"My heart goes out to our friends and family in Oz," she wrote.
Australian native Nicole Kidman posted the same list and added her pledge of $500,000, writing that "our family's support, thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the fires all over Australia."
Nick Kroll teamed with Australian actor and filmmaker Joel Edgerton to raise money for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service to "combat the terrible fires ravaging Australia."
Hugh Jackman, another Aussie, posted a photo of with links to organizations receiving donations, with the caption "How can you help?"

As massive wildfires ravage Australia, celebrities are making donations to organizations that support fire relief and urging their followers on social media to do so as well.
"Queer Eye" star Jonathan Van Ness wrote that his "heart has been broken these last days watching the situation deteriorate there…Go to the link in my bio & donate to Celeste Barber's Australia fundraiser & if you're in a position to donate that would be very much appreicated."

https://www.instagram.com/p/B67U6gXpTzg/” />
My thanks go out to the emergency services, and those who put their own lives in danger to help communities in need." The Royal Family released a statement from Queen Elizabeth, who wrote, "I have been deeply saddened to hear of the continued bushfires and their devastating impact across many parts of Australia.
Some, like Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ellen DeGeneres, reposted climate activist Greta Thunberg's post about Australia with message of support.
Pink posted a list of organizations that her followers can donate to, and pledged to donate $500,000 to the local fire services.

Simu Liu, who stars in Marvel's "Shang-Chi," which is filming in Australia, tweeted on Friday "a reminder that Australia is on fire and people are voluntarily risking their lives to keep communities and homes safe!"
More messages of support below.


"You get to explore [the characters] and the consequences on a deeper level," said Kidman of the decision to continue after the climactic finale, which coincided with the end of Liane Moriarty's novel and was originally meant to end the series. "You see their lives unfold in a much deeper way."
“I am of a generation that waited to be asked to dance," Streep said, "but I’m so admiring of you for getting out in front of stuff, for being on the balls of your feet, for seeking out material.” In that respect, Streep continually emphasized her appreciation for Witherspoon and Kidman banding together to get "Big Little Lies" made in the first place.
(Co-stars Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz were unable to attend, but Witherspoon enthused about Kravitz's character getting to explore her relationship with her mother, played by Crystal Fox, while Streep gushed that "Shailene is just a miracle in this.") In a conversation moderated by “Vanity Fair” editor-in-chief Radhika Jones, Streep joined stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Laura Dern hours before their season 2 premiere to discuss their experiences with the celebrated HBO drama and why they were so determined to bring it back.
Another big part of the decision to return was the huge reaction the show received. “The year at the Golden Globes when Oprah gave that incredible speech…and we were able to go up there and talk about this show was truly one of the greatest moments of my life and career," Witherspoon said. Plus, as they all agreed, "Big Little Lies" represented a rare treat in their careers when they got to collaborate with many women rather than be the sole female voice on set; the fact that they even get along well enough to have an ongoing group chat is a bonus. (While they wouldn't reveal the content of their conversations, Kidman at least allowed that she's the most enthusiastic emoji user, while Witherspoon said that she "likes a gif.")
After playing her character Celeste, who was abused by her husband (Alexander Skarsgaard), Kidman says she has become much more aware of the realities of domestic violence and was "suddenly able to hear the stories and be a voice for a lot of those stories." Still, she didn't want Celeste to get past her trauma too quickly in the second season. The cast also discussed the impact of how the series tackled domestic violence, a purposeful turn given that the Wing talk was presented in partnership The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). "You're going to see her navigating that path." "I was adamant that she wasn't a superhero," Kidman said.
[But] 'Big Little Lies' crossed over. They could feel what you felt. That’s an amazing gift to humanity."” /> "The hardest thing is getting men to watch a story where they put themselves in the bodies of protagonists who are female," Streep continued. "It’s almost an impenetrable act of imagination for any men.
When asked to join a second season of “Big Little Lies,” Meryl Streep didn’t hesitate.
Above all, everyone agreed, the best part about making a second season of "Big Little Lies" was the opportunity to dig deeper into the lives of (as Streep put it) "very complicated, flawed, hysterically funny but tragic women." 
“The first season was the greatest thing on television.” “[My agents] asked me, ‘don’t you want to read it?’ And I said no,” the actor laughed, sitting alongside her co-stars Wednesday at the Wing Soho in New York City.
We all want authentic stories.” Still, Dern admitted that the wide reach of "Big Little Lies" surprised her. "Because men loved the show! "In my narrow-minded perception, and perhaps cellular perception that comes with some sexism, I thought, ‘well, women will watch the show.’ Which is not okay!" she exclaimed. Frat boys love the show, teenagers loved the show.
"For all of our lives as little girls, we grew up reading all the books that had male protagonists…we spent all our lives living through [them]," Streep said (adding later that she never wanted to be "Wendy or Tink….I wanted to be Peter Pan!").

