in order to wake up at 3 a.m., Jenna knows she has found a great dance partner and someone very special. She loves her husband Mike, adores her mom, sister and brother, and she loves her friends. “And then I’m grateful that this job brought us together.”
Today airs weekday mornings at 7 a.m. Where do we go to the dentist? It all began five years ago when Savannah was promoted to co-anchor with Matt Lauer and found herself sitting next to Jenna in the makeup room. Type Inside The Box “But after five years working alongside her—and living next to her (yes, we are next door neighbors in New York City), I now know a lot about Savannah.”
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The pair has been able to celebrate weddings and the arrival of kids together. “Most of the time, we just talk but it’s so fun to go to a place where it’s intense and all-consuming yet you are with people that you love and truly enjoy.”
She continued, “You know Jenna’s daughter Poppy has the same birthday as my daughter Vale one year apart? Hey, get those binoculars out of there. What school should we go to?’ Whatever Jenna does, I just draft behind it,” Savannah recently shared with us while supporting her new children’s book Princesses Wear Pants. She tries to keep the shades drawn. News’ Jason Kennedy. We exercise together—well, we try to exercise,” Savannah previously shared with E! for several years, knew some of the same people and had even been in the same room at the same time,” Jenna previously admitted in a letter for Today. She lives guided by her faith for her family — for Vale and Charley, for Mike and for her friends that she makes feel like family.”
Latest On:  Nicki Minaj Thirst Trap On Instagram As Cardi B Move To No. When it comes to morning television, chemistry is the key to success. I look out Vale’s window across the courtyard and I look into Jenna’s bedroom. Savannah loves her work, but she doesn’t live for her work. It’s working out so far really well.”
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In between parenting duties, these two also know how to have some fun. If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about Today‘s Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie. Freak.”
All jokes aside, when it was time for Savannah to celebrate five years on Today, Jenna was the first to praise her not-so-average co-worker in a personal letter. 1
The respect is felt on both sides of the friendship scale. “Most importantly, I know how important Savannah’s faith is to her. and NBC are part of the NBCUniversal family)
Searching for more update about this? “She’s one of my closest friends. She lights up when she’s with her kids. We go to the same church and I have seen her unwavering faith in action. Savannah credits Jenna for helping her get through parenting hurdles such as where to find the best doctors, schools and facilities in their neck of the woods. Both admit to being madly in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda, taquitos and queso. only on NBC. But with National Talk Show Host Day upon us today, we decided to take a look at two specific morning show veterans who have developed quite a friendship both on and off camera. “She’s my mom guru. “I know Savannah leads with the heart. It’s really funny. Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb certainly have shared it the past nine years as they taste-test new wines and discuss the latest pop culture news during the fourth hour of Today. And more recently, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest prove they make one special match when they go Live from New York City each and every morning. “She’s already done all the research so I just go with whatever she did. She had Mila before I had Vale and we’re neighbors so I just ask, ‘Who’s our pediatrician? And even though Savannah prefers to leave parties by 7 p.m. “I knew nothing about her, even though we had overlapped in Washington, D.C. (E! (How lucky am I to be one of them?)” she wrote. They’ve also been able to match on Halloween—hello mom jeans—and co-host together on Today. “Sometimes, as I watch our daughters play like sisters or when we spend an entire car ride talking about life so rapidly that we barely breathe, I can’t believe Savannah and I are new friends, that our friendship just started only five years ago,” the Sisters First author wrote in her letter.