It launched in Poland this weekend with $1 million, along with Turkey, where it made $300,000. The sequel to "Wreck-It Ralph" has now made $434 million in ticket sales. Disney's "Ralph Breaks the Internet" landed in fifth place and pocketed $15.4 million from 35 territories for a foreign tally of $243 million.
Paramount's "Transformers" spinoff "Bumblebee" led the international box office again, generating $35.6 million in 64 markets.
The Queen biopic, starring Rami Malek as iconic frontman Freddy Mercury, has now drummed up over $770 million worldwide. 6 was Fox's "Bohemian Rhapsody," which amassed another $15 million this weekend, taking its international haul to a massive $574 million. At No.
Elsewhere in the top five, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" landed in third place with $20 million. 4 and made $16.3 million for an international tally of $19.4 million.” /> China's "The Big Shot" came in at No. Fox is distributing the Japanese anime film overseas, where it has made $54 million to date.
($38.4 million), Australia ($23.9 million), and France ($16.5 million). Other top markets for "Aquaman" include the U.K. The blockbuster has now generated $732.4 million internationally, with $287 million of that bounty coming from China.
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga co-star in the awards darling, which earned $2.2 million this weekend. A number of titles hit some major milestones of their own. "A Star Is Born" crossed $200 million at the international box office, taking its global tally past $400 million. Warner Bros. "Aquaman" wasn't the only title to reach a new benchmark this weekend.
2 spot overseas, adding another $27.9 million from 79 territories. That officially takes Warner Bros.' DC adventure past $1 billion worldwide, making it the studio's first comic-book entry to join the billion-club since "The Dark Knight Rises" in 2012. "Aquaman" — starring Jason Momoa and directed by James Wan — nabbed the No.
The autobot origin story, starring Hailee Steinfeld, has now earned $256.3 million overseas for a worldwide haul of $364 million. While ticket sales are way below even the worst reviewed installments in the sci-fi franchise ("Transformers: The Last Knight" ended its theatrical run with $605 million in 2017), this entry has proven to have long legs at the box office. Moreover, the studio paid less than half of what it cost the previous Michael Bay-directed "Transformers" movies to make.
It releases in its final territory, Japan, on March 22. Among holdovers, China saw the best returns with $24.8 million from 7,232 locations, followed by the United Kingdom with $1.3 million in 557 sites. "Bumblebee" opened in the Philippines this weekend with $2.2 million.
"Jason, the filmmakers and the team at DC have delivered a film that people love, and we are so appreciative of their support." "We're thrilled audiences around the world have embraced 'Aquaman' in such a big, big way,” said Ron Sanders, Warner Bros' president of worldwide distribution.
The animated adventure from Sony's cannon of Marvel characters brought in $9.4 million this weekend when it opened in Brazil ($2.8 million) and Thailand ($900,000). Meanwhile, Sony's "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" reached $300 million worldwide, including $154.6 million overseas.

The Queen biopic featuring Remi Malek as iconic frontman Freddie Mercury has drummed up a towering $550 million internationally and $743 million worldwide. Elsewhere, Fox's "Bohemian Rhapsody" continues to rock overseas with another $17 million this weekend. Given its production budget of $52 million, they are the champions, my friend.
The Atlantean adventure starring Jason Momoa and directed by James Wan generated a solid $56.2 million in 79 territories for a massive international tally of $681 million. "Bumblebee" might have defeated "Aquaman" this go-around, however, DC's superhero blockbuster still had a mighty weekend overseas. "Aquaman" is now Warner Bros.' highest-grossing comic-book movie abroad, surpassing the record previously set by "The Dark Knight Rises" with $636 million.
"Aquaman" has now generated a heroic $940 million worldwide, with $282 million of that coming from China alone. Among holdovers, the movie fared well in France ($4.8 million), Korea ($4.6 million), and Australia ($4.6 million). The tentpole bowed in another new market this weekend, Italy, with $7 million.
"Aquaman" may be the reigning champ in North America, but a familiar autobot conquered the international box office this weekend.
After China, Colombia saw the best opening with $1.1 million, followed by India with $1 million, and Poland with $486,000. Hailee Steinfeld stars in the sci-fi prequel, which launched in a handful of new territories this weekend. "Bumblebee" bows in its final major market, Japan, in March.
Among new releases, Universal's "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" began its gradual rollout picking up $5.3 million in two territories: Australia and New Zealand. The third movie in the animated series launches in North America on Feb. 22.” />
Meanwhile, "Mary Poppins Returns" added another $23 million from 47 locations, taking its foreign tally to $119 million.The musical earned another $15.8 million in North America for a weekend haul of $38.8 million worldwide. Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda star in the sequel to the 1964 classic, which has now crossed $250 million at the global box office.
1 overseas, pulling in $82.7 million in 63 foreign markets. This weekend's bounty takes the blockbuster to $192 million abroad and $289 million worldwide. Paramount's "Transformers" origin story "Bumblebee" ended "Aquaman's" four-week reign at No. The boost was thanks to a strong start in China, where "Bumblebee" generated $59.4 million when it debuted in 9,180 locations.
The film earned $25 million this weekend, taking "Ralph Breaks the Internet" past $217 million internationally and $404 million globally. A pair of Disney titles — "Ralph Breaks the Internet" and "Mary Poppins Returns" — also enjoyed strong showings. The former, an animated sequel to "Wreck-It Ralph," returned to box office charts after debuting seven weeks ago due to openings in Italy ($8.2 million), Korea ($5.5 million), Brazil ($4.8 million), and Argentina ($1.4 million).

