Peacock to Debut Millennial-Focused News Show ‘The Overview,’ Hosted By NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz (EXCLUSIVE)

"The Overview," which will be available for free to those who sign up for Peacock, joins the streamer's other news programming, such as NBC News NOW.
Close friends in the news industry told him that going digital was akin to "committing career suicide." But his Snapchat show, co-hosted with Savannah Sellers, has surpassed the 10 million subscriber mark, 75% of whom are under the age of 25. Producing for the platform meant understanding that having "some guy yelling the news at you and telling you panic" wasn't as effective as taking a conversational approach, he says.
to have those conversations." It's just a matter of creating a space where there's a little bit more room than, you know, 140 characters… "And you can critically think — just because one person says one thing that doesn't discount what everybody else is saying. "People want nuance, and people are able to understand that two things can be true at the same time," says Schwartz.
Watch the trailer for Peacock's "The Overview" below:
"Coming up, I started in local news, and very quickly realized that people my age don't watch local news. "Throughout [my career], I've been struggling to find my own voice," says Schwartz. And that's always bothered me throughout this entire career." So I was speaking to this audience that didn't really reflect my peers.
Wearing a dark gray hoodie and framed by neon lights in a garage, NBC News' Gadi Schwartz is forgoing the traditional suit and anchor's desk as he explains to viewers the growing conversation around climate change, as exemplified by California's shrinking Salton Sea. The graphics are snappy, the aerial footage is grand, and the explanation is conversational — that is to say, very millennial-friendly.
Sure. They seem contradictory. That may be true in some circumstances," he says. And in addition to that, you've got AOC saying, 'Hey, if you don't call for radical change, no one's going to take you seriously, and if they're not uncomfortable, nothing's going to change.' That is also true. The second you say, 'Defund the police,' you lose a lot of people.' Sure, that can be true at the exact same time. All of those three things are true at the same time. "We have the right saying we need police for law and order, and they need more funding. And maybe we should think about this instead of constantly sounding this call to arms." But when you take a moment to look at the totality, you realize how things are a lot more complicated than they appear on Twitter. "And then you have former President Barack Obama saying, 'You know what?
Schwartz is applying some of those lessons to Peacock's "The Overview," a project that he has been nurturing since the early days of "Stay Tuned." He wants to create a space where his viewers can pensively "take a step back from the day to day stuff, and ponder the bigger questions that we're facing."
"What we've seen with mobile and with social and with the digital world is that that one-way street doesn't work for people that are used to engaging directly with the characters that they're seeing reflected on the screen." "I hate being talked at, I always have," says Schwartz of the "one-way street" that traditional news programming typically offers.
Jen Brown, senior vice president of topical programming and development for Peacock, hopes to "drive peer-to-peer conversations through Gadi’s thoughtful reporting on issues important to this generation of streaming news consumers.”” />
Schwartz, an NBC News and MSNBC correspondent who has covered the 2020 election, immigration issues along the U.S.-Mexico border and the Olympics, leads something of a journalistic double life. He speaks both to the older demographics who watch traditional linear broadcast and cable news as well as the digital-first Gen Zs who watch Schwartz co-host NBC News' "Stay Tuned" on Snapchat.
Each program centers on a different "paradigm shift" — a phrase Schwartz is fond of using — to ascertain what society's future holds. After climate change, successive episodes will tackle topics such as the future of elections and the significance of nostalgia in unpredictable times. In a future episode, his team is looking at parsing the nuances in the movement to defund the police.
This is "The Overview," Peacock's new younger-skewing news show that will debut on NBCUniversal's streaming service on Jan. Three episodes will premiere on the service at launch, followed by weekly Saturday episodes. 16, as Variety has exclusively learned.

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