“It's the biggest solo show I've ever put together and we just got extended all through 2022, so we're excited.” “It’s unbelievable,” he added about getting back on stage for his residency.
“We're lucky to be out here playing after all the years we've been together [and] lucky to have our kids in the band helping us out,” Nielsen said of being able to perform again. “We couldn't ask for anything more.”
“This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz tried to stop the tears flowing as she reflected on wrapping up her Golden Globe-winning journey portraying Kate Pearson in NBC’s “This Is Us.”
Donny Osmond’s Back and Ready to Boogie — After Not Being Able to Walk 18 Months Ago
While tight-lipped about who he might work with, he described his ongoing country ventures as an ode to fans in the genre who have supported him throughout his career. Having released his country-inspired album “Heartland” with songs featuring Kane Brown, Darius Rucker and Florida Georgia Line, Nelly confirmed he’s planning a follow-up featuring female country stars.
“It's scary there for a while when you can't walk and in 18 months, you're expected to dance like crazy. I did it, but it took a lot of work – and I was recording my 65th album at the same time.” “I was on a walker a year-and-a-half ago, but it didn't stop me baby — I'm back on stage dancing up a storm,” said Osmond, who just days earlier kicked off his solo residency “Donny” at Harrah’s Las Vegas.
Khalid, meanwhile, shared how proud he is of Eilish, with whom he collaborated on the 2018 track “lovely.”
Chrissy Metz Is Holding Back the Tears Over the Final Season of "This Is Us"
And, I get to portray a woman who so many other people see themselves in, so it's just awesome.” “I just have a lot of gratitude. I get to watch a masterclass every day when I go to work and learn so much from all these incredible actors. Don’t get my crying! “It’s [changed my life] in every single way,” said the 40-year-old actress.
He was temporarily paralyzed and had to learn to walk again, but there was no sign of physical trauma as Donny Osmond rocked out to Nelly’s set alongside TikTok musician Jon Dretto on Friday night. The 63-year-old musician suffered debilitating complications following back and neck surgery in 2019 then wondered whether he would ever walk, let alone dance, again.
Khalid Has a New EP Coming
New Kids on the Block stepped straight off stage from their limited engagement at The Venetian Resort’s Sands Showroom to head over to T-Mobile Arena, where member Joey McIntrye shared that working on shows with Debbie Gibson had kept him going through the past year.
Singer, guitarist… and “Dance Moms” fan! The two were discussing their new iHeartRadio podcast “Take 20 With Maddie and Kenzie,” when Nielsen asked for a photo, with Maddie politely responding, “Of course, but we’re just doing an interview really fast.” Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen interrupted Variety’s interview with “Dance Moms” stars Maddie Ziegler, 18, and Mackenzie Ziegler, 17, to grab a selfie.
YouTube pop singer Conan Gray and actor Asher Angel were also hoping to catch Eilish’s performance, while Derek Hough was spotted rocking out side-stage to her set.
Nelly Has Another Country Album in the Works With All-Female Collaborators
It’s so fun to hear an artist early in their career and watch the trajectory – and hers has been a skyrocket.” “I stumbled across some songs on a playlist and was like, ‘Who's this?’ so looked her up and listened and kept following her,” said Hunt, who performed his newest single “23” and told us he plans to release more songs by year’s end. Hunt recalled discovering the teen’s music years ago and being instantly wowed. “I love her voice and her songwriting.
“Over the pandemic, she was a lifeline for me to stay busy, do what I love to do and have something to look forward to,” McIntrye said. “We’re finally here and it’s been great.”
Watch out, Vegas!” “We’ll probably get up to some naughty shit tonight,” the 24-year-old musician and actor laughed on Saturday, after performing on the Daytime Stage. “Lewis is in Vegas too and he’s a good mate of mine.
Khalid dropped his single “New Normal” at the Virgin Galactic Unity 22 launch in July, but took to Twitter in August to let fans know that finishing his album had become overwhelming and he needed to “find that joy again.” Despite such challenges, he said the pandemic has otherwise fed his creativity.
