Justin Bieber Valentine’s Day TikTok Livestream Draws Over 4 Million Unique Viewers

The livestream, #JournalsLive, marked Bieber's first performance of tracks from his fan-favorite 2013 album "Journals." The performance catapulted the album past the 3 billion all-time streams landmark, marking a resurgence in the popularity of hits "All That Matters" and "Heartbreaker," which reached charts in multiple countries. Bieber's newest single, "Anyone," also ascended to the No. 1 spot on iTunes over the weekend.
Currently, Bieber is trending worldwide with his Benny Blanco collaboration “Lonely,” which has more than 872,000 video creations and over 5 billion video views. With more than 20.3 million followers, Bieber is an active member of the TikTok community, using his account to unveil behind-the-scenes footage and partake in the latest internet trends. His first TikTok, which included a soundbite of his song “Yummy,” generated over 117 million views and spawned a TikTok trend that had more than 5 million videos created to the track.
The event, which was social media app's first-ever full-length single-artist live performance, was the most-viewed livestream in TikTok history, according to the company. Justin Bieber's Valentine's Day partnership with TikTok for a full-length live performance "Journals live from the Drew house" drew more than 4 million unique views.
1 artist on YouTube and No. Bieber continues to reign as one of the biggest artists in the world as the No. 2 artist on Spotify global with over 65 million monthly listeners. He currently has three tracks in the Billboard Top 40, three Grammy nominations and an American Music Award for his 2020 album "Changes."” />
After closing out 2020 with three hit singles — “Holy” with Chance The Rapper, “Lonely” with Benny Blanco and “Monster” with Shawn Mendes — Bieber rang in the new year with a brand new single “Anyone,” and his return to the stage in a New Year's Eve livestream concert.

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