DMX, Miles Davis NFTs Among Inaugural Collection From Black, Female-Owned Blockchain Startup

Melanated NFT Gallery, a Black- and female-owned startup in the NFT and metaverse space, is backed by marketing executive and New York Times bestselling author Nea Simone. The company's mission is empowering creators from the African and Afro-Latinx diaspora and others who have historically been exploited, by creating an equitable platform to share and monetize their work.
Future NFTs are expected from signed MNFTG clients including: Influencer Mr. Organik, acclaimed photographer Roger Erickson, sculptor Duron Jackson and professional multi-media artist Aja.a.x., whose work examines intersectionality and hidden narratives within marginalized communities.
"As multi-talented creators who understand the power of blockchain technology, we hope to use our knowledge to empower melanated content creators."” /> "We at Melanated NFT Gallery believe it is vital to preserve cultural history and by minting NFTs from estates of icons and legends we are able to protect legacy. These NFT collections will increase in value and stand the test of time, with their stories embedded into the smart contract," said Kalomas.
The new agency has attracted a diverse team of creative talent, from graphic designers and artists to technology developers, with a complete production studio to assist in minting the items into quality, unique digital art. This includes Anthony Kalomas, who has joined the firm as Chief Technology Officer.
A new blockchain technology company spotlighting creator equity is rolling out its first series of non-fungible tokens — a collection that includes five unreleased tracks from DMX and a photograph of jazz legend Miles Davis.
The Melanated NFT Gallery features ‘Melanated Originals' with artwork from emerging and established creatives. MNFTG will officially reveal its first Icon and celebrity NFT collection beginning early December with a variety of drops.
"Our vision is to be the genesis and destination for melanated NFTs, from African and Afro-Latinx creators to the global collector, ultimately addressing and dismantling Generational Financial Trauma (GFT) that has permeated the creative space for far too long." "Our mission is to provide a vehicle for melanated creators to maintain creative and financial control of their work and to insure they continue to recognize fully the financial compensation and benefits of their work, in perpetuity, through the Smart Contract.," Simone, CEO, and founder stated.

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