The pair – who also released a version of Gibson’s 1989 hit “Lost In Your Eyes” together – wrapped up the Las Vegas show with Celine Dion, Elton John and Dua Lipa covers on Sunday night.
Gibson, 51, meanwhile released “The Body Remembers,” her first new original pop album in 20 years, in August. It was a whirlwind, so really taking in this moment has been amazing.”” /> “In the earlier years, everything was like a drive-by, moving too quick. “It feels so profound because people are really craving music, escape and connection right now and I'm very present for this experience,” she said about the record.
I'm proud of her, always.” “Billie is incredible — and Finneas, too,” he said. I'm more than happy to see the amount of success she's achieved in such a small amount of time, but I know it took a lot of work. “Super nice, very endearing and always awesome.
“It was boring. Now we’re back, I’m like a simmering pan — I ain’t gonna come off the road until 2024 and I am fucking here for it.” “I did a lot of writing [while stuck at home] and we did a remote TV show from my house, but apart from that it was upsetting,” he added.
“This is more important,” Nielsen replied.
24kGoldn Hopes "Mood" Inspires Others as the 2020 Smash Hits 1 Billion Spins
“This is this first award I've gotten since high school service awards or something, so it feels good to be recognized for all the work that me and my friends put into it,” he said. “I hope somebody else sees this – who looks like me or is any of the things that I mentioned – and says, ‘If he could do it, I can do it.’ And that it inspires and motivates them to do whatever it is they're interested in.”
It's All About Billie
Maddie then complimented the musician on his jacket before he gifted the ladies guitar picks and went on his way to prepare for Cheap Trick’s Friday night set.
After accepting the Titanium Award for reaching one billion total audience spins in 2021 with his breakout hit “Mood,” 24kGoldn shared his hopes to inspire others with his success.
Amid strict COVID-19 protocols, the iHeartRadio Music Festival returned to Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena over the weekend. Variety was backstage with the stars as they dished on new music, returning to the stage following pandemic trials and discovering Billie Eilish. Here's what we learned. Acts including Dua Lipa, Finneas, Nelly and Weezer kicked off the concert showcase on Friday night, with Coldplay, Billie Eilish, Khalid and Sam Hunt among Saturday’s lineup. The Daytime Stage also returned with Olivia Rodrigo, The Kid LAROI, All Time Low, Yungblud and more.
Metz is currently filming the sixth and final season of the show, which she teased will be a rocky road. “There's eventually going to be some closure and some beautiful contentment, but on the way to that journey, it's going to be very bumpy.”
But I do plan on releasing an EP soon,” he said. “It's in the works and I can't wait to get music out to the world.” “This album is super special to me. [It’s] a part of me, so I want to make sure I'm happy with everything before it comes out.
The 23-year-old musician told Variety he has an EP in the works. He recently announced taking some extra time to complete his forthcoming “Everything is Changing” due to feeling overwhelmed, but fans will still get new music from Khalid in the meantime.
I don't even know. Is it a rap song? “You can't put it a box because is it a pop song? It doesn’t alienate anybody.” The 20-year-old rapper believes authenticity and disregarding genre boundaries made the track, which features iann dior, universally-appealing. Is it a rock song? It traversed all these different boundaries [and] I think that's why people like it.
Eilish was a hot topic backstage, with everyone from country crooner Sam Hunt to Khalid and 24KGold eager to catch the 19-year-old star's opening set on Saturday.
Yungblud Was Ready for a Big Night Out in Vegas With Lewis Capaldi
Cheap Trick Rocker Rick Nielsen Is a Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler Fanboy
Debbie Gibson Was Joey McIntyre’s “Lifeline” During the Pandemic
“I’m not the person to sit quietly in his bedroom and twiddle his thumbs,” he said. “This business we call rock ’n’ roll is what I live and breathe for, so today was sick. The Brit added that hitting the stage at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival was a moment he’d waited two years for and one he’ll never take for granted following the trials of the pandemic. I loved it.”
