The Best Beatles Merch, Books and Collectibles for Die-Hard Fans

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Yellow Playmate Cooler
Beatles Posters Stickers
Decorate anything from your laptop, water bottle to notebooks with these vibrant, large stickers featuring artistic images and graphics from vintage Beatles posters and magazine features. The pack comes with 24 different stickers, sized 2.5" x 3.5".
Happy Socks Limited-Edition Yellow Submarine 6-Pack
The best-selling Trivial Pursuit features 600 entertaining questions that will captivate Beatles fans of any age, with detailed fun facts that will educate even the quickest of fanatics.” />
'Linda McCartney: The Polaroid Diaries'
The Beatles Anthology
Beatles Signature Guitar Pick Tins
The Beatles' Progress' by Michael Braun 'Love Me Do!
From Philip Norman's "Shout!" to Hunter Davies' "Beatles Book," readers can get a candid, honest glimpse into the lives of the English rock band once they're done streaming the Hulu series. Thankfully, the Beatles' journey —  from their humble Liverpool beginnings to their incredible rise to Beatlemania fame to their acrimonious breakup in 1970 — has been meticulously tracked from avid fans and anthologists alike. If you're a longtime Beatles fan that's already done your research, though, there's plenty of fun Beatles collectibles and merch to buy to celebrate the band, from an adorable Yellow Submarine-themed Igloo cooler to a limited-edition Huckberry print of the musicians.
The Beatles Huckberry Print
It is, in effect, the only Beatles autobiography, offering the most candid glimpse into the lives of one of the most historic rock bands of all time. The extraordinary project was put together by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo themselves, with the help of Yoko Ono following John Lennons's death, and includes first-hand accounts of their personal upbringings and rise to fame as a group. The "Beatles Anthology" is a must-read for anyone who lived through Beatlemania or is curious about the psychedelic hippie craze of the 1960s, centered around the seminal music of bands like the Beatles.
Any guitar player inspired by Lennon and Harrison's impressive riffs will love this collectible tin, that comes with 15 high-quality guitar picks printed with iconic Beatles imagery.
Yellow Submarine Car Sticker Decal
Crosley Anthology Vintage Turntable – Beatles Edition
'Shout: The Beatles in Their Generation' by Philip Norman
Place it on your rearview window and you might even make friends with the car behind you while stuck in traffic. Spread some Beatles love while on the road with this adorable Yellow Submarine decal sticker.
Winning Moves: The Beatles Trivial Pursuit Game
It features Thermecool insulating technology and holds up to nine cans perfect for a quick day trip. Inspired by the band's iconic hit song "Yellow Submarine," the Little Playmate is decorated with graphics of the bright yellow vessel that transported John, Paul, George and Ringo undersea to Pepperland. If you're in need of a cooler as the summer heat sets in, and you're a fan of the Fab Four, then this Igloo cooler is for you. If you're looking for a larger cooler, check out our round-up of the best coolers.
Happy Sock's limited-edition box comes with six pairs of high-quality socks, each designed with different psychadelic imagary inspired by "Yellow Submarine's" historic, colorful album art.
The epic tale charts the English stars from their humble beginnings in Liverpool, to their astonishing heights of fame, to their acrimonious split. Acclaimed music anthologist and writer Philip Norman utilizes years of research and first-hand interviews with those close to the Fab Four in this expansive biography, published 11 years after the iconic rock band split up and, most notably, a year after John Lennon's assassination. This edition is updated to include Paul McCartney's 1997 knighting and Lennon's 1980 assassination.
(25% Off) The Beatles Original Studio Recordings
Here are the best items we found online, for every type of Fab Four fan.
Quality prints are a sophisticated way for music-lovers to decorate the house and showcase their taste without being ostentatious. This black-and-white Huckleberry print shows a rare photo of the four Beatles wading through a pool in 1964. Shot by John Loengard for the Life Picture Collection, it's part of a limited-edition set of 495 prints, numbered and certified with a story of the image on the back of the print.
John Lennon has cited Braun's biography as the most honest account of the band's hey-day, even better than Hunter Davies' much more popular, and also very good, biographical "Beatles Book." Braun takes readers through a nothing-is-off-limits ride-along with the band-members, showcasing each musician's famous wit, even when it gets them in trouble at times.
Plus, it's 25% off now. This fast-selling package also comes with two extra "Masters" collections of non-album tracks and a DVD to add to your collection, in addition to never-before-seen photos and notes to go along with each album. There's no better way to celebrate the Beatles than with a box set, including every single one of the rock band's 21 studio albums.
A built-in bluetooth receiver allows you to stream music wirelessly to its stereo speakers, which uses an Audio Technica stylus for improved sound quality. This three-speed Cosley turntable comes in an adorable baby blue hue, printed with a classic black-and-white image of the Beatles on the inside of the lid.
The set comes with pieces to build a portrait of any four of the Beatles, whose end product measures to be a 15.5" square, to be displayed on your wall or shelf anywhere in your home. This LEGO building kit is part puzzle, part game and part art.
From the inspiration behind their historic album "Sgt. In a new Hulu documentary "McCartney 3, 2, 1," out July 16, the 79-year-old rockstar spills never-heard-before anecdotes and facts about the Fab Four while in conversation with mega-producer Rick Rubin. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club" to the influence the Beach Boys had on their own music, the six-part series serves as a retrospective tell-all that is sure to compel viewers to dive deeper into the making of the iconic band.
Following her best-selling "Taschen" monograph, "The Polaroid Diaries" features quirky portraits of her husband and their four kids, luminous landscapes across Arizona and Scotland and celebrity cameos from people in their A-list circle, such as Steve McQueen and Adam Ant — all shot on Polaroid film. See Paul McCartney and his family in a way you never have before through the lens of Linda McCartney, acclaimed photographer and first wife to the Beatles star.
LEGO Collectible Building Kit: The Beatles

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