In 2016 Drake reportedly paid $6.7 million for mid-block parcel along a leafy street lined with large, gated homes and engaged the services of designer/builder Ferris Rafauli to conjure a colossal, conspicuously opulent chateau-style palace of more than 35,000-square-feet that will reportedly contain: a room to display Drake’s mounting industry awards and another to display his collection of basketball memorabilia; a snack room — that’s exactly what it sounds like, a room filled with snack foods; a state of the art fitness and spa complex with indoor swimming pool and indoor basketball court; a subterranean entertainment suite and bar with separate, dedicated refrigerators for beer and champagne; and, natch, a combination professional screening room and music lounge for impromptu home concerts. With a deep-pocketed penchant for an excessive lifestyle of private jets and humongous homes, the mononymic Canadian music industry hyphenate, who goes by “Champagne Papi” on his Instagram account and collects shockingly expensive Hermès Birkin bags, he says, for his future spouse, has long maintained a solid real estate foothold in Toronto. He’s temporarily shacked up in a glass-walled condo on the 52nd floor of a downtown high-rise while he completes construction on a custom-designed, ultra-luxe megamansion in the ritzy Bridle Path neighborhood.
Drake, who hauled in an estimated $94 million in 2017, according to the celebrity bean counters at Forbes, has solidified his property gossip status as an up-and-coming real estate baller, we first heard from real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak, with the $4.5 million, off-market purchase of a remarkably unremarkable ranch style residence next door to his already sprawling, multi-residence compound in the guard-gated Hidden Hills community in L.A.’s affluent far western suburbs. This is the teen actor turned 35-time Grammy nominated music industry phenom’s third acquisition in the heavily celebrified enclave where he now owns all three of the contiguous estates that pin wheel around the end of a short cul-de-sac and together encompass 6.7 acres.
Drake expanded his Hidden Hills holdings over the summer of 2015, coughing up $2.85 million for a neighboring, 1.6-acre spread and its fully updated 1950s ranch-style residence that, at the time of the sale, was configured with four bedrooms and five bathrooms in 4,445-square-feet plus an 800-square-foot detached guesthouse. The three-time Grammy winner first purchased property in the equestrian oriented community in 2012 when he shelled out $7.7 million, in cash, for what he now calls the YOLO Estate, a more than 12,000-square-foot residence and party pad on almost three acres with a nearly 2,000-square-foot master suite behind a hidden door concealed in a bookshelf. Designed more for large-scare entertaining than quiet solitude, the estate’s grounds offer a plethora of recreational options including a tennis court that doubles as a basketball court, a sand volleyball court and an extravagant, lagoon-style swimming pool complete with spa grotto, several remote-controlled waterfalls, an 80-foot water slide and a swim-up bar.
Described as a “mini-Ponderosa” in digital marketing materials from 2017, when the property was briefly made available as a rental at almost $8,000 per month, the two-plus acre spread includes a mix of redwood pine, citrus and pomegranate trees. Built in the mid-1950s and updated over the years in a drab, not particularly upscale fashion, the brick-accented single-story house has three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in 2,449-square-feet. There are classic if slightly old-fashioned diamond paned windows, vaulted and exposed beam ceilings, a perfectly ordinary and outdated galley-style kitchen with white ceramic tile countertops and a living room anchored by a massive antique brick corner fireplace that cleverly incorporates a cushioned built-in bench.
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