It's truly something I feel is special and innovative and it’s giving back to the country world what they have given me since I [started] my career and that's a lot of love." “I’ve done a good job of being able to set my career up for this moment and be musically-free,” said the 46-year-old Texas native, who was joined on-stage by Florida Georgia Line for their collabs “Lil Bit” and “Cruise.” My fans have allowed me to do different things with my music and have success with them, so [country] is no different. …
“It's inspired me so much. Having time off for the first time in a long time was refreshing. I love being a musician and being an artist, but sometimes things can get overwhelming, so the fact I had time off to refocus has me even more excited about it.”
Snapping a selfie with the pair, Nielsen enthused, “Hell yes!” when we asked if he’s a fan of the sisters.

At least in the first episode, Lachey proves a perfectly solid center of gravity in her first leading series role; it will be interesting to see how much the show pushes her outside her comfort zone, if at all. Instead, she's a firm and sympathetic team leader who figuratively and literally throws herself into the fray when necessary. Jane isn't quite a full-on maverick, no doubt because that would require her to stick her neck out in a way that women of color rarely can without reprisal, no matter how high up the food chain she might be. While the original "NCIS" introduced Harmon's character by showing him building a boat from scratch in his garage, "NCIS: Hawai'i" opens on Vanessa Lachey's Special Agent Jane Tennant coaching her daughter's soccer match before a camo helicopter whisks her away to a crime scene.
If you're already a fan, it's worth giving a shot. If not, there are plenty of other shows in the sea. Lachey is the first person to lead an "NCIS" property" who's not a white man; Tarrant's Kai is a Hawai'i native who uses his more intimate knowledge of their island to his advantage; Lucy and Kate's prickly flirtation doesn't exactly look like Harmon and Alexander's by default. But the show still feels of a piece with "NCIS" proper, military jargon, efficient dialogue, flashy mysteries and all. As a simultaneous offshoot of and counterpoint to the original "NCIS," "NCIS: Hawai'i" does make an effort to bring something else to the franchise.
Bush joshing about barbecue before one of his new bodyguard mysteriously drops dead. The first episode of "NCIS" premiered in 2004 with news footage of George W. In a television world increasingly marked by change and plummeting broadcast ratings, "NCIS" is still one of CBS' most reliable series. Forty-some odd minutes of Mark Harmon being right, Sasha Alexander frowning, and countless 9/11 references later, the bad guy is caught and the gang is free to solve another 18 seasons (and counting) of weekly mysteries. It's no wonder the network saw fit to produce yet another spinoff of it — though at the very least, "NCIS: Hawai'i" makes a show of looking different, even if the content remains about the same. The show was an extreme product of its time, but in the grand tradition of procedurals about cops and military personnel, proved extremely malleable to fit whatever era it finds itself reflecting. Bush boarding Air Force One transforming into a scripted scene of a fictional George W.
Surrounding Jane is the usual procedural team of people both determinedly professional and overly familiar. Her righthand man Jesse (Noah Mills) has seen it all before, and doesn't expect new guy Kai (Alex Tarrant) to last very long. And of course there's a jokey tech guy, this time played by a wide-eyed Jason Antoon with a determination to make his every generic line more memorable. Resourceful Lucy (Yasmine Al-Bustami) usually gets her way, much to the chagrin of CIA rep Kate (Tori Anderson), though their bickering tends to turn into more enthusiastic making up.
20, on CBS.” /> "NCIS: Hawai'i" premieres Monday, Sept.

Steel said he was inspired by a line from James Baldwin (…) that "plays a central part in Minyan: 'Go back to where you started, or as far back as you can, examine all of it, travel your road again and tell the truth about it. Sing or shout or testify or keep it to yourself; but know whence you came.'"” />
The feature debut will have its North American premiere in New York on Oct. narrative feature at Outfest. 22., followed by a release in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and across the country. On top of its win at Jerusalem, the movie won the Grand Jury Prize for best U.S.