Reilly and Will Ferrell had the best start in Australia ($1.8 million) and the U.K. The PG-13 comedy with John C. Among new releases, Columbia Pictures' "Holmes and Watson" began its overseas rollout with $4 million from 8 markets. ($1.7 million). It debuted in North America on Christmas Day and has since made $19 million.” />
While Disney's "Mary Poppins Returns" beat Paramount's "Bumblebee" the last two weekends in North America, the yellow autobot bested the magical nanny in foreign markets. The "Transformers" origin story has crossed $150 million globally, including $67 million at the domestic box office. Directed by Travis Knight, "Bumblebee" generated $45.7 million from 55 overseas territories for an international total of $90 million.
That brings "Aquaman" to $748.8 million worldwide, with over $250 million of that bounty coming from China alone. The tentpole also earned $51.5 million in North America for a global weekend haul of $136.9 million. Warner Bros.' DC superhero film — directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa — amassed another $85.4 million in 78 international territories this weekend, taking its overseas tally to a massive $560 million.
"Aquaman" has racked up a number of records, including the second-highest grossing film in the DC Universe (behind "The Dark Knight Rises"), and the biggest Justice League entry in a number of territories, such as China, India, and Indonesia.
"Aquaman" continues to leave competitors in its wake, ruling the global box office for the fourth consecutive week.
That takes the Queen biopic past $700 million worldwide. Rounding out the top five is Fox's "Bohemian Rhapsody," which picked up another $18 million this weekend for an international tally of $513 million.
Meanwhile, "Mary Poppins Returns" pocketed $28.9 million in 37 abroad territories, along with $28 million in North America for a global weekend haul of $56.9 million. The musical sequel starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda has made $173 million to date.
It releases in its next major market, China, on Jan. 4, before hitting Japan in March. Hailee Steinfeld stars in "Bumblebee," which saw the best returns in Korea with $7.8 million, followed by the United Kingdom with $6.3 million, France with $4.1 million, and Brazil with $3 million.
Right behind "Poppins" is Sony's "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" with $27.4 million from 60 international markets. The animated superhero flick just hit $100 million overseas and $200 million globally.
It also saw strong holds in China ($11.4 million), Korea ($7.4 million), and Mexico ($3.2 million). The aquatic adventure launched in Australia this weekend with $11 million, as well as Colombia with $3.8 million.

Over the past six months, I have been working as a Belfer Fellow with ADL’s Center for Technology and Society. We are also researching whether the act of creating a game about these topics may enhance our empathy for others, regardless of whether the game itself is effective. We have been running a series of game jams—weekend-long game creation events—where participants develop games that help us to connect with and understand each other.
  On the other hand, meaningful life experiences, cultural interactions, and social deliberations with others can help us to connect with and better understand what may initially seem strange. Over the past 15 years, I have been exploring another way to meaningfully appreciate others’ journeys: through games. These experiences may offer a flicker into another’s perspective.
It was 2006, and I was on a three-week-long backpacking trip in Australia and eager to participate in the Kol Nidrei service of Yom Kippur, the opening of the holiest holiday of the year. But instead of being able to pray, I was interrogated by guards who removed me I was once removed from a synagogue by security because members of the congregation thought I was a terrorist.
In a games class I teach at Marist College, my students are creating non-digital games that encourage players to more fully appreciate emotions such as love, grief, jealousy, pity, and serenity. Some examples: “Migrant Trail” shows alternate perspectives on migration; “Walden” gives us reflective moments in nature; “Life is Strange” enables us to relive meaningful choices from adolescence; “The Sims” allows us to embrace a shared quotidian existence; “Fable” explores ethical and political choices; and “Dragon Age” and “Mass Effect” show us unique characters that help us rediscover different hues of the human experience.
I have personally experienced this type of meaningful connection through gaming. “That Dragon, Cancer” is a game that explores the real-life experiences of a family grappling with their young son’s cancer. Playing this game with my students has helped me better express and connect with them through my own grief with losing a young son.
Games, however, can give us a flicker of another’s life or perspective. One important ethical consideration is recognizing that a game can only partially relay another’s perspective or story. And sometimes, this flicker can change us and expand us in profound ways. We can never fully understand what someone else has gone through or relive the steps that brought them to where they stand now.
Games can show us that there are many ways to win and that expanding perspectives, supporting others, and cultivating empathy can all be paths to victory. They can help us better understand our common humanity, whether they undertake big, philosophical questions or “kitchen table” issues. While not all games do this, they can help us gain meaningful new experiences, alongside all the other experiences we have in our lives.
Frankly, it was disorienting to suddenly be seen as the threat—one who is feared because I was an outsider. While I understood, generally, what it feels like to be judged based on how I look; as a petite, light-skinned, American woman, I had never been viewed as being “the threat.” My experience in Australia, though upsetting, was profound because it showed me that although I could empathize with all sorts of individuals, I could not completely understand what it is like to be someone else. Though we may yearn to listen, understand, and appreciate, we cannot fully “get” someone from another country, religion, culture, background or political stance.
Dr. Karen Schrier is an associate professor and director of the Games & Emerging Media Program at Marist College and an ADL Center for Technology and Society Belfer Fellow. Her recent book, "Knowledge Games," was published by Johns Hopkins University Press.” />
So that we won’t be as afraid of the unknown, and will open our minds, our arms, our homes, our hearts, and even our countries a little wider. I want to use them to help make the strange become more familiar. It is this possibility that motivates me to keep designing and researching games. So that when someone walks into our synagogue, our church, or our mosque and just wants to pray alongside us, we won’t turn them away in fear.
It may sound odd to think of games as a way to help us consider new perspectives or cultivate empathy for others, especially when many proclaim otherwise. But, in fact, a well-designed game (whether digital or analog) allows players to “try on” or embody new identities, engage with other players, and make the strange a little more familiar.

