Guilbart said the alliance with Mogul Movies underscored About Premium Content's aim to expand its role beyond the realms of international sales and financing to become increasingly involved in co-developing and co-producing promising series.
Other high-profile drama titles on About Premium Content's slate include Matthew Hall ("Wing and a Prayer")'s "Keeping Faith;" and "Alex," the Swedish crime drama created by Michael Hjorth ("The Condemned) and Niklas Rockström ("Before We Die").” />
Jari Olavi Rantala, a popular Finnish screenwriter who won the Jussi prize for "Frozen Land" in 2005 and is a frequent collaborator of director Aku Louhimies, is writing the script of "Isolated" with Vierikko and Lahde. The 8-part series, now is development, is based on an original idea by Markos Annala, Lassi Vierikko and Petja Lähde, who co-wrote "Fingerpori," a comedy about a fictional town and its uncommon people.
Annala and Vierikko previously wrote episodes of "Ismo," a comedy series about the misadventures of stand up comedian Ismo Leikola.
About Premium Content was created in April 2014 by Guilbart, who held top-level positions at Canal Plus and Lagardère Active groups, as well as France Télévisions, and Boissel, who worked at Havas Advertising and Zodiak Media.
"Deadwind" centers on Sofia Karppi, a detective in her 30’s who is grieving her husband’s death and starts investigating on the murder of a young woman which triggers a chain of events that threatens to destroy her life all over again. "Isolated" will be the second Finnish series on About Premium Content's roster. The banner already co-produces and sells "Deadwind" with Dyonysos.
Meanwhile, a survivor of the MS Estonia, a passenger ship that sank more than 24 years ago, washes ashore. "Isolated" unfolds in a peaceful island plagued by a strange phenomenon which cuts the power and prevents the inhabitants from leaving. Faced with those extraordinary events, the islanders quickly descend into paranoia and start fighting to gain control of local resources.
Emmanuelle Guilbart and Laurent Boissel's up-and-coming Paris-based company About Premium Content is joining forces with Finish production company Mogul Movies to develop "Isolated," a high-concept fantasy thriller series set in a remote island.
The outfit is dedicated to financing and distributing high-end, internationally-driven TV drama series, such as "Deadwind," as well as Shariff Korver's "Fenix," a Dutch crime drama about the son of a drug lord and the daughter of a public prosecutor who return to their hometown and cross paths after their parents perish in a drug war in Netherlands.