David eventually creates a "minyan" to help provide protection for that man to stay within his apartment. He bonds with older gay couple whom he ends up supporting when one dies and the other is forced with an eviction from his housing project. "Minyan" tells the story of David, a young man from Brooklyn coming to terms with his sexual identity amidst the AIDS crisis in the 80’s, as well as his place within the Jewish community.
It was produced by Luca Borghese and Ben Howe. Steel's production credits include "Julia & Julia," "Angela's Ashes" (as exec producer) "Bringing Out the Dead" (as co-producer). The film was written by Steel and Daniel Pearle, based on a short story by David Bezmozgis.
Levine as David and veteran actor Ron Rifkin," said Marcus Hu, Strand Releasing's co-founder. "I saw 'Minyan' at the Berlin Film Festival and was struck by it’s amazing humanity, Eric Steel’s attention to detail to the period and most importantly the incredible performances from Samuel H.
Hu said he knew Eric from his previous film, "The Bridge," 'a documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge and it’s allure as a place for people to consider jumping from as a point for suicides." The docu, inspired by New Yorker article, was distributed by IFC.
Strand Releasing has unveiled the trailer for Eric Steel's coming-of-age film "Minyan" which world premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and won a special mention at the Jerusalem fest.
Immigrants, Jews, homosexuals — in order to survive, they have learned to be keen observers, listeners more than talkers, always on the lookout for danger and openings. "There is a particular way that strangers move through strange lands. They carry history under the skin, and make do with less to fulfill a promise in the future," said Steel in his director's statement.

She is the co-director of the New York branch of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, has an ongoing column, “The Outskirts,” for Screen Slate, and has written on occasion for MUBI. Cacioppo most recently programmed for the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Brooklyn, where she oversaw the repertory programming, and spearheaded new film series and events. She has been a film programmer for the past two decades, having previously headed up the 92nd Street Y's Tribeca film program.
Thorne worked on the programming team at NewFest, New York's LGBT film festival, for three years, as both a festival programmer and a consultant for their year-round programming. Thorne is also a filmmaker and host of the Amanda Seales-produced podcast, “Adventures in Black Cinema.”
They will both report to John Woods, Nitehawk’s director of programming and acquisitions. The chain, which has branches in Williamsburg and Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, N.Y., has hired Cristina Cacioppo and Desmond Thorne to augment its programming staff.
Rounding out the new series are “Nitehawk Diaries,” an erotic thriller series kicking off with the Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon early work “Fear,” followed by Antonio Banderas and Rebecca de Mornay in “Never Talk to Strangers” and Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman in “Malice.” Each screening includes a game of “Erotic Thriller Tropes Bingo.” There will also be the “Recent Restorations” series, featuring Marcell Jankovics’ animated classic “Son of the White Mare” in September and Paul Morrissey’s “Blood for Dracula" in October.
14 to Oct. The Nitehawk Shorts Festival is also set to return from March 2-6, 2022, with submissions opening up on Monday.” /> 16 to Oct. 24. 21, and the Prospect Park location hosting NewFest from Oct. Film festivals will once again grace the Nitehawk Theater screens, with the Williamsburg location hosting the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival from Oct.
Thorne adds, “I am so thrilled to be Programming at Nitehawk and honored to be working with Cristina and John! The three of us collaborating together has been such a joy and I can’t wait to unleash our mutual brilliance on to the cinema audiences of NYC.”
Nitehawk Cinema is expanding its programming team.
The new programmers bring with them fresh, new monthly series including “Re-Consider This!,” a series that begs the audience to “reconsider” films that were considered “bad” upon release. There will also be the new series “Nostalgia, ULTRA,” which will feature childhood movies from the ‘80s, ‘90s and early aughts. There will also be “Adventures in Black Cinema,” a series coinciding with Thorne’s podcast of the same name. Upcoming titles include “Tales From the Hood,” “Soul Food” (35mm), and “The Preacher's Wife” (35mm). Upcoming screenings include “Gothika” (35mm), “Josie and the Pussycats” and “The Family Stone” (35mm). These include “The Addams Family,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”
“Joining the Nitehawk team has me in such incredible company. The alchemy of Desmond, John, and my distinct tastes melds together perfectly, and we’ve only just gotten started,” Cacioppo says of the new collaboration.
