The Best Gifts for ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fans

— then these sunglasses are a great place to start. And if you want even more Rose-friendly fashion, there are plenty of other ways to dress like your favorite TV family. If you want to emulate David’s style — and who doesn’t? They’re just like the white pair he sports on the show, which were inspired by Kurt Cobain’s iconic white sunnies that first took over in the '90s. Among many other gifts, the Rose family has fantastic fashion sense. $9.99,
 $11, This "Schitt’s Creek"-themed one by Sarah Baumann, published by Signet Sealed, has 10 pages that will almost make you feel like you’re on the set. You know Alexis won’t mind if you don’t stay inside the lines. It’s filled with the best quotes and places from the show, like Rose Apothecary. By now you’ve probably heard that coloring books aren’t just for kids.
A statement necklace now made iconic by the actress and series. $38.00, anthropologie  Give a personal monogrammed gift for the fan you know will get it.
Alexis' Monogram Necklace
Funko Pop! Schitt's Creek Set of Four
$38,  Three classic looks for a little David or Alexis in the making. Spot the absolute classic iteration of Moira Rose's version of "baby," a take on David's now iconic sweater and represent Rose Apothecary so everyone knows this baby values locally produced, artisanal goods.
29.95, This heather grey crew neck is also available in black, white and as a hoodie! The 100% cotten shirt is also machine washable. A classic Rose Apothecary sweatshirt, because David is nothing if not elegance and grace.
While we won’t be able to spend a night every week watching the Rose family, we can take a walk down memory lane with a coloring book or sport David’s signature shades. Keep the Roses alive with the best "Schitt’s Creek" merch. After sweeping the Emmys, it’s even more timely to celebrate your fandom with all of the fantastic "Schitt’s Creek" merchandise out there. Though "Schitt’s Creek" officially ended its sixth and final in 2020, the show will live on forever in our hearts — and Netflix. And though we can only wish Rose Apothecary existed in real life, the next best thing is a collaboration with Beekman 1802.
for your body!" Snatch up Beekman 1802's "Schitt's Creek" collaboration before the Rose Apothecary Body Milk sells out, yet again. The collaboration includes a brand new collection of candles (scented with rose, jasmine, and neroli blossom), tinted lip balm and goat milk soap "It's milk…
Modern Vector Vinyl Decals Ew David Quotes and Designs Stickers
Rose Apothecary Sweatshirt
It's simple, you just fold in the cheese. Life's greatest mystery and "Schitt's Creek's" most iconic moment. The answer is simple, you just fold it in. Do you fold it in half like a piece of paper and drop it in the pot? 19.99,
Chronically Funny 'Schitt's Creek' Birthday Card
They’ll adhere to everything from laptops to tumblers, cellphones, journals, notebooks, planners and much more. $5.95, You’ll want to slap these “Schitt’s Creek” stickers anywhere and everywhere, and luckily they’re designed to do just that. Or maybe “Ew, David” or “A little bit Alexis”? The hard part will be deciding which to use first: David’s sweater?
Simple, elegant, snarky and perfect for those who think they're above it all. Let your friends know they're "welcome" in your home anytime with the "best wishes, warmest regards" doormat. $35.00,
Learn the beguiling way Catherine O'Hara transformed mere words into poetry thanks to the Moira Rose vocabulary. Now you too can learn "Moira-isms" every month with the "Moira Rose Vocabulary Calendar" available for $35.17, 
 ” />
Still confused about the whole milk soap thing, don't worry it's literally soap that promises to keep skin hydrated while delivering their Heirloom Rose scent.
The Moira Rose Vocabulary Calendar
SunglassUP Original Classic Dark Oval Sunglasses
'Love That Journey For Me' Mug
Rose Apothecary Products 
'Schitt's Creek' Adult Coloring Book
You can display them on your desk, on a shelf or any spot that needs pick-me-up. The cute set includes the entire Rose family. Or you could sprinkle them in different places to spread the joy. You can literally collect all four in one windfall! $117.99,
Relive the classic "Schitt's Creek" moment when Johnny Rose went rogue and set up his social media platform on coasters he had specially made for the motel, "Follow us on tweeters!" The set of four are available for $11.20 at
Available for $17.00 at The poet who once said, "I walk through life, in really nice shoes" and the iconic "Ew, David." Celebrate "Schitt's Creek" by adding a little bit of Alexis to your morning ritual. Celebrate yourself with this delightful mug and quote from Alexis Rose.
'Best Wishes' 'Warmest Regards' Doormat
Rose Motel Coasters
Fold In The Cheese Apron
There’s no one better to wish a happy birthday to a "Schitt’s Creek" fan than the Rose family. $6.99, Best of all, sales support a good cause, providing funding for chemotherapy and lupus medical expenses. Made in the U.S., this 5-inch-by-7-inch card is blank inside so you can write your own birthday message.
Schitt’s Creek Infant Bodysuits- Set of Three

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