delegation left the Palazzo del Cinema auditorium. After loud cheers and clapping following the end credits Lady Gaga smiled and looked relieved and director Bradley Cooper said “thank you for staying!” as the Warner Bros.
Though the interruption broke the film's emotive flow, it also created an intimacy of sorts and will certainly go down in the Venice Film Festival's annals.
The world premiere of “A Star Is Born” received a warm 8-minute ovation at the Venice Film Festival after the musical drama’s gala screening was marred by a roughly 15-minute interruption due to a technical glitch caused by lightening.
Sources close to the producers said the glitch was caused by lightening during a heavy rainstorm on the Lido which blew out the projector's light bulb.
Early reviews of Cooper’s directing debut have ranged from warm to rapturous. Variety’s Owen Gleiberman called it “A transcendent Hollywood movie.”
Then Lady Gaga, after sitting very still, began blowing kisses to the audience, which cheered. When the light was turned back on there was clapping at first, then increasing tension filled the room as a voice in Italian said that the screening would resume as soon as possible. 'You are amazing!" said one spectator, which stoked the cheering. The screening went black after about an hour during which a burst of clapping had greeted the first duet between Cooper and Lady Gaga.
The film co-stars Cooper, Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay and Dave Chappelle.” />
Earlier Lady Gaga in a pink fluffy gown and Cooper send fans and paparazzi into a frenzy under a light drizzle as the aria "La Donna E' Mobile" from Verdi's Rigoletto played loudly. Cate Blanchett, Donatella Versace, and Spike Lee were also spotted.