Bloys was previously the president of HBO Programming, but will now oversee original content for HBO Max and the linear networks TNT, TBS, and truTV.
To do so, I believe it is vital that we change how we are organized, that we simplify, and that we act boldly and with urgency. The pandemic’s economic pressures and acceleration of direct-to-consumer streaming adoption places an even higher premium on these points. Earning this ambitious future won’t come easy. Because of the gift that is the internet, we have what I believe is one of the greatest opportunities in the history of media, which is to deliver our beloved stories and experiences directly to hundreds of millions of consumers across the globe.
As I shared with you recently, my bullishness about our future has only grown as I have gotten to know you much better and as I have gotten to know our company much better. It has been a little over 90 days since I joined the mission and the team. As some of you may recall, I shared three thoughts with you on my first day email: These past three months have exceeded my already high expectations.
Christy Haubegger, Chief Enterprise Inclusion Officer, will now also oversee the global marketing and communications team including branding and corporate social responsibility, as we bring together all of our efforts around equity and inclusion throughout our business.
Andy Forssell, General Manager of HBO Max, will now be leading a newly created HBO Max operating business unit and report to me. Andy and his team will be responsible for the product, marketing, consumer engagement and global rollout of HBO Max.
My belief that missionary companies ultimately shine…and my strong belief that ours is a team filled with missionaries.
In a massive executive shakeup at WarnerMedia, both Bob Greenblatt and Kevin Reilly are exiting the company. Keith Cocozza, executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications, is also stepping down.
We are elevating HBO Max in the organization and expanding its scope globally.
Casey and the HBO team have done an incredible job over the last several decades delighting consumers with HBO original programming and I am excited for Casey and this expanded team to have an even greater impact on the world. Casey will report to Ann. Casey Bloys, President HBO Programming, will also be taking on original content responsibilities for HBO Max and the domestic linear networks TNT, TBS, and TruTV.
I have never met a kinder, more collaborative executive in my career. "It has been such an impressive sequence of events, and we are so much better for it. I can’t wait to see how each of these leaders change the world in the years to come." "I want to thank Bob and Kevin for getting us to this point with the integration of HBO and the legacy Turner Networks and launch of HBO Max," Kilar said. I also owe a tremendous amount of gratitude and thanks to Keith, for not only helping me navigate these last few months at the company — and with the media — but more importantly for his 19 years at the company through its evolution.
We are bringing our key commercial activities into one group to allow us to operate more strategically.
We are simplifying how we organize our studios.
Greenblatt first joined WarnerMedia in March 2019 after a successful stint at the head of NBC Entertainment. His mandate at the time was to help the company launch HBO Max, which officially debuted in May of this year. Kilar indicates in the memo that the importance of HBO Max is going to be central to the future of WarnerMedia.
We are creating a consolidated International unit focused on scale and efficiency.
"This group will oversee all WarnerMedia television series and motion picture development, production and programming, partnering with Andy [Forssell] to ensure HBO Max is successful globally," Kilar says.
I realize this is a lot to take in. And none of us should expect the above changes to be easy. That said, we are successfully navigating a pandemic together and I know that, however challenging the above changes may be, we will also successfully navigate them as well. As each of you take some time to digest the above, I hope that you become more and more energized by how, together, we are boldly leaning into the future and this historic opportunity that is right in front of us. It is an honor to be on this team with each of you.” />
We are making other structural changes that will help us operate more effectively and efficiently.
With the above as context, I’d like to share some decisions I am announcing today that represent our leaning into this great moment of change, in order to better serve our customers. That is what this all comes back to. These changes, which are neither timid nor without risk, are possible in part because we are missionaries that ultimately believe we can and will change the world through story.
Read the full memo below.
He was then promoted to head of content for WarnerMedia. The news of his departure comes despite the fact he signed a new four-year deal with the company last May. Reilly joined Turner as head of TNT and TBS in 2014.
Warner Bros. Motion Pictures Group will continue to be led by Toby Emmerich, while Warner Bros. Television Studios group remains under the purview of Peter Roth.