That brings its international tally to $104.6 million for a global total of $253.3 million. Among holdovers, Warner Bros.' musical drama "A Star Is Born" continues to post strong numbers abroad, adding another $17.6 million in 75 territories. Top markets this weekend include Australia ($3.7 million), the United Kingdom ($2.7 million), and France ($1.5 million).
"Venom" and "Smallfoot," Warner Bros.' animated family-friendly film, tied for third place. The comedy has now made $167 million globally, including $95 million internationally. "Smallfoot" also earned $17.3 million from 78 territories.
Universal and Blumhouse's R-rated thriller also made a killing in North America where it came in at No. Director David Gordon Green's film — starring Jamie Lee Curtis as iconic avenging baby sitter Laurie Strode — has now generated $172 million globally, an especially impressive feat given its $10 million production budget. 1 with $32 million.
Fox's Freddie Mercury biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" also saw a big showing in the U.K., launching with $12.2 million ahead of its domestic debut next weekend.” />
"Halloween" continues to cash in on the spooky holiday spirit, leading the international box office with $25 million from 62 territories overseas.
In second place, Shane Black's "The Predator" summoned $20.7 million thanks to its debut in China. The sci-fi thriller launched in North America in September and has now made $149 million worldwide.
"Halloween" did particularly well this weekend in Germany, picking up $3.3 million when it opened in 518 locations. It launched in France with $2.3 million, Australia with $2 million, and Spain with $1.4 million.
The movie has yet to release in Japan and China. Another masked figure benefited from the pre-Halloween weekend. Sony's "Venom" generated another $17.3 million in 65 international markets, taking the Tom Hardy antihero vehicle past $500 million worldwide.

"Mamma Mia! In North America, the jukebox musical crossed the $100 million mark, including $5.8 million this weekend. Here We Go Again" had another strong outing abroad, picking up $21.5 million this weekend, bringing its worldwide tally to $280.8 million.
It opens next in Korea, followed by Australia, France, and Japan. "The Meg" was a co-production with the Middle Kingdom, so the studio is banking on solid returns in China to get the movie in the black. The big-budget shark thriller, which carries a hefty $130 million price tag, had the best opening in China with $50.3 million when it opened on 12,650 screens. Other top markets include Mexico ($6.2 million from 2,739 screens), Russia ($5 million from 2,622 screens), the United Kingdom ($4.4 million from 750 screens), and Spain ($2.4 million from 307 screens).
"The Meg" took a shark-sized bite out of the international box office.
The Warner Bros. popcorn season flick had a strong debut overseas, generating $97 million in 42 international territories. "The Meg" launched with $44.5 million in North America for a global start of $141.3 million.
The superhero sequel is now Pixar's highest release of all time, with $1.08 billion globally.” /> Fellow Disney title, "Incredibles 2," earned $14.6 million in 34 markets, along with $3.5 million domestically for a weekend total of $18.1 million.
In Mexico, the animated title has brought in $25.5 million to date, followed by Brazil with $18 million, Russia with $17.7 million, and the U.K. with $14.4 million. Another sequel, Sony's "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" amassed $17.1 million, taking its international total to $231.4 million. It has yet to launch in China. It debuted in South Korea this weekend with $3.4 million from 500 screens.
The Universal sequel opened in Korea with $6.6 million, Singapore with $258,000, and Peru with $227,000. and Ireland, picking up $4.2 million, followed by Germany ($1.6 million), and Australia ($1.2 million). Among holdovers, the movie remained strong in the U.K.
The fantasy drama, based on the characters from Winnie the Pooh, bowed in Belgium with $200,000 and the Netherlands with $300,000. Combined with $12.4 million in North America, it has made $62.1 million globally. Meanwhile, Disney's "Christopher Robin" pocketed $3.8 million in 25 international territories.

