But I'm just grateful to have been a part of it. That would be a dream to be able to come back if there were a sequel with Tyla and see how her character has grown and evolved and, probably, fits into the Suicide Squad. Maybe she'll pop up in the next one if there is a next one, and I would not be opposed to that at all.
[Laughs] My mom gets on me. It was how I was raised and something I will continue to do. It's just a thing of habit. Anybody that is my elder, I say, "Yes, ma'am, yes, sir" and "Mr." and "Mrs." I'm from the South — I'm from Atlanta — and my mom wouldn't have it any other way. It's just a respect thing. Yeah, it's not just director. My mom still calls her elders, "Yes, ma'am. If I don't address someone correctly, I'd get in trouble. It's not forced. Yes, sir." She addresses them as they should be addressed.
Have you had an opportunity to let loose like that before as an actor — or in real life, for that matter?
Absolutely. I think when we were filming the first season, Gia was, what, 15? But I think she will be evolving as a character and as a human and hopefully get her own episode and we start to see a little bit more of her storyline. Even though I am 18 now, I don't think Gia is quite there.
Oh, wow. When my team first sent the role over, I think they said it was a DC project — big franchise movie. James and they sent over the script, and then I finally realized that it was "The Suicide Squad." And then I had a conversation with Mr.
It's all part of the fun of acting, stepping into your character's shoes and trying to embody a character, but also not neglect your raw emotion as a human being. I think the cut that made it into the movie is really darn good and I'm proud of it. They all made me feel comfortable. It is very intimidating, especially the way you put it, cursing out Idris Elba! James, he really made us go at it and had us do it a lot of different ways. Mr. We had a day of going back and forth.
We go at it in the film, so to have that love and comfortability on set with Mr. James and Mr. I did not find that out until I had my meeting with Mr. James. Idris, and then to be able to challenge my acting chops with him during the scene was fun. I was super excited because I'm a big fan of Mr. Idris.
In another scene towards the end of the movie, Tyla is watching her father battle a giant starfish on TV. How was what you were supposed to be looking at described to you?
Did you know that you were going to be playing Idris Elba's daughter?
Tyla, your character in "The Suicide Squad," does not come from the comics. Was part of your deal the option to return for more movies?
Yes, absolutely. What makes a superhero movie cool is the costumes and being able to be of service and save people — to operate from a space of like, "I'm a superhero, but I'm also flawed and I do make mistakes and I don't say the right things sometimes, but I'm putting my life on the line for other people" — I think that's just super duper cool.
So what was it like to actually do the scene, and curse out Idris Elba? I would have felt intimidated!
Now that you're 18, has that broadened what your character can experience on "Euphoria"?
SPOILER WARNING: Do not read if you've not seen "The Suicide Squad," currently in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.
What were you first told about this role?
I don't particularly remember the sides, but I don't think it was the scene that was in the movie, because I think I would remember screaming and cussing in an audition room. James. I did do one tape that I sent to Mr.
Would you ever want to get into a superhero suit and actually be the one saving the day?
All of my characters have had their moments of breaking free and expressing themselves unabashedly. I mean, it wasn't unfamiliar. I did get to experience a lot of that in "Euphoria," where everything is basically high stakes and very emotional — especially in Season 2.
This interview has been edited and condensed.” />
Was there any sort of audition process? And if so, did that entail you screaming the F-word over and over again?
But I think a lot of people who act would like to be a part of a superhero movie in some capacity. Absolutely. So it was a bucket list item that I'm able to check off, and hopefully I'll be able to be a part of more superhero movies in a bigger capacity. I can't speak for all actors and actresses.
Storm Reid has only two scenes in DC's R-rated action spectacle "The Suicide Squad," from writer-director James Gunn, but the 18-year-old acting veteran ("A Wrinkle in Time," "The Invisible Man," HBO's "Euphoria") makes the most of them. As Tyla, the ne'er-do-well daughter of Idris Elba's convicted assassin Robert "Bloodsport" DuBois, Reid repeatedly howls F-bombs at her father when she visits him in prison — something Reid makes clear she would never do in real life.
You keep referring to James Gunn as Mr. Is that something that you've always done with your director? James.
I remember it vividly, because it was very fast, but it was pretty fun. James basically said, "Look at this TV" — it was a blank TV set — "and just imagine you've seen your dad basically save the world and do good things, and think about the journey that he has to go on." We only shot that scene in two takes. Mr. We shot that scene on my first day of filming.
Has doing a superhero movie franchise like this been a career goal for you?

Samuel will produce "The Harder They Fall" alongside Jay-Z, James Lassiter and Lawrence Bender.
The film follows outlaw Nat Love (Majors), who discovers that the man (Elba) who killed his parents two decades ago is being released from prison and decides to reunite with his gang to track his enemy down and seek his revenge.
He is repped by WME and the Artists Partnership.” />
Elba recently co-starred with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in "Fast & Furious" spinoff "Hobbs & Shaw," which grossed more then $750 million worldwide. and also has the George Miller movie "Three Thousand Years and Longing" opposite Tilda Swinton. He can be seen next in Tom Hoopers' "Cats" adaptation at Universal and Working Title. Elba is currently shooting "The Suicide Squad" with Margot Robbie at Warner Bros.
Idris Elba will star alongside Jonathan Majors in "The Harder They Fall," a Netflix movie that will be produced by Jay-Z.
British musician Jeymes Samuel, known by his stage name the Bullitts, will helm the film, marking his feature directorial debut. He previously worked with Jay-Z on "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack." Sources say "The Harder They Fall" is expected to take a similar approach to incorporating music as "The Great Gatsby."

