The series alone will bring 93 crew members and 20 family members into the country, including stars Robert Aramayo, Owain Arthur and Nazanin Boniadi. "The Lord of the Rings" television series was already in production in Auckland when the pandemic hit, allowing some crew members to quarantine in the country while others returned to their homes and now must come back to New Zealand. The New Zealand Film Commission said that although shooting has not yet resumed on "The Lord of the Rings," they have begun pre-production.
"Cowboy Bepop" does not have a release date yet.” /> Production has not started for "Cowboy Bepop," but Netflix's adaptation on the anime will bring 19 crew members and nine additional family members to New Zealand.
"Our success at managing COVID-19 gives our country an opportunity to become one of the few countries still able to safely produce screen content,” Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford said in a statement obtained by Stuff. Despite the turmoil that the world is facing, this is an exciting time for New Zealand’s screen sector." "The inquiries and interest we are getting from international production houses tells me that the international film community sees New Zealand as something of a global safe haven.“This is an opportunity friends that we must grab.
The crew members of Amazon Prime Video's television adaptation "The Lord of the Rings" and Netflix's upcoming take on Japanese animated series "Cowboy Bepop," have both been granted permission to enter New Zealand to begin or resume production, along with five other projects.
According to New Zealand media website Stuff, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has revealed that international crews for seven projects have been allowed to enter the country in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the long-awaited "Avatar" sequel and Jane Campion's film "The Power of the Dog," whose crews had already been allowed in the country, staff are beginning to arrive for television shows "The Lord of the Rings," "Cowboy Bepop" and "Power Rangers Beast Morphers," as well as films "The Greatest Beer Run Ever" and "Sweet Tooth."
A total of 206 cast and crew members and 35 of their family members will be allowed entrance into the country over the course of six months. When making the decision, MBIE cited that letting the productions in will create 3,000 jobs and add $400 million to New Zealand's economy.

"When we condemn the racist venom coming from the President's mouth and point out the bigotry of his policies, it's not an academic question, it's not a political game, it's about life and death,” he continued. He is a part of the problem." “The President regularly inspires killers.
"My heart aches for El Paso and Dayton. Our nation is experiencing these traumas far too often and we need our leaders to take urgent action: take these weapons of war off the street and fight the evil ideology of white nationalism that motivates many of these terrorists," he wrote.″ />

John Legend has made no secret of his negative feelings about President Trump, and in the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso and Ohio that took place over the weekend, the singer made a series of posts slamming the president for “inspiring” violence.
Earlier this week, Legend slammed the president for his comments attacking the city of Baltimore, calling Trump a “racist p—k” for negative comments toward Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore.

He also reposted a video interview in which he criticized the president after the the mass shooting in New Zealand earlier this year — an incident that resulted in tighter gun laws in that country.