It saw strong holdovers in Mexico ($1.7 million), Korea ($1.4 million), Russia ($1.4 million), and Malaysia ($1.2 million). "Skyscraper's" top abroad openings this weekend include Colombia with $1.3 million, India with $1.3 million, and Peru with $900,000.
The filmmakers found a way to bring the original cast and music back to the big screen that felt fresh and unique, with some stellar young additions,” said Duncan Clark, Universal's president of international distribution. “What we’re seeing is the same magic we saw with 'Mamma Mia!' 10 years ago. “The audience reactions from this weekend have been quite amazing, and we believe this film will now play throughout the summer, especially among groups and repeat viewers.”
Though it got a slow start, the video game adaptation went on to earn $99 million in North America and $326 million overseas. To compare, Johnson's latest, "Rampage," opened in China with $55 million.
Can China save "Skyscraper" from collapsing at the box office?
Universal's jukebox musical, which arrives a decade after the first, got off to a promising debut with $42.4 million when it opened in 42 international territories. Here We Go Again" had a solid start in North America, the ABBA-inspired sequel is expected to fare even better overseas. The original "Mamma Mia!" topped $615 million globally during its theatrical run, $465 million of which came from abroad. With $34 million domestically, "Mamma Mia! Though "Mamma Mia! 2" has made $76.8 million worldwide.
Finally, new offering "The Equalizer 2" bowed with $3.3 million in 11 overseas markets. The Sony title, directed by Antoine Fuqua, saw the biggest debut in Australia with $2.2 million. The majority of "Equalizer 2's" overseas rollout begins in August, starting with Spain, France, Brazil. Denzel Washington's first sequel led the domestic box office with $35 million, for a global start of $38.3 million.
Much of the star-studded cast — including Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard, Colin Firth, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, and Dominic Cooper — returned for the second film. Ol Parker, the screenwriter behind “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” took over directing duties and penned the script. Lily James made her debut as the younger version of Meryl Streep’s charming and carefree Donna, while pop icon Cher also joined the cast.
Another Disney title, "Ant-Man and the Wasp," pocketed $21.6 million overseas. The Marvel adventure, which is open in just 56% of the market, launched in France with $4.1 million. To date, the Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly-starrer has made $40.6 million in Korea, followed by $13.5 million in Mexico and $12.1 million in Australia. That brings its global total to an impressive $353.5 million.
Dwayne Johnson's disaster drama collected $75 million internationally this weekend, propelled by a $45 million bow in China. The film, which is set in Hong Kong and features a number of Asian actors, was virtually engineered for its international appeal. Universal and Legendary have been banking on strong returns overseas to make up for the disappointing domestic number, where it has made $46 million in two weeks. Along with $11 million this weekend in North America, "Skyscraper" has pocketed $176.8 million globally.
It also premiered in Hong Kong with $3.3 million. In coming weeks, "Incredibles 2" will continue its rollout in Japan, Spain, Italy, and Germany. The animated feature opened in Korea with $8.6 million, making it the highest Pixar opening of all time there.
Meanwhile, Disney-Pixar's "Incredibles 2" continues to show its staying power. The superhero sequel has now earned $940 million globally, including $383 million internationally. This weekend, it picked up another $36 million from 42 international markets, along with $11.5 million in North America.
Other top territories include Norway ($2 million), Spain ($2 million), and the Netherlands ($1.75 million). The sequel had the best opening in the United Kingdom and Ireland with $13.1 million, followed by Australia with $5 million, Germany with $2.6 million, and Sweden with $2.6 million.
Elsewhere, Sony's "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" generated $37.7 million in 51 markets, bringing its international total to $115.6 million. The film debuted in Germany with $5.4 million. In Mexico, the animated threequel earned $3.8 million, while Brazil followed with $3.1 million, and Argentina with $2.6 million.

The family film earned $5.8 million in Russia, and $2.4 million in Australia. Led by the voice cast of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, and Kathryn Hahn, "Hotel Transylvania 3" brought in $23 million in Latin America, including $8.6 million in Mexico, $3.8 million in Brazil, and $2.1 million in Argentina. It opens next in Germany, followed by France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Italy.
and Ireland ($2.4 million), and Indonesia ($2.1 million). Other top markets include Australia ($2.4 million), the U.K. "Skyscraper" launched in Korea with $4.7 million, Mexico with $3.7 million, and Russia with $2.6 million. The studio is expecting solid returns when the film debuts next weekend in China, where the movie is set.
Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson's "Skyscraper" got a slightly better start overseas, where it opened in 57 territories. Given the film's hefty $125 million production budget, "Skyscraper" is relying on international numbers to justify the price tag. Universal and Legendary's latest fell short of estimates in North America with its $25 million launch.
The third installment in the "Hotel Transylvania" franchise checked in with $46.4 million when it opened in 42 international markets, while Dwayne Johnson's "Skyscraper" opened with $40.4 million.
"Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" towered over "Skyscraper" overseas.
It debuted with $44 million in North America for a global start of $100 million (including Amazon Prime showings). Sony's animated threequel surpassed "Skyscraper" at the domestic box office as well. The third installment in the franchise set a new Sony record as the biggest animated debut in the 42 international markets.
Pixar's superhero tentpole launched in the U.K. Another Disney title, "Incredibles 2," pocked $33.3 million from 43 locations. To date, the film has made $321 million internationally and $535.8 million domestically. In North America, it made $16.2 million for a global weekend of $49.5 million. and Ireland with $12.1 million and in Poland with $1.4 million.
Top holdover markets include Australia ($1.9 million), Mexico ($1.3 million), and Germany ($1.2 million).” /> This weekend, "Fallen Kingdom" bowed in its final market, Japan. It generated $12.7 million, marking Universal's biggest opening of all time there.
The superhero sequel bowed in India with $3.8 million. "Ant-Man and the Wasp" opens next in France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Disney-Marvel's "Ant-Man and the Wasp" may have topped "Skyscraper" in North America, but Johnson's film got a leg up internationally. Its global total currently sits at $283.7 million, including $150.9 million from overseas. "Ant-Man and the Wasp" pulled in $35.3 million this weekend from 44 territories.
Elsewhere, "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" picked up another $26.7 million from 69 markets abroad. Universal and Amblin Entertainment's dinosaur franchise film — starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard — has earned over $1.1 billion worldwide. Domestically, it made $15.5 million in its fourth outing, taking its global weekend total to $42.2 million. It has earned $363.3 million in North America, and $771.4 million internationally.