Pascal Desroches (CFO),Rich Tom (CTO), Jim Cummings (CHRO), Priya Dogra (EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development) and Jim Meza (EVP, General Counsel) continue to report to me. Jeff Zucker continues as Chairman of WarnerMedia News and Sports.
This group will be responsible for local execution of all WarnerMedia linear businesses, commercial activities, and regional programming for HBO Max. Gerhard Zeiler, currently Chief Revenue Officer, will now be leading a newly integrated international group comprised of the international operations of Warner Bros., HBO and Turner Networks.
To accomplish this, we are going to do the following:
Simplifying our approach and narrowing our focus goes beyond, for example, having one content organization vs two. It is difficult to find the appropriate words here to say other than that I am very sorry. These are talented, admired leaders and beloved colleagues. It is simply a function of the above changes I believe are necessary for WarnerMedia and our collective ability to best serve customers. It also means that we will be reducing the size of our teams, our layers, and our overall workforce. This is the part that is painful and very hard. These reductions are not in any way a reflection of the quality of the people impacted nor their work.
That history was filled with examples of special entrepreneurial companies that leaned into moments of great change in order to better serve customers.
In addition, Ann Sarnoff has been promoted to oversee a newly expanded content group, with Casey Bloys now reporting to Sarnoff. WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar made the announcement in a memo to staff on Friday.
This is now the second major media company shakeup in as many days. On Thursday, NBCUniversal announced significant changes in its executive ranks, which included the exit of NBC Entertainment head Paul Telegdy.
He will also oversee the global rollout of HBO Max. Andy Forssell, General Manager of HBO Max, has been placed in charge of a newly-created HBO Max operating business unit, reporting to Kilar.
Television Studios group continues to be led by Chairman Peter Roth. Warner Bros. The Warner Bros. Motion Pictures Group continues to be led by Chairman Toby Emmerich. Interactive remains part of the Studios and Networks group, along with our Global Brands and Franchises team including DC led by Pam Lifford, and our Kids, Young Adults and Classics business led by Tom Ascheim, all focused on engaging fans with our brands and franchises through games and other interactive experiences. Warner Bros.
And, That our taking smart and bold risks is so important to the road ahead.
It has been such an impressive sequence of events, and we are so much better for it. I also owe a tremendous amount of gratitude and thanks to Keith, for not only helping me navigate these last few months at the company – and with the media – but more importantly for his 19 years at the company through its evolution. I can’t wait to see how each of these leaders change the world in the years to come. Three of those talented, admired leaders who will be leaving the company are Bob Greenblatt, Kevin Reilly and Keith Cocozza. I have never met a kinder, more collaborative executive in my career. I want to thank Bob and Kevin for getting us to this point with the integration of HBO and the legacy Turner Networks and launch of HBO Max.
The group will be "combining original production (content studios) and programming capabilities currently spread across Warner Bros., HBO, HBO Max, TNT, TBS and TruTV." Per the memo, Sarnoff, who is the Warner Bros. chair and CEO, will now lead what Kilar refers to as the Studios and Networks Group.
Ann Sarnoff, Warner Bros. Chair and CEO, will be leading our newly created Studios and Networks Group, combining original production (content studios) and programming capabilities currently spread across Warner Bros., HBO, HBO Max, TNT, TBS and TruTV. This group will oversee all WarnerMedia television series and motion picture development, production and programming, partnering with Andy to ensure HBO Max is successful globally.
advertising sales and distribution groups with our home entertainment and content licensing so that all commercial activities are strategically managed across internal and external customers. Tony Goncalves, CEO of Otter and a key leader of HBO Max, will lead the new commercial unit that combines the U.S.

It is not yet clear whether the series, old and new, will wind up exclusively on the forthcoming NBCUniversal streaming platform once the Hulu deal expires, though it would not be surprising.
The team also heaped praise on the "Will & Grace" acting foursome, adding that it has been "the highlight of our careers to write for and direct four incredible artists who we consider to be the finest and funniest ensemble sitcom cast of all time."
"” /> The NBC series racked up 91 Emmy nominations, 18 Emmy wins, 30 Golden Globe nominations, seven GLAAD awards for outstanding TV comedy series, plus seven DGA nominations and one win for Burrows.
