"Ur Lov’d: The Noah Beck Show" – A deep dive into modern day love as the hosts field questions from heartbroken fans.
We recognized that we had access to the most sought-after stars in the world, and one of the best producers in the world who has made over 200 movies and 40 TV series, so it was an obvious endeavor for us to pursue." Added Bobby Sarnevesht, chairman and co-founder of Triller: “The Triller audience made it clear they wanted more direct content, that offers a closer look into the lives of social media stars, musicians and other celebrities focused on music, sports, influencers, fashion and lifestyle, and we delivered.
From mental health, to living a positive life, to changing your perspective to become the woman you’re meant to be, Violet creates a safe space to amplify the voices of young women today.” /> "Too Tired To Be Crazy" – Violet Benson brings her popular dating podcast to TrillerTV each week where she tells you exactly why he’s ghosting you, how to move on and fall in love with yourself instead.
"The Perez Hilton Show" – Hollywood's know-it-all, larger than life personality gives a new and exclusive destination for Gen Z, reality TV show stars and celebrity gossip.
"Hanging with the Hype" – The Hype House gang give an inside peek into the crazy and unexpected.
See below for synopses of shows on the current lineup:
"The D’Amelio Family’s Must Have’s" – The members of America’s beloved D’Amelio family review their favorite products.
"Jake Paul: Staying on Top" – One of the world's biggest internet sensations, turned professional fighter, chronicles his monumental change and rise to the top.
"2 Chainz Let’s Do It" – The rapper shows his workout routine and breaks down the moves.
"Jennifer Lopez In the Morning" – The legendary singer, fashion designer, dancer and businesswoman walks us through her morning routine.
"Real and from the heart — from my family to yours.” "I’m excited to share my routines, tips, beauty fashion and life experiences with the Triller family," said Lopez. On deck are 30 minute “live shows” hosted by social media personalities using Triller’s live function; "The D’Amelio Family’s Must Have’s," in which Charlie, Dixie et al review their favorite products; DJ Khaled in Da House, exploring the producer and artist's daily life during lockdown; and "Jennifer Lopez In the Morning," in which the multi-hyphenate walks viewers through her morning routine.
"It's like the dream network, to be able to see the real lives of today's favorite influencers, connect with icons like JLo and her lifestyle tips, have a true up-close and personal connection to DJ Khaled, and see the drama unfold of Jake Paul, we really believe we have created the network for today's audience.". “The TrillerTV lineup is unlike anything we have seen,” he said. Kavanaugh created Relativity Real (now renamed Critical Content), home to "Catfish" and "Limitless," and is currently co-owner of Triller.
18. More than 50 new shows are planned to launch on Triller Live starting Feb. Talent signed on to helm or curate programs include Jennifer Lopez, the D’Amelio family, Jake Paul, DJ Khaled, the famed Hype House, Fat Joe, 2 Chainz, Noah Beck and Perez Hilton, among others. Ryan Kavanaugh is returning to linear programming for the small screen via TrillerTV.
Now, the legendary artist invites viewers into learning about the process for making it in music. "Fat Joe’s Masterclass" – Five-time Grammy nominated artist Fat Joe has made his mark in the music industry.
"Dani Leigh LIVE" – An exclusive look into the life of up-and-coming female sensation, Dani Leigh.

Kavanaugh has signed a consulting contract with UltraV, which will pay him $10,000 a month after the sale goes through, according to filings.” />
He applied for the permit in 2012, after he and other entertainment executives were targeted in an extortion plot. The permit was rescinded six months after it was issued, after the mogul got in trouble with the department for landing his helicopter on a sheriff's helipad. The permit was issued in January 2013 by then-Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who is serving a five-year sentence in federal prison for obstruction of justice. Kavanaugh used to have a concealed weapons permit but it was taken away.
Kavanaugh's Proxima Media gave $215,000 last month to an independent committee that supports Bob Lindsey, a retired sheriff's commander who is running against incumbent Jim McDonnell in the June 5 election.
A spokesman for Kavanaugh, Henry Eshelman, did not respond to requests for comment. Eshelman is also serving as a spokesman for Lindsey's campaign, raising an issue of potentially improper coordination between the candidate and the independent committee.
In the 2014 election, he supported James Hellmold, who finished fourth in the primary. Kavanaugh has long had close ties to the department, raising $150,000 for the Sheriff's Youth Fund.
As of this month, the company has 11 employees. Relativity went bankrupt in 2015, and recently declared bankruptcy again as it looks to shed liabilities in a sale to UltraV Holdings. The company disclosed in a filing that since emerging from its first bankruptcy in 2016, Kavanaugh has been unable to raise fresh capital. As revenues dwindled in recent months, the company laid off staffers and cut salaries for its few remaining workers.
Kavanaugh, the former CEO and founder of Relativity Media, contributed to Mothers for a Safe L.A. County, which has raised $312,000 in total in support of Lindsey's campaign. Other donors include YouTube star Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul, who each gave $2,000.
The department generally awards permits only to those who can show that they are in real danger or to law enforcement officials, such as county judges and prosecutors. Lindsey has made liberalizing the department's concealed weapons policy a centerpiece of his campaign. Lindsey has promised to issue permits to anyone who claims they require one for self-defense, attracting favor from gun-rights supporters.
County sheriff who has promised to make it easier to get concealed weapons permits. Former Hollywood mogul Ryan Kavanaugh is backing a longshot candidate for L.A.