The match can be streamed on and the Fox Sports Go apps. ET on July 1 at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium in Nizhny Novgorodand and will be broadcast on FOX. The game starts at 2 p.m. Telemundo’s coverage will also be available for streaming via the Telemundo Deportes En Vivo apps (for iOS and Android) and Telemundo stations’ apps.
There's little doubt this year's Croatian team is brimming with talent. With three straight wins in a breezy group stage including a 3-0 upset against the Leo Messi-helmed Argentina, Croatia has to be more than a little confident goingin  against Denmark. However, the Danes shouldn't be underestimated, considering they fought through draws with both Australia and France to make it this far in the tournament. Expect Denmark to play scrappy on the defense against Croatia's high-riding strike force.
You can also stream all the action online with fuboTV. ” />

"Sicario: Day of the Soldado" debuted in 13 markets across Latin America and Spain with $2.2 million where it opened in over 1,800 locations. That start is slightly ahead of its predecessor's $15 million global debut. The sequel to 2015's "Sicario" bowed in North America this weekend with $19 million.
has grossed $7.4 million internationally and $40 million in North America in three weeks. with $584,000 on 495 screens.” /> This weekend saw strong returns from Russia ($1.1 million), Australia ($1.9 million), and Taiwan ($810,000). It opened in the U.K. The R-rated comedy from Warner Bros. Topping off the weekend is "Tag," which earned $3.7 million in 37 markets.
Disney and Lucasfilm's "Solo: A Star Wars Story," opened in Japan with $5.9 million. In six weeks, "Solo" has pocketed $368.9 million globally, including $207.3 million domestically. That takes its international weekend total to $6.1 million, along with $2.3 million in North America.
Another weekend, another dinosaur-dominated box office.
"Incredibles 2" overseas rollout continues next weekend in France, Switzerland, and Hungary. The tentpole made $40.8 million in China, along with $30.1 million in Mexico, $19.2 million in Australia, $13.1 million in Russia, and $8.6 million in Argentina.
The tentpole has earned $667 million internationally, along with $264.8 million in North America. With a global total of $932 million, the Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard-led sequel should pass the $1 billion mark this week. "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" once again topped the overseas box office with $56.1 million from 68 territories.
The top holdover was in China, where "Fallen Kingdom" made $15 million from 10,000 locations. Other key markets include Mexico ($6.7 million in 810 locations), Australia ($4.4 million in 305 locations), the United Kingdom and Ireland ($2.5 million in 620 locations), Brazil ($2.4 million in 643 locations), and Germany ($2 million in 733 locations). In China alone, the movie has amassed $237 million. "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" opens next in Japan.
The worldwide tally currently sits at $647 million, officially surpassing the entire theatrical run of 2004's "The Incredibles" ($633 million). Disney-Pixar's "Incredibles 2" had another heroic outing with $44.3 million in 36 territories. Domestically, the superhero sequel picked up $45.5 million for a global weekend total of $89.8 million.
Key markets abroad include the U.K. Meanwhile, "Ocean's 8" generated $13.8 million in 62 overseas markets, bringing its international total to $95 million. with $1.6 million, Russia with $1.2 million, and Germany with $1.2 million. Warner Bros.' heist film pocketed $8 million this weekend for a global tally of $209.7 million. "Ocean's 8" debuts next in Spain, followed by Italy and Japan.

Universal and Amblin Entertainment's sequel opened in 17 additional international markets, picking up another $106.7 million. "Fallen Kingdom" — starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard — launched in North America this weekend with $150 million, bringing its three-day total to $256.7 million. The tentpole has already earned a massive $711.5 million worldwide, including $561.5 million internationally.
To date, top markets include Mexico ($23.5 million), China (21.2 million), Australia ($15 million), and Russia ($10.4 million). "Incredibles 2" opens next in France, the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, and Spain. "Incredibles 2" debuted in China with $21.2 million, making it Pixar's biggest opening weekend in the territory. In India, the tentpole opened with $3.3 million.
With another $11.6 million in North America, the Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow heist movie has a global tally of $171 million. Meanwhile, "Ocean's 8" got away with $26.9 million in 60 territories, bringing its overseas total to $70.6 million.
"Fallen Kingdom" opens in Japan on July 13. The film also saw a strong holdover in China with another $32.4 million, bringing its total there to $202 million. "Fallen Kingdom" bowed in Mexico with $12.3 million, Brazil with $9.2 million, and Australia with $7.9 million.
The superhero sequel brought in another $80 million in North America, taking its weekend haul to $137.7 million. Overall, the animated tentpole has a global tally of $485 million, already surpassing the entire run of its predecessor, 2004's "The Incredibles." Disney-Pixar's "Incredibles 2" also stayed strong overseas, earning $56.8 million in 28 markets.
Its predecessor, 2015's "Jurassic World" ended its box office run with a massive $1 billion internationally and $652 million domestically. "Fallen Kingdom" is the fifth film in the "Jurassic" franchise.
The next key markets to open are Spain, Italy, and Japan.” /> It also debuted in Holland with $1.2 million from 143 screens, and the United Arab Emirates with $1.1 million in 80 locations. The Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett-starrer saw strong holdovers in Korea ($2.3 million), Australia ($1.2 million), and France ($1 million). The female-fronted spinoff opened in Russia with $2.7 million on 2,200 screens, as well as in Germany with $1.8 million in 789 locations.
"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" took another dino-sized bite out of the global box office.