Nitehawk Cinema boasts the return of some of their beloved series and film festivals, as well as the debuts of a few new ones. Mainstay series include “Anniversary Party” (screening films on the anniversary of their theatrical release), which will feature the 20th anniversary screening of the film that inspired the series name, “The Anniversary Party,” followed by a Q&A with co-director/star Alan Cumming; “In Case You Missed It 2020” (films that might have slipped under your radar during COVID); and “Weekends With Wes” (a brunch journey through the oeuvre of Wes Anderson). Many of the theater’s original series will return as well, including “Live Sound Cinema” (featuring favorite films with a live-orchestra soundtrack), “Music Driven” (the latest music-focused features and bonafide classics), “Spoons, Toons & Booze” (featuring beloved cartoons with an all-you-can-eat cereal bar), “No Budge” (a partnership with the streaming platform, bringing focus to emerging filmmakers), and “Future of Film is Female” (a partnership with the nonprofit that amplifies the work of all women and non-binary filmmakers).
“It’s both surreal and exciting to be back,” Woods says. We’ll continue to expand the scope of our repertory programs and live screening events celebrating all the talented and passionate individuals making feature and short films as well as music videos and documentaries. “I feel like the time away has given us all a new and energized focus. We have a lot of great things planned and can’t wait to share them with everyone.”

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The most impressive part of this creation is the fire button that emits an LED beam with sound effects straight from "A New Hope."  The floating training ball has motion sensors that can detect where you are and reacts to your movements (but it can also can be controlled with a remote). The closest we'll get to actual training heliballs is this Hammacher Schlemmer motorized whirligig.
Your charcuterie platter becomes a lot cooler with this wooden set designed to the likeness of the "Star Wars" Death Star. The set comes with four assorted full-tang cheese tools and more than 81 inches of surface for cutting and serving.
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“This can apply in any country, any government, any institution that puts women down," she said in an interview when the show premiered. "I hope that people from different countries and walks of life can watch this and connect to at in their own way,
The show hails from Jeff Jenkins Productions in association with 3BMG.” /> Haart serves as an executive producer on the series along with Jeff Jenkins, Ross Weintraub and Reinout Oerlemans.
Netflix has renewed "My Unorthodox Life" for a second season.
Still a proud Jewish woman, but not religious, Haart is now the CEO of Elite World Group, one of the world's largest modeling and talent management agencies.
Season 2 will feature more "fashion, family, female empowerment, faith, fabulousness, and of course, Haart," according to Netflix. "My Unorthodox Life" premiered this past July, and the first season is currently streaming on Netflix.
At the age of 35, she started to explore the idea of leaving for the outside world by reading books and watching television and movies. In the matter of eight years, Haart launched her own shoe collection, became creative director of La Perla and is now CEO and co-owner of Elite World Group in New York City. Haart was raised in Monsey in upstate New York where she had four kids after an arranged marriage. She had never been on a first date and did not have a career. Less than 10 years ago, at 43 years old, she decided to leave her community and set out on her own.
As CEO at Elite, Haart has rebranded the agency into a talent media company that encourages women to build their own brands, so that they can have full ownership over their careers and their lives. Despite the show facing some backlash from the Orthodox community, Haart says that her mission is solely to help women not feel the need to ask a man for permission.
The show stars fashion executive Julia Haart, who left the ultra-Orthodox community in which she was raised to conquer the modern world. The unscripted series follows her and her four children as they navigate life since leaving their extreme religious Jewish community.
This has nothing to do with Judaism and this has nothing with religion. “My only issue is with fundamentalism,” Haart previously told Variety. “I want to make it clear: I love being a Jew. I have learned very many beautiful things from my community and my religion, and I think that all religion is beautiful. I just don’t think it’s beautiful when you say men are better and women are worse.”
