HBO Max Joins Movistar Plus on Season 2 of Canneseries Winner ‘Perfect Life’

Season 2 of “Perfect Life” is co-produced by Movistar Plus and HBO Max in collaboration with Barcelona’s Corte y Confección de Películas and in partnership with the series' sales agent, Jan Mojto’s Munich-based Beta Film,  a powerful player on the Spanish drama series scene handling, just among recent hits, series such as “Tell Me Who I Am” and “Alive and Kicking” from “Red Band Society” creator Albert Espinosa.
Season 1 screened in competition at Canneseries where it was awarded Best Series and its leading trio of players scored the Special Performance Award. Honors in Spain include best Spanish series in a Fotogramas de Plata reader’s poll, and Feroz Awards for best comedy series and the best supporting actor (Enric Auquer). The show was also a critical and festival success. The first season of the series was a hit for Movistar Plus, receiving strong domestic ratings and selling to Germany’s RTL and France’s M6 Group, the latter deal takng in both the original and a potential remake.
Once again mixing equal parts comedy and drama, protaganists Maria, Cris and Esther will face new fears and longings in the realms of love, coupling, motherhood and family, with plenty of unexpected turns along the way. Season 2 promises another candid re-examination of how we manage our life expectations against what life turns out to be.
streaming rights for the first season of the highly rated Spanish series, making it available to U.S. audiences from Jan. 21. HBO Max will also pick-up U.S. Spanish pay TV operator Movistar Plus and HBO Max have joined forces on the upcoming second season of Leticia Dolera’s “Perfect Life,” which recently wrapped shooting under strict COVID-19 restrictions.
Meanwhile, her sister Cris is secretly taking birth control behind the back of her husband who wants to start a family. The series turns on manic, control-freak María who, after her partner refuses to enter into a long-term mortgage with her, has a one-night stand with Gary the gardener. Another sister, Esther, wants to paint, but can’t sell and so works at a waxwork museum.
Dolera, who also directed the first season, will split behind-camera duties with two-time Spanish Academy Goya nominee Lucía Alemany  (“The Innocence”) and Irene Moray  (“Suc de síndria”) who will each direct an episode of the new season.” /> Dolera created and will once again star in Season 2, re-teaming with co-writer Manuel Burque (“Requirements to Be a Normal Person”).

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