Longtime 20th Century Fox marketing and communications executive James Finn is leaving the company in the wake of its sale to the Walt Disney Company.
In a parting note to colleagues obtained by Variety, Finn said he's grown accustomed to reading goodbye letters of late and wanted to keep his brief, simply thanking colleagues and mentors at the studio.
It was not immediately clear if Finn resigned or represented a redundancy as Disney and 20th Century's film and TV entities combine. Finn, known for his deep relationships with the media and his general affability, most recently served as head of marketing in the VR and gaming division Fox Next, as well as co-head of marketing in Fox Home Entertainment.
Finn was integral to 20th Century's efforts to make home entertainments offerings more digital-facing. In nearly 20 years at the company, he previously served as a vice president in national publicity at Fox Searchlight and a studio rep at 20th Century Fox Film.
The most significant was in March, with two smaller waves in May and June mostly affecting the film studio and international divisions.” /> Three rounds of layoffs have been exacted since Disney closed the $71.3 billion purchase of Fox's assets in March.

If Wednesday's meeting was any indication, no one over there is thinking about movies. Also, rather ironically, the Murdochs welcomed shareholders with a medley of hits from "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack. The only capacity in which Fox's film legacy was mentioned was in a victory lap at the top of Lachlan's speech, where he praised the old company as the force behind "Avatar," "Titanic," "Home Alone," "Life of Pi," the "X-Men" series, and more. New Fox (it's just "Fox" now, you'll remember) was never expected to jump headfirst into the theatrical film business.
It's "Fox." Leave your questions in the comments section below.
He opened with remarks about excitement over an expanded Disney and a revamped Fox. chairman Rupert Murdoch appeared for only seconds at the top of the meeting to introduce son Lachlan, his co-chair at 21st Century Fox. Rupert's son James Murdoch, the company's CEO, was present, but did not speak. Eighty seven-year-old mogul and News Corp. It was Lachlan's show otherwise. He's grown a formidable beard, FYI.
What Is Fox Now?
Now that 20th Century Fox Film and prestige label Fox Searchlight belong to Disney, it resurfaces an interesting question about the viability of those brand names surviving under Bob Iger's roof. One theory floated on the ground by chatty meeting attendees: Disney could simply kill "Fox" in each title, leaving the labels as "20th Century" and "Searchlight," respectively.
Lachlan Murdoch, 21st Century Fox's co-chairman, called to order what was "likely the final" stockholders meeting of his family media company on Wednesday.
New Fox Has a New Name
As expected, Fox will lean into its bread and butter: "disruptive" TV shows, "brash" sports coverage, and, of course, the news operation, Lachlan said. He also extolled his dad as a "journalist at heart," before praising the company's news operation as the "best news and the clearest opinion." Lachlan offered no timeline or for the assembly and announcement of a creative team on the TV side.
Here's what Variety learned on the ground at the West Los Angeles Fox lot: Up for vote for the shareholders were standard issues like executive compensation and the approval of a dual stock structure, with a bit of palace intrigue and strategy peppered in.
Rupert Stands Down
Neither company had immediate comment.” />
It was a polished, if not anticlimactic, affair that gave us an official name for New Fox as the Walt Disney Company prepares to ingest the former's film and TV assets, leaving a leaner broadcasting infrastructure, sports programming, and the news operation.
Film Drought