It now takes both play time and ranking into account when offering rewards. Additionally, players no longer receive four times the BP when they play alone in a squad game. It's adding a supply system that grants rewards based on completed missions and playtime. PUBG Corp. is also making notable tweaks to how players are rewarded for time spent in-game. The developer is also restructuring the BP system. There's now a survival gauge that fills with survival XP, and players who fill the bar get rewards when they level up. Previously, it looked at rankings only.
The Sanhok map is also getting an exclusive vehicle called the Tukshai. said, but it fits perfectly with the map's Southeast Asian environment. It can be found on all maps as a world spawn. Update #21 adds some new content to "PUBG" besides the training mode and reward system, including a new AR weapon called the MK47 Mutant. It's slower than other vehicles, PUBG Corp.
"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" is getting a training mode and a brand new rewards system, developer PUBG Corp. revealed on Wednesday.
The update also brings numerous bug fixes, performance tweaks, and UI changes. You can read the full patch notes here.” />
It allows players to practice "all aspects of 'PUBG' gameplay' in a 2×2 map. A player's health can't drop below one hit point while in training mode. Up to 20 people can join a training session, which lasts for a total 30 minutes. PC Update #21 is on "PUBG's" test server now and it brings a lot of changes to the battle royale game. The biggest addition is the much-requested training mode.