Chance the Rapper has postponed his "The Big Day" tour in order to spend more time with his newborn baby. 14, at San Francisco's Chase Center. The tour was set to kick off this Saturday, Sept.
But with it being so eventful it has also been very strenuous having to divide my time and energy between family and work." "This year has been one of the greatest of my life; Marriage, new baby, first album etc. "I thought it over for the past week and I’ve decided to push back my tour," the Grammy-winning artist wrote on Instagram, below a photo of his four year-old girl Kensli and new-born Marli.
The rapper went on to explain how disappointing it was to not be present for some of the most important milestones in Kensli's life when he toured for his 2016 album "Coloring Book," noting that he didn't want to miss those same moments for Marli.
"I need to be as helpful and available as possible to my wife in these early months of raising Kensli and Marli. "At this point as a husband and father of two I realize that I can’t make that mistake again," Chance wrote. I apologize because I know how many people were counting on seeing me soon, but I hope you’ll understand and forgive me in time."
15, 2020 in San Diego. Chance added that some shows have yet to be rescheduled.” /> The tour will now kick off Jan. Tickets can be purchased and refunded at

Though Childish Gambino's weekend two Coachella set didn't vary too much from his electrifying first one, it did feature a new but familiar face.
"I been depressed all week," he explained about a third of the way through the show, referring to the blowback some weekend one attendees expressed at his speech referencing the audience's mortality. And then I saw Janelle's set and I was like, 'Oh s—, she's having so much fun.'" "I get really upset if I feel like I'm not giving people — not to give you guys your money's worth.
During some of the lulls in the spectacular visuals that were designed to build tension for the next song or beat drop, some attendees called out, "Chance!" and a "We want Chance" chant even broke out, though briefly. They were perhaps less thrilled that Chance did not reappear for a guest performance during Gambino's set.
There, he took selfies with audience members despite having told the crowd minutes earlier to put their phones down. At one point, similar to weekend one's impromptu sharing of a joint, Gambino headed off the catwalk that he spent most of the show prowling and into the audience.
The stage direction, pyrotechnics (read: fireworks), laser light displays and audience interaction are clearly planned with near-military precision, evident in the fact that all Gambino's on-camera security crew were decked out in adidas-branded jackets. Yet Gambino knows how to work his own presence to make the performance feel spontaneous. Though Gambino's music is not always the most riveting to listen to in one's home, his live show is undoubtedly a work of art.
Gambino's set, while essentially the same as the previous weekend's, still proved to enthrall a second audience. From his now-trademark jerky dance moves to the incredible cinematography of the feed, which often showed dramatically lit close-ups of Gambino's face as he passed through contorted expression after expression, Gambino's headlining spot was clearly deserved — a sentiment the performer himself questioned at one point.
You could've been a rabbit, you could've been a snake, a tree…But being human is such a high form of energy. "Last weekend I said some s— that bummed people out, so yeah, one in 100, but everyone here is chosen. We can protest a lot of things, we can come up with anything our brains allow and I know it's hard not to take it for granted but it's a special thing. You can change anything if you want to." "I owe it to being alive to have fun and that's why we're here," he continued.″ />
Though the pair's exchange took place off-mic, the audience was nonetheless thrilled to see the "Coloring Book" artist. When Gambino popped backstage during a band feature, accompanied by the cameramen that made his set in part like watching a concert film on a massive screen, Grammy winning musician Chance the Rapper appeared to give Gambino a hug and share a few bottles of water.
Watch video of Chance's brief appearance below.