After returning home from weight loss camp, a young girl struggles to accept her body image while navigating relationships.” />
“School House Glock”
“One Bite”
Directed by Rae Powers
A documentary that explores how mass shootings have spread to American schools and what young activists are doing to feel safe.
In our thick cultural times of 2019, it’s imperative we give young voices a platform to be heard–without pushing our agenda,” said Lily Baldwin, “Our City, My Story” juror. “Film is one of the most pervasive mediums of today and I strongly feel we must nurture both authenticity of expression and innovation. For all of these reasons, it’s been an utter honor to jury for TFI’s Our City, My Story, a program that boldly supports all of the above.” “The brazen and young individuals of NYC are the future and we must listen.
Directed by Nadir Hepburn
“A Lost Voice”
“Fully Addicted”
“Flat Spot”
Tribeca Film Institute has selected 13 finalists from a pool of 115 submissions from New York City to screen at their annual “Our City, My Story” showcase on May 5 during the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.
A couple tells the story of their relationship and their promises for the future.
“I’m Glad it was You”
The friendship of two young skateboarders is tested when one of them runs into his longtime crush.
“Simple Night”
A pair of shoes named Chuck that is dealing with a recent heartbreak after he receives a note from his ex-girlfriend, Madden.
Directed by Aliyah Warr
Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer all have one thing in common – they plague minority communities, where eating healthy has become a new segregation.
Directed by Jacob Lam
“The Scribe”
Directed by Jonah Bravo
“The Art of Parenting”
“Bravo: A Work in Progress”
Immediately following the screening one winning film will be announced in each category. Each film focuses on New York City through the perspective of a filmmaker 21 years old or younger in the categories of animation, documentary, experimental, and narrative.
A young cynic ponders his pessimistic views when he meets a young girl.
Directed by Camryn Mina
Follow Pastor Abraham Jong Choi as he shares his commitment to his ministry and seoye, Korean calligraphy.
Mr. Raymond, a creature of habit, changes up his usual drink and finds himself on an unpredictable adventure.
Directed by Bridget Ashville
Directed by Chaoming Xue
The A-Type, quirky and romantic, Jonah examines himself as a young filmmaker and what it will take to achieve his ambition of becoming a successful artist.
Directed by Jasmine Lecount-McClanahan, Alex Tzanis, Mya Qualls and Donezsah Browne
Directed by Emilie Hanson
A short experimental film about overcoming social anxiety and becoming invisible.
Directed by Laine Elliott
High school student Lola juggles school and parenting her addicted mom all while trying to get herself into college.
Directed by William Mun
“Endless Stare”
“The Meet Cute”
Early in his life, Jacob experienced a move across the world that caused him to lose sight of himself. He embarks on a journey to discover what it means to be Chinese-American.
Directed by Veronica Alvarez