children, both of whom return home and begin to notice that their mother's grief might be connected something more sinister. "The Dark and the Wicked" (Feb. 25) – Julie Oliver-Touchstone stars as the grieving wife of a man slowly dying on the family's secluded farm. Marin Ireland and Michael Abbot Jr.
But the villain doling out the punishment on the company's is not an angry justice-seeker, but a pair of possessed pants. "Slaxx" (March 18) – A clothing company finds itself under attack on account of its less-than ideal business practices. The film is directed by Elza Kephart and stars Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani and Stephen Bogaert.
And "A Nightmare Wakes" will give life to Mary Shelley in a period piece about the famous author. "Lucky," coming on March 4, will detail the difficulties one woman faces after discovering that she has a stalker. Other movies joining Shudder hail from the genres of psychological horror to thriller, with themes exploring technology, nature, gender and betrayal.
She's pushed to the extremes in order to survive, but why not get revenge while she's at it? 14) – Lucie Debay stars in the upcoming project, which follows a woman who must flee her hunter (Arieh Worthalter) through the woods following what seemed like a flirtatious conversation at a bar. "Hunted" (Jan.
Shudder, AMC's horror and thriller-focused streaming platform, announced a lineup of 11 films set to premiere over the next 11 weeks.
The selection of Shudder Originals coming to Shudder include Sundance Film Festival selections, as well as Tribeca Film Festival selections and a host of new content, as well. The first project to join the streaming site will be "Hunted," a take on the Little Red Riding Hood story that is set to premiere Jan. 14.
But the horrors they inevitably find in the woods are not monsters, but a sideshow performer played by Peter Belli. "Koko-Di, Koko-Da" (March 18) – Leif Edlund and Ylva Gallon star as a couple who go on a camping trip in hopes of rekindling their connection. The couple must endure the psychological terror inflicted upon them by the jokester.
The film, which takes place in rural Indonesia, is written by Joko Anwar and directed by Kimo Stamboel. 28) – An orphanages dark past is uncovered when families return to visit the now-ill director who raised them as children. "The Queen of Black Magic" (Jan.

Most recently, Lucinda created the blueprint for multicultural marketing at HBO, not only increasing its awareness but also its priority inside the organization. I feel it is fair to say that she was instrumental to the success of HBO and WarnerMedia as a whole. This of course only scrapes the surface on all her accomplishments. She established HBO Latino as the premier Spanish language destination and over these past few months she guided the successful launch of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max as well as the platform’s new brand positioning. Lucky for us, she also built an incredibly talented team around her. Please join me in wishing her well.”” />
Lucinda Martinez, a veteran of HBO's marketing department, has left the company. Martinez, who spent more than two decades at the company, most recently served as exec VP of brand marketing for HBO and HBO Max.
The New York-based Martinez serves on the board of trustees of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and on the Advisory Board of The Hispanic Scholarship Fund.
I’m grateful to all those, too many to name, that mentored and guided me along the way. Now, it is the time to write the next professional chapter (with a little family time first).” Most importantly, I’m proud to have built and led a diverse team of supremely talented creatives and executives, proving you can equally stand for the right values and deliver across all metrics of success. “This has been a year of reflection for me. "It became so much more than I could have ever wished. I arrived at HBO 20 years ago excited to tackle a new job at a new company," Martinez said in a statement. We accomplished many firsts, and our work and growth together has been my greatest professional joy.
But, I understand her decision to take a break, catch her breath, and think hard about what her next steps will be. “As you may have heard by now, Lucinda Martinez has decided to leave after 20 amazing years at HBO and WarnerMedia. I feel really lucky to have been able to get to know Lucinda and to work closely with her. Her energy is infectious, and her creativity and contributions are unmatched, so her departure is a great loss.
The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of Martinez's departure.
Among her accomplishments, Martinez led marketing efforts directed toward African American, Latino, Asian and LGBTQ+ communities and worked to establish the HBO Latino brand.
You only need to spend five minutes with her to see the passion she possesses for the work. I especially want to thank her for her partnership around HBO’s multicultural success and the talented team she built that will carry those efforts forward.” Her marketing expertise is exceptional so it will be exciting to see her next chapter unfold. Casey Bloys, chief content officer for HBO and HBO Max, added, " “Lucinda and I have been friends and colleagues for a long time. I’ll miss that energy, but I appreciate her desire to try something new.
See below a memo from Andy Forssell, exec VP and general manager, HBO Max and direct-to-consumer, announcing Martinez's departure:

In 2019, he was the most-viewed YouTube creator and last year inked an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube. PewDiePie has been posting videos on YouTube for more than 10 years, and became the first creator to top 100 million followers. He's been ensnared in various controversies over his career: Almost four years ago, YouTube had severed its business deals with PewDiePie over videos he posted containing anti-Semitic jokes and Nazi imagery.
The Swedish gamer, comedian and entrepreneur has an official Facebook page, with more than 8 million followers. PewDiePie (real name: Felix Kjellberg) is the No. But PewDiePie hasn't posted anything on the social service since December 2017 — and his most recent video on Facebook dates back to October 2016. 1 most-subscribed individual YouTuber, with over 108 million subscribers and more than 26 billion views to date.
“In this multiplatform video ecosystem, there are a lot of opportunities for creators to monetize their content, and our mission is to help them grow their audience and unlock their potential on each one,” Michael Philippe, Jellysmack co-founder and co-CEO, said in a statement. “We’re honored that PewDiePie has entrusted his massive fanbase to Jellysmack and we’re excited to show him how we can turn Facebook into a true brand asset for him without adding work to his plate.”
users. The company's roster of 100-plus creator partners includes Brad Mondo, Bailey Sarian, Azzyland, Charles & Alyssa Forever, Chris Ramsay, Emmymade, JoshDub, Karina Garcia and Reaction Time. Jellysmack claims that it manages a content portfolio that generates 10 billion global monthly video views with a cross-platform reach of 125 million unique U.S. L.A.-based Jellysmack, founded in 2016, works with video creators to optimize their content across platforms using proprietary video-optimization tools and data.
The company said it will start uploading PewDiePie's content, including from his library of more than 4,200 YouTube videos, to Facebook as early as this month. Jellysmack will then optimize those on-demand videos and distribute them on Facebook. Under the pact, Kjellberg will continue to create and debut his popular videos and livestreams on YouTube.
Now PewDiePie is looking to reboot his presence on Facebook through an exclusive multiyear deal with Jellysmack, a company that specializes in optimizing video distribution across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.
According to Tubular Labs, Jellysmack is currently the third largest U.S. company in monthly unique social media video viewers, behind Disney and ViacomCBS.” />
PewDiePie, the massively popular YouTube creator, will bring his videos back to Facebook after a more than four-year hiatus.