Great Things Can Come in Small Packages: 15 Smart Stocking Stuffers

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Video Game
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There's no better time to celebrate the Queen of Pop than now, following the much-awaited end to her conservatorship. Britney fans can show off their love for the singer with this fun and glittery Funko Pop, dressed in one of her most memorable all-red stage fits.
If you know someone who’s been getting swole on the down low, these Bala Bangles might have something to do with it. They’re an easy way to add resistance to yoga, running, aerobics, Pilates, walking, core training or even when you’re just out and about, making them a smart alternative to dumbbells, since they’ll never limit your range of motion. Designed to be worn on the wrists or ankles, the set includes two one-pound weights that fit everyone. They come in a range of colors. The "Shark Tank" invention will help people majorly step up their exercise routine.
"Outerbanks" fans might also like these special-edition Sperry's inspired by the hit show. Invite your friends and family to be a part of the exclusive Pogue clan for the holidays with this groovy blanket inspired by the beachside style in "Outerbanks." The versatile towel is great for beach days and bonfires and features a sleek tie-dye design perfect for any season.
Check out more "Schitts Creek" gifts here. The best-selling skincare line, inspired by David's store in the show, also includes this artisanal candle that smells of smells of rose, jasmine and neroli blossom. "Schitt's Creek" ended more than two years ago now, but their collaboration with Beekman 1802 lives on.
Moxie Showerhead Speaker ($139 Off)
Not only is it waterproof, and features a built-in noise cancelling and echo-cancelling speakerphone, but it also comes with fully integrated carabiner clips to attach onto clothes or belt loops while on the go. JBL brings portability to the next level in the Clip 3, which packs wireless bluetooth streaming and up to 10 hours of playtime in an ultra-compact 3 x 5 case.
Craft Cocktail Kit
Plus, it comes in a bunch of fun colors for those who consider a coordinated outfit inherent to their workout routine. The belt bag is compact enough to sit on the waist underneath coats and jackets, but roomy enough to fit your phone, wallet and keys. Nothing will make the gym rat in your life happier than this handy workout bag, perfect for carrying the essentials to a workout class or the weight room.
Rose Apothecary Candle
Bala Bangles
JBL Waterproof Portable Speaker
From Harry Potter to the Millenium Falcon, there are dozens of mini Lego sets to choose from depending on which buildable characters your kid gravitates towards. This set is small enough to fit in a stocking, and comes with a Hans Solo Lego minifigure complete with a blaster pistol so they can role-play as the Rebel hero as soon as they're done building.
Le Labo Candle
Despite common thought, some of the best gifts throughout the holiday season are packed inside stockings rather than sitting under the tree. In a time where advanced devices like portable speakers and streaming sticks are small enough to fit in a boot, there's no saying what hidden gems will be waiting over the fireplace on Christmas Day.
Check out the complete lineup of Broadway shows for the upcoming year, and pair it with this adorable ticket holder to add extra customization. Tickets, whether it's to a Broadway show or a sports game, are an example of a high-value gift that can hide in a stocking, and are a great option for those who prefer experiences over material goods.
Tattered totes and plastic bags, no more! Baggu's most notablea feature is its portable folding design which allows you to pack it up in small pockets and purses when you aren't using it. Reusable bags for running errands and grocery shopping is made more fun with Baggu's wide range of lightweight bags, all designed with different fun patterns to match the day.
For more video game options, check out the best new releases from this year. Video games are a great supplemental gift to go along with any console, and if you have a gamer in the household you probably already know which ones are on their wish list. But if you're at a loss, you can't go wrong with the newly released "Guardians of the Galaxy," where players become part of an intergalactic squad as Rocket, Groot, Gamora or Drax.
Create two top-shelf Moscow Mules wherever you are. This compact cocktail kit, neatly packaged in a copper tin,  contains a small batch of bold and spicy ginger syrup developed in-house with ginger, lime concentrate and capsicum for the perfect blend of sweet and spice.
Below, find more unique stocking stuffer ideas to gift this year.
Evolve Together Face Mask
As we wait for MoviePass's imminent return, an AMC gift card will do the trick for the movie lovers in your life. In general, nothing makes for a better stocking stuffer than a gift card. It's small, easy and offers people he freedom to gift themselves something they'll really enjoy. While an Amazon card is a catch-all that will sure to have something for absolutely everyone on your list, the retail site has hundreds of more specific options to make it more personalized.
Funko Britney
IBX Pogue Party Blanket
If you know someone looking for a streaming upgrade, Fire TV's stick lite is the most affordable option on the market for fast-streaming full HD pictures. It comes with access to over 200,000 free movies and TV shows, while supporting traditional platforms like Netflix and Hulu, with an Alexa-controlled remote to boot.
This is perfect for someone who loves the feel of a retro record player but might not have the space for a full-fledged turntable. This teeny tiny record player is testament to one of the few universal truths: that you can't not be obsessed with small things that are supposed to be much larger. The miniature table, which is small enough to fit in the tiniest of nooks, comes with a trio of mini rock, jazz and soul records, decorative stickers and a tiny book.
Fire TV Stick 4k
Teeny Tiny Record Player
World's Smallest Vacuum
And Le Labo's Santal 26, one of the few fragrances with its own cult following, will make any room feel like a luxurious dream. The candle has long been degraded as the ultimate cop-out gift but I stand by the fact that they have a nearly perfect success rate. No one likes spending money on candles themselves but almost no one doesn't enjoy creating some ambiance with a lit flame on a cozy night in.
Miniature Lego Set
And yes, it really is small enough to fit in a stocking! Any wilderness buff (or someone who's watched one too many episodes of  "Alone") will love this compact fire stick, a half-inch thick ferrocerium rod that allows you to ignite any fire at ease, wherever you are. The six-function multi-tool also works as a straight-edge striker, tinder scraper, map scale, ruler, hex wrench and bottle opener.
This is one of those unbelievably convenient and adorable household items that everyone knows would make their life significantly easier but feels too indulgent to pull the trigger on. Plus, the colorful and sleek design gives the utilitarian device some festive edge. Enter the stocking stuffer! This tiny vacuum cleaner is perfect for sucking up crumbs from between couch cushions or cleaning up dust in keyboard crevices.
This Teeny Tiny Record Player and miniature vacuum cleaner are some of our favorites on this list. Of course, some of the best stocking stuffers are the cute trinkets and accessories that people don't usually like spoiling themselves with.
AMC Gift Card
Úberleben Fire Starter
This is a safe stocking stuffer choice because basically nobody can do without an extra face covering in the house or as an extra to store away in their work bags or purses. Masks are still very much a thing but one small silver lining of their ubiquity is that we've all had plenty of time to figure out which masks are the best on the market. This celebrity-loved brand, worn by everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Kendall Jenner, is popular for good reason: aside from a sleek and simple design, it also boasts a water-resistant outer layer.
Everywhere Belt Bag
One of the biggest obstacles to the professional multitasker is solved with this genius shower head speaker, an invention that much more people should know about. The Moxie combines a luxurious spray with a high-quality audio speaker so you can listen to your favorite soundtrack or podcast while winding down for the day.
Broadway Tickets and Ticket Holder

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