Aug. 11: Orlando, Fla., Plaza Live
A rep for the Dobres said they also plan to perform in Australia at the end of the year. In addition to the tour dates, the Dobre Brothers are scheduled to appear at 2019 VidCon U.S., which runs July 13-14 in Anaheim, Calif.
12: Freehold, N.J., iPlay America Oct.
Here are current dates, locations and venues for the Dobre Brothers Live tour (more info is available at
Aug. 24: Kansas City, Gem Theater
Aug. 25: Chicago, Joe’s Live
Oct. 20: Washington, D.C., State Theater” />
Twins Lucas and Marcus first became popular on the now-defunct Vine and were founding members of Jake Paul’s Team 10 vlog collaborative. They're also represented by Authentic Talent & Literary Management and Shore Fire Media. Among other projects, in February they appeared in an episode of "MTV Cribs" on Snapchat. Last year, the Dobre Brothers signed with CAA.
"On YouTube all we see are the comments. The live experience, where we get to feel the fanbase, is just amazing." "We're going to give our shows a rock-star vibe," Cyrus said.
19: Raleigh, N.C., Lincoln Theater Oct.
17: Los Angeles, Globe Theater Aug.
The four brothers — twins Lucas and Marcus, 20; Darius, 23; and Cyrus, 25 — will embark on the tour this summer with an all-ages 60-minute show that will include meet-and-greet opportunities. It kicks off June 22 in Jersey City, N.J., with stops in L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and other markets across North America. Produced by X1 Entertainment, the show will incorporate music, dance, audience participation and an anti-bullying segment.
16: Anaheim, Calif., Yost Theater Aug.
June 30: Detroit, The Crofoot
Sept. 7: Dallas, Granada Theater
And they're promising a stepped-up level of fan participation. The top YouTube creators, known for their stunts, sibling pranks and original music, have set a 21-stop live tour this year.
Tickets will be available in four tiers: general admission ($29.99); general admission and post-show meet-and-greet ($75.99); All Access VIP, which includes preferred seating and pre-show meet-and-greet ($199.99); and Dobre Army Ultimate Fan Experience ($599.99), which includes a private backstage tour, follow-backs on social media, tour merchandise and other perks.
July 28: Denver, Cervantes
July 27: Phoenix, Pressroom
The Dobre Brothers also plan to throw more T-shirts and other free merch into the crowd on this year's tour. The shows will highlight their message of standing up to bullying and promoting positivity, as they recently did in the AT&T Hello Lab docu-series “The Bright Fight.”
The Dobres have more than 48 million fans across platforms, including over 23 million YouTube subscribers across their channels and 11 million Instagram followers.
July 20: Indianapolis, Citadel Music Hall
June 23: Philadelphia, Union Transfer
Oct. 13: Boston, Lynn Auditorium
June 29: Toronto, The Opera House
18: San Francisco, Midway Aug.
July 21: Cleveland, Stocker Arts Center
This year, the productions will be bigger, featuring more song performances and more opportunities to bring fans up on stage to interact with them, according to Cyrus Dobre. "Sometimes we'll go into the crowd ourselves." "We definitely want to involve the audience more — to make them part of the show and feel like they're in a YouTube video," Cyrus told Variety. In 2018, the Dobre Brothers went on a 20-city tour to sold-out shows.
8: Houston, Warehouse Live Sept.
June 22: Jersey City, N.J., White Eagle Hall
The Dobre Brothers are hitting the road again.
10: Atlanta, Opera Atlanta Aug.
They're sons of Romanian gymnast and Olympic medalist Aurelia Dobre — which explains their penchant for backflips. The Dobre brothers, who live in Maryland, have had numerous videos go viral on YouTube, racking up more than 3 billion views overall to date.

“There is no bitterness, only great respect and affection between Sinatra and his first wife,” Gay Talese wrote in 1966, “and he has long been welcome in her home and has even been known to wander in at odd hours, stoke the fire, lie on the sofa, and fall asleep.”
The cause and location of death was not released. Thank you for everything," Nancy wrote. According to a tweet posted by Sinatra's daughter Nancy, she died Friday. She was a blessing and the light of my life. Godspeed, Momma. "My mother passed away peacefully tonight at the age of 101.
Nancy Sinatra Sr., the former wife of Frank Sinatra and mother of his three children, has died. She was 101.
(Pictured: Nancy Sinatra Sr., right, with Mitzi Gaynor)” />
In 1944, after Frank had become a pop music star, the family moved to Toluca Lake, Calif. from their Jersey City home, and had a third child, Tina, on June 20, 1948.
Two years later, the Sinatras separated after Frank's affair with Ava Gardner became public knowledge, with Frank marrying Gardner, the second of his four wives, shortly after.
Nancy Sinatra never remarried, but there was little enmity between she and her former husband. Nancy outlived both Frank, who died in 1998, and her son, who died in 2016.
4, 1939 at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic church in Jersey City, N.J. Nancy Sr found work as a secretary while Frank worked as a singing waiter. Before Sinatra's singing career took off, the couple lived in an apartment in Jersey City. Sinatra, then Nancy Barbato, met Frank Sinatra in summer of 1934 in Long Branch, N.J. and they were married roughly five years later, on Feb.
10, 1944. Their son, Frank Jr., was born Jan. The couple's first child, Nancy, who would go on to become a singer in her own right with the '60s hit "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," was born June 8, 1940.

