The Weeknd Surprise-Drops Steamy Alternate Video for ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’

It comes amid a flurry of activity for the artist. 24. Along with his new single, “Take My Breath,” and the follow-up to his blockbuster 2020 “After Hours” album coming sometime in the next few months, the Weeknd will be starring in and co-writing a new HBO series with “Euphoria”’s Sam Levinson, currently titled “The Idol," and there's a documentary about his eye-popping Super Bowl Halftime Show earlier this year called "The Show" coming on Showtime on Sept.
Details about the release were scant — it hadn't even been announced on the Weeknd's socialsat the time of this article's publication — except to note that this newly released video is the original one, which was then replaced by another video "due to a shift in creative direction," according to a rep, and that this past week marks the sixth anniversary of the release of the Weeknd’s “Beauty Behind the Madness” album that the song originally appeared on.
Where the original featured the Weeknd performing to small, unimpressed audience in a hotel lounge — at least until an audience member throws a lighter onstage and the crowd begins dancing as the Weeknd dances while on fire —  this one features a couple in the middle of the kind of debauched night that marked many of the songs and themes of his 2020 blockbuster album, “After Hours.” There’s sex with at least a couple of different partners, there’s a strong hint of drug use, there’s an argument and plenty more you can see for yourself; it's interesting to see the 2015 Weeknd, stacked dreads and all, in a "new" video from that era.” />
The buildup toward the Weeknd’s next album began early last month with the release of his latest single, “Take My Breath” — but he threw a surprise into the mix on Thursday by dropping an alternate video for his 2015 smash “I Can’t Feel My Face," and it’s a lot more racy than the official one that was originally released back in 2015.

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