A floating staircase leads to the home's lower level, where there are more glass walls, a unique "sunken" lounge, and a wet bar-equipped family/media room with walls painted a deep cobalt blue. Just outside is a loggia for al fresco dining, and a hardscaped backyard with a heated patio, firepit, and a negative-edge swimming pool and spa.
The eat-in kitchen, equipped with sleek custom cabinetry, sports another skylight and professional stainless appliances. The home's blocky, windowless front facade gives off an industrial vibe, and the interiors are now decidedly contemporary. Originally built in 1959 as a midcentury modern, the house has been extensively renovated and reimagined over the past 60 years. Guests entering via the front door are greeted by a massive great room featuring walls of glass, cinnamon-colored hardwood floors, formal dining area, fireplace and a skylit ceiling.
basin views from the bedroom and an oversized walk-in closet. There are two additional guest/staff bedrooms, one of which appears to be converted to a private office/library. The master suite is located back up on the home's main floor and has L.A. The spa-like master bath includes ceiling skylights, a perfectly square built-in soaking tub, and a trendy glass shower.
Like many homes in the tightly-packed Hollywood Hills, the property doesn't have much of a front yard, though there are several healthy lemon trees growing curbside. There's a two-car garage with off-street parking for another couple vehicles, plus plenty of guest parking available on the street out front. Though set on an irregularly-shaped .17-acre lot and quite close to two neighboring residences, the property still manages to eke out privacy in the form of a tall hedgerow and tree border.
And it was New Zealand, in 2011, that controversially awarded Thiel a passport and citizenship, despite him having spent just 12 days in the country. While the country's minister of internal affairs called Thiel "a good citizen" who has "invested a lot in New Zealand," some critics argued it was evidence citizenship can be easily bought.” /> But perhaps most (in)famously, they've also got a 477-acre ranch out near the end of the world — New Zealand, that is. Late last year, Thiel and Danziesen sold their longtime San Francisco home for $7.4 million to private equity guru Chuck Esserman.
Thiel bought that place — originally designed in the 1950s by acclaimed architect Paul Williams — for $11.5 million in early 2012 and quickly spent untold millions more to raze and rebuild the entire mansion as a snazzy contemporary with an infinity-edged pool. After all, he already lays claim to a much larger Hollywood Hills spread, this one located less than one mile away as the crow flies. While it's not clear what Thiel plans to do with his new house, it seems likely the property will not become his main residence.
Shortly after Arango's recent death, her estate tossed the Hollywood Hills home onto the market, and Thiel quickly scooped it up for the bargain-basement $5 million. The 2015 buyer was Marisa Arango, a now-deceased heiress to the multibillion dollar fortune of Jeronimo Arango, the nonagenarian Mexican tycoon best-known for selling his Aurrerá chain of grocery stores to Walmart.
And in addition to his two L.A. homes, Thiel and his husband Matt Danziesen also maintain a lavish estate on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Thiel tossed down exactly $27 million for the property back in 2011, reportedly the most ever paid for a Maui residence at that time.
Even billionaires enjoy shopping a good discount sale, as evidenced by Peter Thiel's recent purchase of a contemporary L.A. cottage. More significantly, however, that transaction amount is also a rather eyebrow-raising 32% less than the $7.4 million the property fetched just four years ago. The high-profile Silicon Valley tycoon — who was Facebook's first outside investor and co-founded a slew of multibillion-dollar tech companies including PayPal, Palantir Technologies and Founders Fund — paid a cool million under the $6 million list price for the relatively modest hideaway, which is located just a convenient quick skip above the perennially chic Sunset Strip and sports over-the-treetops city lights views.

[Intro: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보

[Verse 1: Dumbfoundead]

Microdot, half the YOX
And one bad man, I’m a 나쁜 남자
I should go first, 내가 먼저 해야지
덤파형은 바쁘니깐
I wear my beanies like Gil from Leessang
피쳐 할 때는 진짜 비싸
But these my bros from west to east side
If you ain’t my bro then fuck the peace sign
Like 가위바위보
Your bitch got my wifi code
Im rich bitch my life dope, yeah
Lit like a night light, 잘자
Nothin’ like a nightlife, quite like Seoul
All of my bitches they stay out in Sinsa
I switch up the girls 들을 이차
Drop ’em all off in a 빈 차애
90 degrees when they 인사
Kick it with nothing but real heads
Cause I ain’t got time for no bullshit
Bottom of shoes lookin’ real red
Like 아저씨 drinkin’ at 술집
I got a visa from here to Ibiza
We puttin’ in work, work, work
Rock paper scissors, I guess I’m the winner
So let me go first, 가위바위보

[Hook: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 [x4]

[Verse 2: Lyricks]
I took a red eye
And landed, showered
Then met up with Micro, Dummy, got 배달
And jumped in the rover, then sped up to Cheonho
Jessi came through the studio
And turned it into mother fuckin’ 1OAK
Yall know, my Wells Fargo lookin’
Like a 한국 전화번호 (digits)
Bad rap, we the illest independent homie, that’s that
Master of ceremony, bring the cash back
Pound a 40 like a hashtag
Step to us get ur ascap’d
Big numbers when I do that show
I-95 how I move that dope
I got drive, NY to Seoul
It’s the YOX for the few that know
Yeah, Rollin’ with the YOX
We the best it gets lonely on the top
No stress cuz’ I’m homies with the dot
No rest, 넌 벌써 졸리냐
Weak boy
Lemme set it straight, lemme educate
Lemme give a taste, let me embed it inside of your mind
So every time you hear me sayin’ that I’m one of the greats
I’m not sayin’ it to finish a rhyme motherfucker

[Hook: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 [x4]