There is an electricity and camaraderie here that I have not felt since the days when I was a member of the start-up team that launched Fox Broadcasting. “I am tremendously excited and honored to be a part of the new marketing team Lionsgate is assembling," Whitney said in a statement. "I love the creative, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Lionsgate and more than anything, I love the group [president of worldwide marketing Damon Wolf] is putting in place, bringing so many unique voices to the table. This feels like something different and very unique.”
  Lionsgate announced Wednesday that Lynn Whitney will become head of worldwide paid media, partnerships, promotions and consumer products. Whitney was formerly the executive VP of worldwide media at Warner Bros.
Whitney will work on global marketing for the upcoming films: “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” “Angel Has Fallen,” “Rambo: Last Blood,” “Midway,” “Knives Out,” “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” sequel, and an untitled Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie project.” />
Having this rock star join our group at this critical time is a kick ass coup and huge asset for Lionsgate as we reimagine this division and implement strategies that will challenge the norm. Being a true pioneer implementing data with media strategy, I can’t think of a more perfect person to boldly and aggressively lead Lionsgate’s data-first media initiatives. Wolf said, “Let’s face it, in our world, Lynn Whitney is the lead singer of the media rock band. Including partnerships, promotions and consumer products under her leadership, Lynn will be a strong voice of change developing innovative new ways to effectively and efficiently utilize media through this highly visible and crucial trio of marketing capabilities.” The only way to really do things differently, is to have a Wonder Woman like Lynn, who has seen every way it’s been done before.
In her new role, Whitney will build out media campaigns for movies like Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron's romantic comedy “Long Shot.”

Otherwise, as a society we’re never gonna change if we just condemn people." MacDonald said, "My stance on it is, if people have made mistakes in the past and they want to change and they want be a better person, we should [give them another chance].
“I think people have heard. "People are ready, and it’s made a big difference in Hollywood. We’re already seeing it."” /> People are awoken," Clarkson said.
Former Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin and "Dumplin'" actress Danielle MacDonald echoed Porter's sentiment.
Liukin, a former Olympic gymnast, was more hesitant about Hart's potential return.
"I’m all for second chances," she said, "but I think it should be someone that supports everybody."
Nicole Kidman and former Olympian Nadia Comaneci co-hosted the Gold Meets Golden event, held at the House on Sunset in Los Angeles. The charitable event, co-hosted by Nicole Kidman and former Olympian Nadia Comaneci, is designed to bring together Hollywood elite and all-star athletes on the eve of the Golden Globes. This year's proceeds, including a $50,000 donation from Gold Meets Golden, will benefit Angel City Sports, an organization that helps disabled youth athletes in training for the Paralympic Games.
"He’s a great talent, and he would be wonderful hosting the Oscars," Porter said of Hart, despite Porter's earlier comments saying the comedian "crossed a line."
Clarkson, who received a Globes nomination for her work on the HBO miniseries "Sharp Objects," shied away from taking a stance on the Hart debate. Instead, she chose to speak about the entertainment industry's progress with Time's Up since last year's Golden Globes.
Celebrities who attended the sixth annual Gold Meets Golden brunch on Saturday weighed in on whether or not Kevin Hart should have a second chance at hosting the Oscars. The comedian was set to host the Academy Awards, but stepped down after controversy ensued over homophobic jokes he made years ago.
The event also brought out Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer, and Patricia Clarkson, along with athletes including Michelle Kwan, Nastia Liukin, and Jordyn Wieber.
But I know whoever they pick is going to be amazing." "I want Kevin Hart," Franklin said on the red carpet. "I still really want him to do it.
"Pose" star Billy Porter told Variety he thinks Hart should still emcee this year's ceremony.

In addition to pet projects, Barnard was also managing a slate of awards-heavy prestige titles. A timeline around Barnard's departure is unclear, though she is said to be exploring new opportunities.
An Annapurna spokesperson had no immediate comment. An email to Barnard was not immediately returned. Annapruna founder Megan Ellison will personally stabilize the film unit before a replacement search begins, the insider said.
These include Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight" follow-up, the triumphant "If Beale Street Could Talk," Nicole Kidman's critically-acclaimed "Destroyer" from director Karyn Kusama and the just-wrapped Richard Linkalter film "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" starring Cate Blanchett .
The Ailes film recruited Canadian heatseeker Bron Studios to co-finance and its move to Focus Features as distributor will be announced imminently. Lopez and her team are taking "Hustlers" to STX, the Bob Simonds-run studio releasing her next film "Second Act" in December.
Chelsea Barnard has stepped down from her post as president of film at Annapurna, an individual with knowledge of the company told Variety.
Barnard was with the company since its founding in 2012, and has worked on titles like Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis' "Phantom Thread."” />
One was a high-profile telling of Roger Ailes' Fox News implosion starring Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. The other was the Jennifer Lopez drama "The Hustlers at Scores," about exotic dancers who turn the tables on their Wall Street clients after the economy tanks. Two of Barnard's top projects have fallen apart, Variety reported on Tuesday prior to her exit.

However, WB has already started to roll out first-look photos of the highly anticipated sequel. Could fans get some brief footage, or maybe just more information? But what about other DC movies? It might be a little early for a "Wonder Woman 1984" trailer.
Weigh in below!” /> Which movie are you most excited to find out more about?
has already confirmed that it will debut the first trailer for "Aquaman" at the convention. Warner Bros. It wouldn't be a surprise to see stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman and director James Wan appear to amp fans up before the DC movie swims into theaters on Dec. 21.
San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is fast approaching, and while big properties like the Avengers and "Game of Thrones" are sitting out this year, there's still plenty of panels to look forward to.
Night Shyamalan's third movie in the "Unbreakable"-"Split" series, would be perfect for the Comic-Con audience. Another Universal property, "Glass," M. 19, and could drum up excitement by showing up for a panel. As for non-comic book properties, Universal is widely expected to tease its upcoming "Halloween" reboot. Jamie Lee Curtis is returning for the movie, which hits theaters on Oct.
Fox has an offering for SDCC has well. The studio just released the trailer for "The Predator" on Tuesday, and announced that it will be debuting new footage of the reboot at Comic-Con next month.