New episodes are also available on those platforms for a certain window. The original eight seasons are currently streaming on Hulu, which nabbed the rights in 2017, as well as through NBC's app. A premiere date for the third and final season of the reboot, produced by Universal Television, has not yet been announced.
"Will & Grace" is hardly the only series to have been revived in recent years, with "Dynasty," "Charmed" and "Queer Eye" among the series that have been revived in some fashion or another.
NBCU CEO Steve Burke said early Thursday that it would launch in April 2020 with library and acquired content, and "would expect the vast majority of consumption in the beginning would be (of) acquired programs.” The company recently acquired the exclusive streaming rights to "The Office," yanking the property off Netflix after 2020.
NBC Entertainment co-chairmen George Cheeks and Paul Telegdy said that NBC had "jumped at the chance" to revive the series.
The comedy, starring Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullaly, initially aired for eight seasons on NBC from 1998 to 2006, before being rebooted 11 years later in 2017.
"That is why, after consulting with the cast, we all have decided this will be the final season of ‘Will & Grace.’" “We think of the 'Will & Grace’ reboot episodes the way Karen Walker thinks of martinis – 51 is not enough, 53 is too many," they said in a joint statement.
We have had a once-in-a-lifetime experience twice. “In 2016, Bob Greenblatt came to us with the idea of doing a 10-episode reboot of ‘Will & Grace,’" said Mutchnick, Kohan and Burrows. And for that, we owe a double debt of gratitude to NBC, this show's supportive and caring home since day one." "They say you can’t go home again, but we did. And now, three seasons and 52 episodes later, we’re even more proud of something we never thought we’d get a chance to do again.
"A huge thank you to Max, David, Jimmy and a cast that is second to none for their brilliance over an incredible run.” "The impact and legacy of ‘Will & Grace’ simply can’t be overstated, both as a true game-changer in the portrayal of the LGBTQ community and as one of the finest comedies in television history," they said.
"Will & Grace" executive producers Max Mutchnick, David Kohan and James Burrows, in conjunction with the cast, have decided to end the "Will & Grace" reboot on NBC with the 2020 season, its third season that follows an original eight-season run.

"As anybody who works in television knows, a director typically does not have final creative control." "Let me clarify. There wouldn’t be a second season without Andrea. We’re indebted to her," Bloys said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday.
HBO's president of programming Casey Bloys addressed the report that "Big Little Lies" Season 2 director Andrea Arnold was locked out of the show's editing process.
According to Bloys, Arnold had never been promised final cut and that she turned in her director's cuts as expected. Upon receiving them, the show's producing team then took their own pass at editing the series.
Bloys also touched on the fact that some episodes of the show's second season had nearly a dozen credited editors.
Speaking of a potential third season, Bloys said he has taken a "never say never" approach but at present there are no plans.
According to the earlier report, Arnold was under the impression that she would have creative control over the episodes she directed during the critically-acclaimed show's second season but control was taken from her and given to Season 1 director and series executive producer Jean-Marc Vallee.
"The big challenge for me and our team that by doing that much more we’re not just filling hours to fill hours," he said. "We have a lot more programming and there is not one show I would not have aired two years ago or five years ago." He specifically pointed to the success of shows like "Chernobyl" and "Gentleman Jack," the first HBO originals to air on Monday nights, as evidence that the increased programming strategy is working.” />
He went on to say that WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey and chairman Bob Greenblatt have made it clear that "HBO will be the core of any offering" and that the new service will be "broader and complimentary" to HBO's programming. Questions were also raised about how HBO is going to change now that WarnerMedia is poised to launch the streaming service HBO Max. Bloys said he found it "flattering" that the new service had been dubbed HBO Max.
Kelley] and the producers had an aligned vision on that they wanted to do." "[Jean-Marc] is an editor and he as a team of editors that he works with he is very particular about who he works with and how he works with them," he said. "Jean-Marc was not given carte blanche [in Season 1]. He and [David E.
"The entire producing team all asked Jean-Marc to come in and hone the episodes," he said. "I would be hard pressed to point to any show that airs the director's cut of any episodes."