[Verse 3: Microdot]
누가 먼저 가위바위보
From buses to drivin’ that Rove
Mom now drippin’ and cookin’ in gold
Makin’ that music and bakin’ that soul
Cake, cake, cake, so much cake
We could run a baking sale
That’s that Auckland city lifestyle
That’s game boy, that major league
Self-made, no lottery
40,000 feet up in the air (up in the air)
No economy
Going coast to coast, to shows to shows
Don’t mean to brag and boast my nose
My success came with no strings
Attached, I’m my own boss
Talkin’ bout bars, no snickers
And no not the one under my zippers
I cut and paste, and rearrange man
I go dumb dumb with my lyrics
Bitches be bitchin and jealousy be hittin’
Them kittens like the Kardashians
내가 뭘 하고 어딜 가던
얼마 벌고 어디애다 쓰건
Don’t worry bout me, I’m makin’ a livin’
Nothin’ came free, nada was given
Young fat boy straight outta New Zealand
Feelin’ good vibes, Dumb, Rick and Million
About to play a game, rock paper scissors
Three dope boys, yes we the trillest
No new friends, this is family business
Oh, and my sister, Jessi

[Hook: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 [x4]

[Outro: Jessi]
가위바위보, 가위바위보, 가위바위, I said
가위바위보, 가위바위보, 가위바위
가위바위보, 가위바위보, 가위바위, I said

Yeah *laughter*
Go right up

[Verse 1]
Connect, ain’t nobody but Tech
I been dope since I put raps on BASF cassette
Since then my pen been at war like Montagues and Capulets
A menacing strap you get, been winning in rap who’s next
To get permanent power polluted, paper protruded
Punani praise on its pubics and they’re prepared to pursue it
Get us then we drills em
Having plenty thrills um wellington New Zealand banging her with a chest like Wendy Williams
Everybody know with the kinda money I bring to the table I can put em off
Take em all around the world, get the dough and get the girl touching other people and I brought the hood along
Teams where I wings fly people I never seen cry
If you wanna see the mean side just go stream what I seen on steam, put your hand in my bean pie
Salam [?]
I’m something fierce, I bring player haters to tears with my schemes
Come reach me, I got the species locked and no one can beat me
The feces, what I released on this beat he’s gonna wanna seek me because I’m the WeeFee

WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
I can put you on
WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
With my push alone
WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
Now you’re set in stone, I’m the

[Verse 2]
People need me, I’m the WeeFee
I get them on movies and TV
Connecting Scooby and Stevie
Straight from Missouri to Fiji
Trying to intrigue me ain’t easy
Unless you bringing them bad beasies in three-bies
We be having them louder than 194 dB
Organ, grinding, so they pour us in their mouth, and they’re loving it like Thorazine
When they freaking out I’m Jim Morrison
But I go without hair Billy Corgan
Releasing a lot more of them endorphins
WeeFee wins the war again the gores been like a horror film
Cause we kill, everything so be still
When we move in, not a cheap thrill
When the beat feels like E pills
Steadily repping B till, my B-L-double O-D spills
Then again Tech Nina keep mills
So I know I’mma get me a refill
Tech is highly respected
Been with a few major labels and left it
I rated my records intrepid
Since they didn’t rep it then F it
Now I’m elected to get the check and invest it
I’m such a vet you can bet I can get you connected
Cause I’m the WeeFee

WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
I can put you on
WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
With my push alone
WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
Now you’re set in stone, I’m the

[Verse 3]
If you with me but hating me
Disconnect from me, get away from me
Get a bit of fake thinkin’ they’re big as your paper be
When they try to shake a G they normally have to take a fee that’s lower than what they pay for he that works in Eminem’s bakery
You doubt a N9ne, you out of sight you out of mind
Nigga shout a crime from me they sniffing them powder lines
I’m the righteous
But I’m killing ’em like I’m Cypress
Play me like I’m not the nicest
No WeeFee leave you lifeless
Taking a knife to fight with ISIS, I like it
When they spite they get vices
When they hit that pipe think they’re psychic
Wanna figure my mic and try to slice it
But they do fizzle when they hear SuWu whistles
Disrespect me true this will happen and they lose signal
This was long awaited
Strange is how all the fakes were created
They think they made it, forgot about me and skated
They music, everybody played it cause I was right there to save it
They downgraded they hate it cause their signal is faded
Cause I’m the WeeFee, nigga

WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
I can put you on
WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
With my push alone
WeeFee, WeeFee, WeeFee
Now you’re set in stone, I’m the