"Sea of Thieves" is an online action game where players can form a crew, hunt for treasure, kill skeletons, and engage in other pirate hijinks. It's one of the first Microsoft exclusives offered under the new Xbox Game Pass program, a monthly subscription service that lets people play certain titles for free. It reached one million players in its first 48 hours and topped two million after the first week. It launched on PC and Xbox One last month and quickly gained a following. That probably helped its launch numbers, but the big influx of players caused some server issues as well.
Its first update, called The Hungering Deep, arrives in early May and adds a new, unique event to the game world, along with new mechanics, rewards, and a mysterious A.I. Online pirate game "Sea of Thieves" launched just over three weeks ago, and developer Rare is already outlining plans for future content. threat.
The question now is whether or not Rare can keep those players logging on. Many have criticized "Sea of Thieves" for its lack of meaningful content. It looks like Rare is taking those complaints to heart.
Cursed Sails will add a new ship type to the game, while Forsaken Shores opens up a "perilous" new part of the world. Each update will be free for all "Sea of Thieves" players. Rare will release three additional updates later on sometime during the calendar year. After The Hungering Deep, the studio said it's planning two more content updates during the summer.
"We are hugely excited to be beginning this phase of 'Sea of Thieves,' and seeing where the adventure takes us," said executive producer Joe Neate.” />
The updates will add major features to the game, along with new items and mechanics. In a YouTube video, Rare said it wants to release regular content updates and weekly events. But this re-focusing means Rare is putting other things on the backburner, namely pets and ship captaincy. The weekly events, meanwhile, will help showcase brand-new content and give pirate crews fresh objectives to complete.