"I would certainly be open to it because I love working with all of them." "To me, there’s no obvious place to go, no obvious story," he said.
While the premium cabler aired approximately 100-105 hours of scripted programming in past years, there will be around 150 hours in 2019. Bloys also touched on the marked increase in HBO's amount of programming.

Fellowes will executive produce the series alongside Gareth Neame, with whom he partnered on both the original "Downton" series and the upcoming big screen version. TV veteran Michael Engler, who directed multiple episodes of “Downton,” will direct and serve as an EP.” />
"We’re all huge fans of Julian and I know I speak for Bob Greenblatt — who was involved in the development of this series while at Universal Television — when I say we’re thrilled to bring his undeniable genius to our viewers.” “Given the opulent scope and scale of this richly textured character drama, HBO is the perfect home for ‘The Gilded Age,’” said Casey Bloys, president of programming at the cabler.
After years of gestation, the 1885-set series was picked up by NBC last year and was aiming for a Spring 2019 debut. The cabler has handed out a 10-episode production commitment, but is yet to reveal when "The Gilded Age" will finally premiere.
We can’t wait to partner with them to bring Julian’s majestic drama to audiences all over the globe," said Paul Telegdy and George Cheeks, co-chairmen of NBC Entertainment in a statement. “As with all of our studio projects, our goal is to find them the home that is the best fit for the series. We love the ambition and scope of ‘The Gilded Age,’ and after a highly competitive bidding process, ultimately came to the conclusion that HBO is the perfect network for this epic story.
In a twist which Julian Fellowes himself might have written, "The Gilded Age," which hails from the "Downton Abbey" creator, has moved from NBC to HBO.
Several years passed with little movement towards production, but in Jan., 2018, NBC put out a 10-episode series order. The drama was in development for more than six years at NBC, after Bob Greenblatt, who was chairman of NBC Entertainment at the time, first announced that its development at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in 2012. Set in New York in the 1880s, “The Gilded Age” tells the story of a new-money family trying to join the ranks of the Astors and Vanderbilts.
I know I will enjoy making it." "I feel very privileged to be making 'The Gilded Age' with HBO and Universal Television," said Fellowes on the change. I hope people will enjoy the series. "It has been a dream of mine for some time, as I am fascinated by this brutal and intensely glamorous period of America's history. It will be about ambition, of course, and envy and hatred and, perhaps most of all, about love.
Also upcoming from Fellowes is the "Downton Abbey" movie, which released a teaser trailer in late 2018 and is set hit theaters in September.

Both will report to Sarah Aubrey, head of original content for WarnerMedia. Makkos will serve as executive vice president of original comedy and animation, while O'Connell will be WarnerMedia's executive vice president of original non-fiction and kids programming.
There’ s a million questions to answer about where we’re already selling content now, should we continue to do that, how exclusive should we be? "The goal here is to put all of these assets that this company has — from the movie studio to HBO and Turner and the vast library — and build a platform that is robust and a great value to the consumer. We all need to roll up our sleeves as one company to pull that together." There are a million questions that have to be answered.
Former NBC boss Bob Greenblatt has been tasked with launching WarnerMedia's streaming service. In an interview with Variety in March, Greenblatt said there are still many unanswered questions about the service, but it will draw heavily on the shows in the Turner and HBO archives.
She joins the streamer from Fox Broadcasting, where she was executive vice president of comedy programming and development. During her time there, she shephered shows like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," 'Bob’s Burgers," "New Girl," "The Last Man on Earth," and "The Mindy Project." In her new role, Makkos will be tasked with developing shows ranging from anthology rom-com series to millennial satire to new takes on legacy animated properties under the vast WarnerMedia umbrella.
She previously held positions at NBCU, Core Media Group, Shed Media U.S., the Disney Channel and the Family Channel. O'Connell was most recently head of worldwide alternative programming for Lionsgate. She will now develop programming such as docuseries to children’s-focused projects that leverage WarnerMedia’s portfolio of brands.
(Pictured: Jennifer O'Connell, left; Suzanna Makkos, right)” />
Both Jennifer O’Connell and Suzanna Makkos are joining the executive ranks at the WarnerMedia streaming service, Variety has learned.