Elsewhere, Disney-Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" brought in $3.1 million in its eighth weekend, as well as $5.3 million from North America. The record-breaking tentpole recently crossed the $2 billion mark worldwide, including an estimated $1.36 billion internationally.
"Solo: A Star Wars Story" continues to fall short of expectations, making an additional $5.2 million in 47 territories. The expensive Disney-Lucasfilm movie grossed another $14.3 million globally this weekend, which takes its worldwide tally up to $339.5 million. The "Star Wars" origin story opens next in Japan.
At the domestic box office, the heist film — starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, and Awkwafina — picked up another $19.5 million for a North American total of $79 million. Meanwhile, "Ocean's 8" pocketed $19.3 million from 36 markets, bringing its international tally to $37.1 million.
“Fallen Kingdom” is currently tracking a domestic debut of around $140 million to $150 million when it opens on June 22. It releases in Australia and Brazil on June 21, Mexico on June 22, and Japan on July 13.
The animated sequel scored $51.5 million from its first 25 international markets. That brings its global opening to $231.5 million. Disney-Pixar's "Incredibles 2" also got a heroic start overseas. In North America, the superhero adventure secured a record-breaking launch of $180 million, easily landing the best debut of all time for an animated film.
Dinosaurs continue to rule overseas.
This weekend, the female-fronted movie opened in Korea with $5.3 million, France with $2 million, Taiwan with $1.1 million, and Hong Kong with $789,000. The Warner Bros. Other top markets include Australia ($2.1 million), Mexico ($1.1 million), and Brazil ($898,000). film continues its overseas rollout in Germany, Russia, the U.K., followed by Spain, Italy, and Japan.
title, "Tag," debuted with $1.4 million in 7 international markets. The Ed Helms and Jeremy Renner-led R-rated comedy opened with $837,000 in Australia, along with $176,000 in New Zealand. Another Warner Bros. In July, the film releases in Italy, Mexico, and Germany. The next key opening will be in Russia, followed by the U.K. In North America, it launched with $14.6 million, for a worldwide start of $16 million.
Set four years after the events of “Jurassic World,” “Fallen Kingdom” sees Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s characters attempting to salvage the remaining dinosaurs on Isla Nublar before a volcanic eruption threatens to destroy it.
The dinosaur tentpole began its overseas rollout last weekend, bringing in $151.1 million in 48 markets. In total, "Fallen Kingdom" has made $370 million abroad. "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" earned an additional $173.6 million in 51 international territories this weekend, including $111.8 from its launch in China.
The Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment sequel saw strong holds in the United Kingdom and Ireland ($9.3 million), Korea ($6.4 million), Germany ($4.8 million), and France ($4.3 million).
with a record setting $208.8 million. The blockbuster opened day and date in the U.S. Its predecessor, 2015's "Jurassic World," bowed with $99 million in China.

When the summer sun is shining on Australia’s happy land
Round countless fires, in strange attire in many solemn bands
Of glum Australians watching as the lunch goes up in flames
By the smoke and the smell you can plainly tell, that it’s barby time again
When the steaks are burning fiercely, when the smoke gets in your eyes
When the snacks all taste like fried toothpaste and your mouth is full of flies
It’s a national institution, it’s Australian through and through
So come on mate and grab your plate, let’s have a barbeque! The Scots eat lots of haggis, the French eat snails and frogs
The Greeks throw kakis on their mousakis, and the Chinese love hot dogs
The Welshmen love to have a leek, the Irish like thier stew
But you just can’t beat that half-cooked meat at an Aussie barbeque
When the steaks are burning fiercely, when the smoke gets in your eyes
When the snacks all taste like fried toothpaste and your mouth is full of flies
It’s a national institution, it’s Australian through and through
So come on mate and grab your plate, let’s have a barbeque
There’s flies stuck to the margarine, the bread has gone rock hard
The kids are fighting and the mossies are biting, who forgot the aeroguard? When the steaks are burning fiercely, when the smoke gets in your eyes
When the snacks all taste like fried toothpaste and your mouth is full of flies
It’s a national institution, it’s Australian through and through
So come on mate and grab your plate, let’s have a barbeque There’s bull ants in the eskie, and the beer is running out
And what you saw in Mom’s cole slaw, you just don’t think about
When the steaks are burning fiercely, when the smoke gets in your eyes
When the snacks all taste like fried toothpaste and your mouth is full of flies
It’s a national institution, it’s Australian through and through
So come on mate and grab your plate, let’s have a barbeque
And when the barby’s over and your homeward way you wend
With a queezy tummy on the family dummy, many lonely hours you’ll spend
You might find yourself reflecting, like many often do
Come rain or shine that’s the bloody last time that you’ll have a barbeque!