Haart told Variety that she wanted her show to be at Netflix because of the large global reach.

“She's newly-engaged and dealing with her conservatorship situation, but if she wanted to be a part of it, we’d be rolling out the red carpet. She was one of the iconic names of that era.” “I think Britney’s got bigger stuff going on in her life,” Lachey added.
And, right now we want to do some of our favorite ‘TRL’ hits,” Drew Lachey said, introducing the “TRL”-themed set, which included Sugar Ray’s “Fly,” MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” “It didn’t matter if they were rock, pop, rap – we were all related by three letters: T-R-L.
“More than ever, we have to address the food insecurity in our country, so the chance to put this together in January and be a part of the night along with so many other acts from that era is something we’re looking forward to,” Lachey said.
“You haven’t really made it until people make fun of you in their music videos,” Drew Lachey said, referring to the video for the 2000 track, in which pop-punk trio Blink-182 parody boy bands.
The group, who confirmed to Variety that they’re recording new music, also performed Backstreet Boys smash, “I Want It That Way,” channeled the Spice Girls during “Wannabe” and rocked out to Blink 182’s “All the Small Things.”
Listen to your spouse and know when to talk and know when to shut up.” “The best advice for any married couple is don't listen to other people's advice,” he said. “Every relationship is different.
Lachey, Timmons and bandmates Justin Jeffre and Drew Lachey gave fans a possible taste of what might be in store at the benefit gig during their Thursday night concert in Las Vegas as part of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino’s Concerts on the Beach series. The show came as the Ohio natives wrapped up their 98 Days of Summer campaign, which featured the release of their “Summer of 98” remix EP.
“That from the guy who’s not married!” laughed Timmons.” />
“This guy has been through thick and thin with her during the toughest part of her life, so he’s probably her soulmate and we just wish her the best,” Timmons said.
“Time and attention – the best ingredient of all,” added Jeffre.
We'd love to have either or both of them involved.” “Of course, we'll ask Justin! When you're talking about the biggest names of that era, you [think] Britney, Justin. “I've reached out to a lot of our friends from those days and everyone's super-supportive and ready to be a part of it and rally for a good cause” Lachey told Variety backstage at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Friday.
As for whether the musicians have any marriage advice for the singer, Timmons and Nick Lachey jokingly pointed out they’re onto their second marriages, while Drew Lachey — who’s approaching his 21st wedding anniversary with wife Lea — had a simple pearl of wisdom.
Some of the biggest stars of '90s pop will convene in Los Angeles for a benefit concert paying homage to MTV’s “Total Request Live” era this January, and organizer Nick Lachey is ready to “roll out the red carpet” for “TRL” icons Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.
Having known the singer for years, they’re thrilled for her recent engagement to Sam Asghari. The guys also covered “…Baby One More Time” by Spears.
The 98 Degrees member is working with the group’s manager Johnny Wright, along with MTV, Live Nation and Spears’ former manager Larry Rudolph for the upcoming fundraiser, which will benefit hunger relief organization, Feeding America. Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean and *NSYNC’s Lance Bass are already signed on, while Lachey says further invites have “gone out to everyone.”
Lachey hopes the evening will give fans a chance to celebrate nostalgia and music while helping Feeding America, a network of food banks which aids those in need through shelters, food pantries and soup kitchens.
“She’d have to un-retire first!” interjected bandmate Jeff Timmons, who recently hosted a "Free Britney Radio" pop-up station in support of Spears amid her conservatorship hearings.

I think that capacity to keep changing the text is what really sparked my curiosity. Now when I read them I see they are very directed and highly conditioned in their visuals. So by the end of film school I threw myself into the world of short films – also because I had finished very young and didn’t have that pressure some of my colleagues had of getting a job. It was very organic. I studied screenwriting at the ECAM and never saw myself directing. Now that I direct, I understand it from a point of view of constant re-writing, on set, with the actors, and during the editing: On being open for things to appear. While doing so I had an adaptation of a tale I liked but never found the right director to do it. But many who read my scripts thought I would end up doing so. So when a couple of friends formed a production company suddenly the idea came of me doing it.