Cops also found a bag of weed and a grinder inside the vehicle. #mood #BARSisBack
A post shared by BARSisBack (@cassidy_larsiny) on Aug 24, 2017 at 10:56am PDT

  The “My Drink N’ My 2 Steps” MC was sitting inside a vehicle smoking marijuana when cops pulled up. The rapper also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in another country for the same thing he was booked for on Sunday. Now he is facing some fresh legal troubles all for smoking marijuana. Now he has two upcoming court dates for two of the same offense. Back in 2005, Cassidy spent eight months in prison after being convicted for involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault stemming from the shooting death of a man he had an argument with where a shooting erupted. The Philly rapper was arrested on Sunday in Jersey City outside of his home, TMZ reported. This begs the age old question, why is weed even still illegal and how does it benefit the society for arresting someone for smoking a blunt? Tweet
Rapper Cassidy is currently in some legal troubles after being busted for marijuana possession and an outstanding warrant. Cassidy was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. According to the police report, cops smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the van and also noticed a blunt sitting on the dashboard in full view.

When you stay ready you ain’t gotta get ready, Parks. Understand that

[Verse 1]
Microphone check, it’s something new y’all rage
These views only prelude from the dude on stage
I’m old school, so my mind is in a New York state
Still feel like I’m the best rapper in the New York State
Though I’m a Jersey City product, we like two doors away
Maybe I’m just the best rapper whipping New York plates
Indeed it be the God
If Fetty is the face of New Jerz, then you see how badly we needed I
Young doing it my way, that’s Frank Sinatra
I might hang with you bloggers, but I bang with the mobsters
See me right in Hell’s Kitchen having drinks over pasta
Need the fake to love the real so let me thank you impostors Bicoastal early, y’all hit the Daytons and Impalas
Started buzzing around the time Sporty Thievz kept saying “nada”
Emcees ain’t even bother, and I don’t know what’s truly worse
Them wanting my spot or not knowing they gotta move me first
You are now entering the mind of the sick
About as remarkable as it gets
Here’s what they think about you
Here’s what they think about you
You are now entering the mind of the sick
About as remarkable as it gets
Here’s what they think about you
Here’s what they think about you


Now, Parks, let me get back to my shit right quick. Now turn me up in my headphones, let me get back on my rage shit right quick though. But turn the lights down in the booth, let’s do this real quick. Look. It go

[Verse 2]
Few years, weights up, still sleep, wake up
Bitches know the stakes up since I beat my case up
Hip hop shit list, look at these bastard men dress
I’m just taking back what’s owed, and adding interest
Maybe just my love died, loud lit above high
Slugs fly, eyes scrubbed dry, still a thug cries
All this paraphilia versus my necrophilia
How are they record dealing ya? I wasn’t ever feeling ya
This feeling equates professional weapon, can’t seal it, bruh
Deuce deuce, .380, a chopper Beretta millia
Hov said 30 is the new 20, me, I feel like 30 is the new 40
I bought 30 new 40s
A bitch moving pills get 30s to move off me
Just watch how you moving in Jersey, it’s too costly
And memory with candles is where the energy laying you
Protect me from my loved ones, enemies I can handle
If you talking Slaughterhouse please refer to “SlaughterMouse”
Think twice before you blink twice, you gotta roll with mouth
Got you birds popping, it’s Korver or Kurt Warner mouse
And I be dolo, nobody gotta come warn the mouse
Used to take drives through the tunnel, we getting offers now
Smelled my man a soda, it’s teddy, I bridged the water’s mouth
Live from the Horror house, calling out
Done with all this drawing mouth
Duke with all the Terry Bradshaw about
Kill spree, cops should look after
Y’all be yelling free your mans, I yell at my man stop getting captured
And all my Irvington niggas over alliance put one in the air for Rev. Ron
You know we rock with the pastor, moment of silence

Put one in the air with me right quick. Bruh, we love you, rest in peace. All my Newark niggas what up? All my niggas over at Chancellor, what’s good? Surf, I see you, on neighborhood. What up? Anywhere there’s real niggas around, I’m right at home. Alright, bring my drums back in a minute. I like this bass though. I don’t think that’s gonna change anytime soon though