Solidifying its status as a worldwide hit, Sony's "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" has won the international box office for the fourth consecutive weekend with $32.6 million at 14,800 screens in 93 markets.
A pair of international titles took the next two slots with “Secret Superstar,” the latest film vehicle for Indian superstar Aamir Khan, opening with $25.6 million in China. The film — a coming of age story about a teenage girl who wants to be a singer — follows the momentum created by Khan’s previous film "Dangal," which took in an impressive $193 million in China.
The historical drama also stars Huang Xiaoming, Chang Chen, Wang Leehom and Chen Chusheng with a focus on four generations of modern Chinese history since World War II. China holdover "Forever Young," starring Zhang Ziyi, took the next slot with $22.5 million for a $63.5 million total.
"Insidious: The Last Key" took in $18.4 million this weekend from 7,600 screens in 52 international markets, lifting the offshore total past $68 million. Sony, which is handling international on the horror title, reported that Russia was the top market with a $4.4 million launch.
It's the finale of the “Maze Runner” sci-fi trilogy. Fox also opened "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" with $15.2 million from first-place launches in four markets, led by South Korea with $10 million and followed by Australia with $2.6 million and Taiwan with $2.2 million.
The global total has reached $767.8 million, making "Jumanji" 80th on the all-time worldwide list. The action-comedy has hit $450 million internationally to go along with its $317 million domestic total.
The movie’s original release date has been delayed for nearly a year in order to allow star Dylan O’Brien to recover from injuries sustained during shooting. "Death Cure" launches next weekend in the U.S. along with 68 other markets including Brazil, China, Russia and the U.K.” />
The U.K. China delivered the top take for "Jumanji" with $7.7 million in its second weekend for a total of $65.8 million in that crucial market after two weeks — far better than Disney-Lucasfilm's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" with only $40.6 million in three weeks. is the second largest with $43.7 million, followed by Australia with $31.9 million.
The animated comedy-drama has topped $455 million internationally with $183 million in China and $57 million in Mexico, where it is the all-time box office leader. Disney-Pixar's "Coco" followed with $18.3 million in 40 markets, led by a $7.1 million first-place opening in the U.K.
Fox's animated family comedy "Ferdinand" took in $17.5 million in 58 markets, led by a modest Chinese launch of $8.7 million. The international total has hit $155.7 million.

18 with $79.3 million). Lady Gaga landed at No. Unlike most airplay and streaming charts and Grammy nominations, which dominated by hip-hop/R&B and pop acts, the top live-music year-end grosses were dominated by veteran white male rock and pop artists — Garth Brooks is the highest-ranking country act at No. 20 with $68.5 million. 15 with $85.7 million and Ariana Grande No. Celine Dion was the highest ranking female artist with $101.2 million, a combination of arena dates and her Las Vegas residency. 10 with an estimated $101.4 million (the only other was Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s co-headlining tour, No.
9 with $120 million on just 14 shows, were next with a $158.81 average ticket price). Springsteen’s Broadway run is apparently tallied separately from his “River” tour, which finished in Australia and New Zealand in January and February of this year. Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway residency came in 14th with $87.8 million based on 60 shows in New York’s Walter Kerr Theater, based on its whopping $1,500-per-ticket average (the Rolling Stones, at No.
Similarly, the chart is dominated by veteran acts, with just 7 of the top 20 — Coldplay, Mars, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Gaga, The Weeknd and Grande — having released their debut albums in this millennium.
Pollstar's Top 20 chart is available for viewing here — the complete data package will be released to subscribers on Jan. 5.” />
Overall, the Top 20 grossed $2.66 billion in 2017, a record high and increase of more than $264 million from 2016.
Coldplay was third with a $238 million gross, Bruno Mars fourth with $200.1 million, and Metallica fifth with $152.8 million. Coming in second was Guns N’ Roses, with $292.5 million gross and 2.68 million tickets sold on an 81-date/74-city UTA/International Talent Booking tour that sold nearly as many tickets as U2’s, but charged an average of $40 less per head, according to Pollstar.
U2’s “Joshua Tree” 30th anniversary trek was the year’s top-grossing tour, according to a Pollstar year-end chart released Wednesday. The Live Nation-promoted jaunt, which comprised 50 shows in 38 cities, took in a whopping $316 million and reported a total of 2.71 million tickets sold.

Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up
And now your daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
No, daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
All together, come on
Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up
And that’s why daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma
(Hell no) No, daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma
[Verse 1]
Oh, hello son, I really wish I knew you
I’m your father you’ll probably never be introduced to
You’ll only see me on TV or maybe YouTube
But now I know your momma is probably dating some new dude
So how you liking Earth? [Chorus]
Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up (momma had to fuck it all up)
And that’s why daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma (daddy doesn’t fuck your momma)
(Hell no) No, daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma
Oh, son, I’m sorry I can’t be
There with you, but I’ll be there soon
But daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma (no, no)
No, daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
Just know that
Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up
And that’s why daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma
(Hell no) No, daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma I wasn’t at your birth, ’cause your mother made me miss it
I tried to get a visa, I applied and they denied it
‘Cause your momma told the police that I beat her, she was lyin’
And now I’m banned for something bad I ain’t even do
There’s a lot of land and water separating me and you
You’re far away in Australia and I am in America
So I cannot be there to do all of the things a parent does
This is my attempt at me raising you from a distance
You have Hopson in your blood, you are special and you are gifted
The punishment your mother has given me doesn’t seem fair
Just know I love you son, and I’m wishin’ that I could be there

Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up (it’s sad)
And now your daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
(Hell no) Nope, daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
Now sing it with me, son
Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up (yeah, that’s it)
And that’s why daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma (that’s why what?)
(Hell no) No, daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma
[Verse 2]
I know you and your mom are staying with her parents, Bill & Kirsten
You’re partially black, I’m confident they’re feeling nervous
They don’t like coloured people, in their eyes you’re still a burden
They assume you’re gonna grow up shooting guns and stealin’ purses
But that’s not true, son, don’t be sad
I know you’re not like that, you know I got your back
Listen, here’s a funny joke that you could tell your grandmother
She looks like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters
Oh, I forgot, you’re too young to know what that is
But that’s the kinda thing I like to say to plumpy fat chicks
The humps on moms chest are not real, they’re elastic
And if you look closely you can see she’s made of plastic
Like a toy, you my boy, my son, my friend
I promise we gon’ be together somehow in the end
I am very ashamed that you don’t have my last name
Every night I go to bed and I’m feelin’ this wicked pain, because

Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up
And now your daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
(Hell no) Nope, daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
You know what time it is, son
Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up (that’s right)
And that’s why daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma (daddy doesn’t fuck with who?)
(Hell no) No, daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma
[Verse 3]
Currently my life has hit the floor, I can’t lie to you, shit is hard
I should be building with the Lord, it could be what I’m missin’
Or maybe I should continue to hurt your momma and diss her more
Just to relieve the tension that sits in my heart, ’cause it is sore
When I’m spittin’ bars about all my cash and exquisite cars
This was on my vision and you were the one I did it for
My relationship with your momma is sittin’ in the morgue
After all this hell I can’t lie, I do wish she did abort
Our lives are so unhappy, ’cause this world is cold and nasty
Just know your daddy don’t condone havin’ a broken family
I’m so sad we couldn’t work out our issues ‘fore you arrived
And now you have to suffer, ’cause mom and daddy have stupid lives
You’re way too young to notice it, you don’t deserve to go through this
If I do see your mom again this time I will assault the bitch
At least then I’ll feel like my bannin’ was justified
Look at your momma, thank her for fuckin’ up all our lives, to sing

Our lives could’a been so good
But momma had to fuck it all up
And now your daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
(Hell no) Nope, daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma
Where’s my choir at? Are you loving your existence?

However, on Thursday, Justice David Hammerschlag of the New South Wales Supreme Court ruled against the studio, finding that the dispute is not explicitly subject to arbitration. argues that the dispute should be handled in arbitration in California. Warner Bros.
Released in 2015, "Mad Max: Fury Road" grossed $154 million domestically and another $225 million overseas.” />
The suit, covered on Saturday in the Sydney Morning-Herald, accuses the studio of factoring in costs that were the result of its own decisions in order to claim that the project went over its $157 million budget.
We would much prefer to be making movies with Warner Bros. "That hard work resulted in a picture which found wide acclaim globally… "Simply put, we are owed substantial earnings for diligent and painstaking work which spanned over 10 years in development of the script and preparation and three years in production of the movie," Miller and his producing partner, Doug Mitchell, said in a statement to the Australian publication. than litigating with them but, after trying for over a year, we were unable to reach a satisfactory resolution and have now had to resort to a lawsuit to sort things out."
did not inform them of the fact that they did not intend the additional costs incurred by the changes and delays to Mad Max brought about by them, to be excluded costs for the purposes of the budget calculation." According to the ruling, they allege that "Warner Bros. Miller and Mitchell are seeking relief under an Australian consumer-protection law.
Warner Bros. countered with its own statement: "We disagree and will vigorously defend against these claims."
Miller and Mitchell filed suit in Australia on Sept. 3. The suit also accuses the studio of breaching their agreement when it allowed RatPac Entertainment to take a 12.5% stake in the project, violating an obligation to first offer such terms to Miller and Mitchell.
in Australia, seeking payment on a $7 million bonus for keeping the hit film under budget. "Mad Max: Fury Road" director George Miller is suing Warner Bros.

Sony noted that "Blade Runner 2049," starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, is positioned for a strong run throughout the fall season and pointed to positive upticks on Saturday, stellar reviews, and "excellent" audience reception.
France also took in $3.6 million, followed by Germany with $3.3 million, Spain with $2.6 million, Italy with $2.5 million, Brazil with $1.8 million and Mexico with $1.6 million. Australia launched with $3.6 million, beating out "Interstellar" by 9% and "Gravity" by 28%.
The noir sci-fi sequel took first place in 45 markets, led by $8 million in the U.K., similar to "Interstellar" and 15% ahead of "Mad Max: Fury Road." Russia followed with $4.9 million, topping "Gravity" by 16% and "Mad Max: Fury Road" by 1%.
Upcoming key market releases are South Korea on Oct. 10. 27, and China on Nov. 12, Japan on Oct.
“Blade Runner 2049” is heading for a downbeat $31.5 million opening weekend at 4,058 sites in North America, where it launched well below forecasts. is handling domestic distribution on “Blade Runner 2049,” starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, through its output deal with Alcon Entertainment. Warner Bros.
Denis Villeneuve helms the sequel film, which is set in a bleak 2049 Los Angeles with Gosling starring as an LAPD officer dealing with replicants seeking freedom.” /> Financed by Alcon and Sony and laden with special effects, the film carries a $150 million price tag.
"Blade Runner 2049" has launched with a solid $50.2 million in 63 markets on 15,900 screens, representing 61% of its international footprint for Sony.