That haul marks the fifth-highest grossing global debut for Universal behind "The Fate of the Furious," "Jurassic World," "Furious 7" and "Fifty Shades of Grey." The high-octane standalone vehicle, starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, kicked off in North America with $60 million for a global start of $180 million.
Outside of the States, "Hobbs & Shaw" had the strongest opening in Russia with $8.1 million, followed by the United Kingdom and Ireland with $7.8 million and Indonesia with $7.6 million. It launches in China on Aug. 23. Other top territories include India ($7.4 million), Mexico ($6.9 million), Japan ($6.5 million) and Taiwan ($6.2 million).
The third installment in the Keanu Reeves-led series has now earned $320 million worldwide, making it the most successful iteration yet.” /> In other box office benchmarks, Lionsgate's "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum" hit $150 million overseas.
Universal's "Fast & Furious" spinoff "Hobbs & Shaw" was firing on all cylinders this weekend, generating $120 million at the international box office.
The animated sequel pocketed $10 million this weekend, boosting revenues to $549 million at the international box office and $959 million worldwide. Fellow Disney release "Toy Story 4" is nearing a box office milestone of its own as ticket sales inch closer to the $1 billion mark.
Jon Favreau's remake is now the second-biggest movie of the year globally with $1.195 billion. Among holdovers, Disney's "The Lion King" had another mighty weekend, collecting $72 million for an international bounty of $764 million.
1 in 52 of those territories. The good news is the "Fast & Furious" franchise has a massive overseas following. "Hobbs & Shaw" carries a hefty $200 million price tag, meaning the film needs to become a global hit to turn a profit. It debuted in 63 international markets, placing No. The eighth films in the action series have grossed over $5 billion worldwide.
Helen Mirren and Vanessa Kirby also star. David Leitch directed "Hobbs & Shaw," the first spinoff in the "Fast & Furious" universe. The movie teams up Johnson and Statham's hulking characters Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw to defeat a genetically enhanced anarchist, played by Idris Elba.

Surprise guests at the morning Universal Pictures presentation, the men brought an action-packed first trailer for "Hobbs & Shaw," a spinoff from the "Fast and Furious" franchise in which both men have previously appeared.
An annual convention of movie theater owners got a jolt of adrenaline on Wednesday morning, as Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham touched down in Las Vegas to greet CinemaCon 2019.
Eiza Gonzalez pops up as an accomplice of Elba's, who revels in the deliciousness of his bad guy role. Kirby shows off an even harder edge than what she brought to last year's "Mission Impossible: Fallout," letting mostly her two fists do the talking with her enemies.
The film hits Aug. The theater owners ate up the footage, as it is exactly the kind of star-fronted action fare that gets people into cineplexes. The trailer should not disappoint when fans get their hands on it — especially a sequence where a pickup truck hitched to an SUV tosses a rope up onto a helicopter and rips it from the sky. 2.” />
The trio retreats to the independent state of Samoa (Johnson has Samoan heritage), where they forgo the normal "Fast" accessories of guns and flashy sports cars for tribal gear, a traditional Samoan battle dance and some serious hand-on-hand combat.
"We wanted to create our own tapestry," Johnson told the exhibitors, "and have fun. This is fun." I can't stress that enough.
Statham played the strong and silent type to Johnson's laid-back crowd pleaser. The former wrestling pro said this film, directed by David Leitch ("Atomic Blonde"), was "paying homage to the value systems which have made 'Fast and Furious' a global sensation."
Statham takes the audience back to his English roots, and gets into trouble with his steel-edged sister (Vanessa Kirby). A major undercurrent to the film is cultural representation. When a villainous Idris Elba executes a scheme to steal a deadly virus with plans to infect half of the world's population, the Shaws call on Hobbs for help.
After calling Statham "the second handsomest bald guy in the world," Johnson teed up the trailer for the theater nestled in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Leitch did not disappoint with numerous intricate sequences involving off-road vehicles, a high-security facility break, an island in flames and, of course, some good ol' fashioned chases through the London streets.

https://twitter.com/idriselba/status/1028552314183999488″ />
Idris Elba has — possibly? — given his two cents on the rumors that he's been floated as a new James Bond.

Current Bond actor Daniel Craig confirmed he would be returning to the role for Bond 25, and according to sources, Broccoli and Eon are currently meeting with actresses and actors for the female lead and villain for the film — not trying to find someone to replace Craig in Bond 26.
Fuqua's representatives refuted the story, however, stating that no such conversation ever took place.

On Sunday, Elba posted a series of cryptic tweets, beginning with a heavily filtered selfie accompanied by the caption "my name's Elba, Idris Elba," a clear reference to the famous line spoken by Bond.
A few hours later, however, he posted an image of the rap group Public Enemy and followed it up with the titular lyric from one of their most famous songs, "Don't Believe The Hype." Whether or not that puts to bed the rumors circulating that Elba is being eyed as the next Bond remains to be seen.
Though Elba's name has been put forth for years by fans as a possible option for the first non-white Bond, the rumor mill was set off again after the Daily Star published a story last week that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli told director Antoine Fuqua it was time to cast a non-white actor in the role, and said Elba would be a good fit.