Where You get the shoes, the bag and the chain? Told Me to put up My hands and immediately began frisking. A ball 50 and My word or insubordinance and Jail. Be on the look out for the Feds, I just read in a Horoscope. Officer gave Me a ticket, for smelling like gas and looking to high over My sank. Last week somebody took one like that right out the thang. Some Dank? Like a Pirate with an iron, Like I’m fixing to walk a plank. You smell just like it, what you got, some Dro? No, not Me Officer and He threw me on the car near the tank. If you got nappy hair, don’t even wear a rag. Even if You are doing nothing and have to stand around and wait. Yeah, I just wanted to question all the Black Men and Brown Teens. Had a bag full of weed, because He left prints and a stank. Whenever anybody think they see a Crooked Cop. Don’t even look happy and don’t even take a drag. Got a silver chain around your neck, make sure You wear the price tag. He said, Oh do You sell dope? I might as well take the stuff back and put the money back in the Bank. Walked out a Store, an Officer asked Me my name? In the Government Yard other than that I got nothing. Police walked up and asked, did I hear any busting. Stay in the Yard and try to stay up out one spot. What do you mean, You got nothing and I’m clean. Never run into a Crooked Police Officer on Donut and Coffee Breaks. Before I begin to talk The Dog was all Tell. Even though they got white hoods, a White House a white wig and face paint. Acting like the Judge of Heaven, but raising up the Hell. I said nope why what’s up? Back at the Yard about 150 short. They watching were You go, what You drank and what You is and what You aint. If You saved a little money, then You should never ever brag. You got 30 days to pay it, get Him his papers and wish Him well. You aint hear it, but you know about the dead body missing. Probation for paraphernalia or a tracking device or tapped cell. Back in the Government Yard again, but this time I got mail. I don’t like Crooked Officers, so I’m taking it to His Court.