The Most Incredible James Bond Locations in Jamaica  

“He’s a larger-than-life figure, and Jamaica also plays that type of role globally. We’re a small country with a small population, but our global brand has a strong impact on people around the world, and that works in tandem with the Bond franchise.” Beyond the familiar origin story, Robinson believes that Jamaica and Bond share much in common. “There’s something magical about Jamaica, and it’s fed into the mythology of James Bond over the years,” she says.
“As we all know, Bond was conceived here by Ian Fleming, and the character and the country are deeply intertwined.” “Jamaican culture is very important to James Bond,” says Renee Robinson, the Film Commissioner of Jamaica.
To help you organize the ultimate James Bond adventure, here are 15 locations in Jamaica that will leave you shaken and stirred.” /> After all, with so many must-see locations in Jamaica to visit, a little extra itinerary preparation might actually come in handy. Although the pandemic continues to affect tourism around the world, Bond fans might want to consider planning their future dream vacation right now.
No other film franchise inspires travel the way the James Bond series has for the past 60 years, and topping the destination list of every serious 007 fan is the country of Jamaica, where iconic scenes from “Dr. No,” “Live and Let Die,” and the upcoming “No Time to Die” were shot.

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