Now that the value of the screenplay and the integral role of screenwriters is better understood, thewy can have an easier transition to directing. What was your experience, however?
What’s your experience as a filmmaker in a market that is rapidly changing? Spain’s experiencing a boom in creators who are bringing new projects to the table as industry development capacity escalates.
And the fact that question keeps on popping out makes me think we are a generation of filmmakers with a lot of pressure to position ourselves and to constantly make statements of intentions. I’ve been recurrently asked why I’m not making a film about girls, instead of kids, and I’m not simply because it would read differently.
His coming of age, however, underscores innocence as not a lack of conscience but of unnecessary pain. Produced by Almaina Producciones, “House of Beasts” follows Pablo, 8,  who experiences Madrid and the world of adults alongside his imaginary friend, Lucas. Decoding the unassailable from the point of view of a child, his imagination and innocence, the two will have a summer to remember as Pablo inexorably exits childhood.
Variety talked with Saiz as her project advances at the ECAM Screen Incubator.
As the demand for Spanish content and young talent booms, with a plethora of new opportunities come new uncertainties.
Portraying childhood comes always with a variety of questions, of narration, point of view, and of a generational  gap. How would you like to approach childhood in a “new” Spain?
Thoughtful and candid, Saiz moved from screenwriting to direction with her first short, “Mujer sin hijo,’' which won a Malaga Festival Audience Award in 2019. Part of ECAM’s Screen industry platform, its Incubator for independent producers is rapidly consolidating as one of the key new development labs in Spain. Her work brims with caring and patient observation. Eva Saiz’s ‘House of Beasts’ is one of the selected works for this year's edition. It stands out as a promising piece of delicate storytelling.
And yet never has so much content been produced. Doesn’t that allow space for so many new ways to address the topics at hand… 
Things get branded without going through  “quality control” – both of their quality and what they say, and how they says it. But it is also clear that someone has seen a chance for profit, a selling point, and we are becoming less and less critical with the content we consume. It scares me because it often feels like a system is finding new ways to stay the same and change little. A film, regardless of its topic, has to speak for itself, and I feel we are losing our critical judgment when it comes to topics we feel close to. I feel we’re a generation aching to take part and leave a testimony of what we’re historically living, which is a beautiful thing that film can be of service to.
It can lead to a filmmaking that becomes ever more pamphleteering and less and less personal. A film that feels very activist in the message that it is trying to send but that transits a common ground where in the end the film belongs to nobody. This I find potentially dangerous. We all share an urgency to be deeply personal in everything we do while at the same time – and this is my very personal opinion – I often feel like I’m forming in a system which prefers to frame me as a woman, as a female individual inside the system. I sometimes feel very lost.
I don’t have any kids around me, in my daily life. But beyond that age everything has radically changed. While shooting my short film it was clear to me that children really want to become older and gain access to a world they don’t understand and no one is explaining to them. We live in a profoundly violent and sexualized society which is yet filled with taboos. So when it comes to childhood I drink mostly from my own memories of a society which feels far more extreme in certain aspects. I’m the youngest of my family and my cousins are long from having kids. There are some places I’d like to transit but I’m not quite sure how to approach them – social networks, the internet and its complex universe. The internet has blown everything apart and it feels more and more radical. Luckily those are spaces that are still a bit far from the kids of the story, who are eight or ten years old. That fascinates me: the territory of childhood where one repeats messages from an adult world in which the adults are also deeply lost.” />

It is now two years in the future, and Monse is in an all-girls boarding school, while Ruby is in a relationship with Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia). Jamal is shown back on the football team, then wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and running from someone in a truck. The trailer showcases how these characters have separated from each other, which was first teased at the end of Season 3. Cesar is shown with a shaved head and a stressed facial expression in a liquor store, on a front stoop and on the high school campus.
