These contracts are not OK." "What I'm trying to do here is just serve justice to the esports community," he said. They're getting taken advantage of. "These kids are getting ripped off.
While Tfue said he can't disclose what's in the contract, he called on Faze Clan to release it publicly.
"Fortnite" streamer Turner "Tfue" Tenney wants to create his own esports organization after breaking away from Faze Clan earlier this week, according to PCGamesN.
Keemstar added that a pro "Fortnite" player also confirmed Tfue's plans.
Faze owner Ricky Banks tweeted on Thursday the organization had "every intention on releasing the contract."
“Turner wants to create his own org, work with the brands he wants, and overall be free to change the face of gaming forever," Jack Tenney said. "Faze refused to allow him to do this. Turner had no choice, this was his only option to get out of his contract to make his plans and dreams a reality.” YouTuber Keemstar posted a message he received from Tfue's brother, Jack Tenney, on Thursday reportedly outlining the streamer's future plans. Turner creating his own org is in his best interest. Emotions and friendship aside, the corporate side of Faze wouldn’t let that happen.
There's no denying that," he said. 'Cause then at least we'd still have Turner in Faze. Stay tuned for that. "I have nothing to hide and I've made the mistake of allowing shit people to run my business. "We will release all the contracts we've since offered Tfue to try and make this right. Trust me, nobody on this planet wanted him to sign a new healthy contract more than I did. And we'd still be homies."” /> The contract was trash. We've solved those issues and are trying our best.

In a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, Tfue said he "didn't know any better" when he signed the contract and he was an "idiot."
The suit also claims Faze uses illegal and anti-competitive provisions in the agreement to severely limit Tfue's ability to compete in the marketplace. Tfue publicly split with Faze Clan earlier this week after he filed a lawsuit claiming the esports organization was financially exploiting him. The lawsuit calls the agreement he signed when he was 20 "grossly oppressive, onerous, and one-sided." It allegedly entitles Faze to up to 80% of the revenue paid by third-parties for Tfue's services.