Finn Wolfhard got exactly what he hoped for — Bill Hader playing his "It" character, Richie Tozier, as an adult in "It: Chapter Two."
Meanwhile, as the cast of "Dog Days" arrived to walk the turf carpet set up in the atrium of the Westfield Century City mall, guests enjoyed themselves at a pre-screening party that featured dogs up for adoption, a candy bar, a menu of grilled cheese and hot dogs, balloon dogs, and a dog-tag making station.
"There is a scene and my dog is standing on my chest," star Rob Corddry said. Luckily, it didn't happen." Not that they weren't worried. "One of the trainers said, 'If he poops, just throw him off of you.' For the whole scene, I was worried about that.
"I kept asking him for tips because I had a puppy at the time," she said, referring to her pooch Maverick. Nina Dobrev admitted she got some off-camera help from an on-set dog trainer. She can roll over, sit, and play dead." "She's now the perfect dog.
"Giving Bill Hader direction would be sacrilegious," he said. Wolfhard has not offered Hader any tips on how to play him.
"I've met and talked to him, but I haven't worked with him," Wolfhard said. Paparazzi recently snapped Wolfhard and Hader on set together. "We've been in similar stuff, but we haven't actually shot together."
"It: Chapter Two" takes place 27 years after the 1989 setting of the 2017 adaptation of the Stephen King horror tale.
The Ken Marino-directed movie revolves around the lives of a group of dog owners in L.A. "You know the saying, 'Never work with animals or children,'" Wolfhard said. "Well, there are kids and animals in this movie and nothing bad happened."
"Dog Days" hits theatres on Wednesday.” />
"He's one of my heroes." "I thought of him from the very beginning," the "Stranger Things" star told Variety on Sunday at the premiere of "Dog Days," his new family-friendly comedy.