Celebrities Respond to Trump’s Ban From Twitter: ‘What the F–k Took You so Long, Jack?’

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Others like actor Michael Rapaport celebrated Dorsey's work. "Jack, you did it you fkc you!!! Congratulations," he wrote.

Capitol. Trump's words have now directly lead to five deaths and an attack on the U.S. Actor Kevin McHale also wrote: "This isn't about censorship or free speech. Twitter and tech companies should always ban anyone who incites and encourages violence — especially when they have a big platform." It's about protecting lives.

Trump, who had 88.8 million followers at last count on Twitter, was "deplatformed" by the company, following years of criticism calling on the social media service to block his account for the spread of misinformation. Prior to closing his account on Friday, Twitter had temporarily suspended his account in three separate occasions for "repeated and severe violations of our civic integrity policy."

Celebrities took to Twitter to celebrate President Donald Trump's ban from the social media platform.

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"Yes, people died at the Capitol and now Trump's gone," he wrote. "But think about how many lives would have been saved had [he] been impeached and then actually removed from the office in early 2020. Retired professional basketball player Rex Chapman echoed Louis-Dreyfus' sentiment, pointing out that an earlier action could have saved lives during the pandemic. His Twitter account convinced millions to not wear masks and regent science during a pandemic."

Actor-comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus tagged Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey, asking, "What the fuck took you so long, Jack?"

"Borat" actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who had publicly asked Dorsey to ban Trump from Twitter, also applauded the news. "Twitter finally banned Trump! We did it!" he wrote.

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