3 debut event, which featured the first live Verzuz Battle between The Lox and Dipset. The event featured a five-fight boxing card from the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and a Verzuz Battle between Fat Joe and Ja Rule from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. With total viewership still being tabulated, Trillerverz II will exceed the 5 million broadcast views from its Aug. 14. Trillerverz II broke viewership records on Sept. Trillerverz is created and overseen by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland and produced by Triller Fight Club. Fat Joe and Ja Rule were joined by Nelly, Ashanti, Remy Ma, Lil Mo and Vita.
BET Plus released a trailer for “American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty – The Delrhonda Hood Story,” which premieres on Sept. 30. The film marks the lead acting debut of rap artist Remy Ma, who stars as Delrhonda Hood aka Big Fifty. The biopic is narrated by the real-life Hood, who shares the story of being one of Detroit’s most legendary notorious queenpins, as well as her path to redemption. See the trailer below. The film is written by Gabrielle Collins​, directed by Russ Parr and produced by Octet Productions​. Durrell “Tank” Babbs, Ta’Rhonda Jones, Pretty Vee, Michael Anthony, Mike Merrill, Debbi Morgan, Marquita Goings and Rolonda Rochelle also star.
4. Netflix released a trailer for the fourth and final season of "On My Block," which will premiere on Oct.
Hasan Minhaj, James Wolk and Meek Mill will appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” while Seth MacFarlane, Brendan Hunt and The Lumineers will be on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Amy Adams, Lee Daniels and Girl in Red will be on “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will air a special called “‘The Late Show’s’ Celebration of Season 6: This Time with Laughs!” Ken Jeong and Lola Young will be on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”” />

The cast includes Angela Basset, Peter Krause, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Oliver Stark, Kenneth Choi, Aisha Hinds, Ryan Guzman, Rockmond Dunbar, Corinne Massiah, Marcanthonee Jon Reis and Gavin McHugh. 20 at 8 p.m. In this season of the procedural about Los Angeles's first responders, a ransomware attack causes a city-wide blackout, among other problems. Fox debuted a new clip from Season 5 of "9-1-1," which premieres on Sept. See the clip below.
Watch the trailer below. "On My Block" is co-created and executive produced by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft. Iungerich serves as showrunner.
Also in today's TV news roundup:
The coming-of-age dramedy series follows Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco), Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri), Ruby Martinez (Jason Genao) and Jamal Turner (Brett Gray), four inner city Los Angeles teens navigating love, gangs and high school together.

Kathy Ciric and Emmy Rossum will also executive produce, with Louise Friedberg attached to executive produce and direct the first two episodes.” /> Laura Eason will serve as showrunner and executive producer. Taddeo is adapting "Three Women" for the screen and will also serve as an executive producer on the series.
Gilpin is repped by ICM, Anonymous Content, and Hansen Jacobson.
Gilpin will play Lina, a homemaker in Indiana who, after a decade in a passionless marriage, embarks on an affair that quickly becomes all-consuming and transforms her life.
The series is based on the book of the same name by Lisa Taddeo. Gilpin joins previously announced cast members Shailene Woodley and DeWanda Wise.
Betty Gilpin has joined the upcoming Showtime drama series "Three Women."
Gia (Woodley), a writer grieving the loss of her family, persuades each of these three spectacular "ordinary" women to tell her their stories, and her relationships with them change the course of her life forever. There is Sloane (Wise), a glamorous entrepreneur in a committed open marriage until two sexy new strangers threaten their aspirational love story, and Maggie, a North Dakota student who weathers an intense storm after accusing her married English teacher of an inappropriate relationship. The series is described as a portrayal of American female desire, in which three women are on a crash course to radically overturn their lives.
Gilpin is known for her starring role on the Netflix dramedy series "GLOW," for which she earned three Emmy nominations. She is also known for her roles in films like "The Hunt" and "The Tomorrow War" as well as the Showtime series "Nurse Jackie." It was recently announced that she would appear in the Starz Watergate drama "Gaslit" and the Apple anthology series "Roar," which reunites her with "GLOW" co-creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch.