Genre: Revenge Thriller
Following closely with eight recommendations was thriller/drama “Surge,” written by Rupert Jones and Rita Kalnejais, and set to be produced by Rooks Nest, BBC Films and Creative England. The film, set over 24 hours, is “a stripped-back thriller about a man who goes on a bold and reckless journey of self-liberation in London.”
Summary: In near-future San Francisco, a successful therapist is struggling to raise her child after her husband's death. She is intrigued by an offer to treat the world’s first artificial consciousness, but is surprised to discover that it wants to die.
Summary: The extraordinary story of Anna Nathan, who became pregnant during the Holocaust and, facing certain death if discovered, resolved to conceal her pregnancy inside the camps.
Producers: Headstrong Pictures
Genre: True Story
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Producers: Stigma Films/Air Street Films
Genre: Period Drama
Genre: Thriller
Genre: Thriller
Genre: Sci-fi drama
Producers: Nira Park/Jim Wilson/Rachael Prior
Summary: A tragic love story between two women set in 1930s England and the fictional origins story of the Daphne du Maurier novel, "Rebecca," and du Maurier’s creation of the infamous character of Mrs. Danvers.
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Producers: Ugly Duckling Films/Ellipsis Pictures
"THE HOUSEKEEPER" by Patrick Gale (United Agents)
"GB" by Philip Robinson (The Agency)
Summary: Determined to avenge the killing of his flock, a Cumbrian shepherd is drawn into a cycle of violence that exposes secrets from his past.
Summary: An adaptation of George Orwell’s first novel and based on his experiences as a policeman in Burma, it presents a devastating picture of British colonial rule.
Out of 134 script recommendations, 18 received the required minimum of three recommendations to make it onto the list. The 10th annual list – reproduced below – was compiled using the recommendations of leading professionals from more than 90 companies across the British film industry, including agents, financiers, producers and distributors.
The Brit List, the annual survey of British film executives' favorite unproduced screenplays (similar to the Black List in the U.S.), was unveiled Monday in London with “Benny in the Dark,” a supernatural thriller by Phillip Morgan, heading the list.
"THE HORNED MAN" by Toby Finlay (Casarotto)
Producers: Rooks Nest
"QUEEN’S GAMBIT" by Henrietta & Jessica Ashworth (United Agents)
Summary: Pete’s turning 30, and the old gang from college is throwing a party. He can’t work out: Did he do something wrong? Or are his friends the sick ones? Is he paranoid? But his head begins to spin as one by one his friends slowly turn against him.
Producers: Available
Summary: Set over 24 hours in London, SURGE is a stripped-back thriller about a man who goes on a bold and reckless journey of self-liberation in London.
Genre: Drama
Summary: A female psychiatrist develops a condition that makes her unable to distinguish people’s faces, including the face of her stalker.
Summary: Adaptation of Elizabeth Fremantle’s novel about Katherine Parr, the one wife to survive Henry VIII.
Films whose screenplays appeared on The Brit List in past years include “The Favourite,” “Operation Finale,” “Lion,” “Paddington” and “The King's Speech.” These films have generated more than $1.7 billion in worldwide box-office and garnered more than 100 nominations for major awards, including six Oscar, nine BAFTA and four Golden Globe wins, according to Arlango. Of the screenplays that have appeared on The Brit List, 70 have gone on to be produced – a rate of 1 in 4.
Morgan, whose credits include 2017 short "Blackmoor," has another features screenplay in development, "E for English," with Blue Shadow Films.
A look at previous lists will show you how many scripts that make it onto The Brit List go on to be produced. Our intention is twofold: to put the year’s best unproduced scripts before the industry, and to provide a spotlight for rising talent. Alexandra Arlango, who has run The Brit List for the past decade, said: “The Brit List is not a competition; it’s a showcase. This year, an unprecedented three writers on the list do not have representation, and two scripts are as yet unattached to production companies, so the networking event will be of special interest to all the agents and producers attending.”
"BURMESE DAYS" by Richard Cottan (Casarotto)
“Operation Finale” writer Matt Orton said: “Featuring on The Brit List has been invaluable for my career progression. It drew attention to projects, and gave me exposure to producers both here and overseas when it would have taken far longer to get otherwise. It’s a fantastic way to showcase emerging and established U.K. talent alike, and all selected this year should be deeply proud to be featured.”
When it is stolen, how far will he go to get it back? Summary: A Romanian delivery rider’s moped is the center of his family’s new life in London.
Genre: Comedy Horror
Genre: Indie Rom Com
Genre: Horror
"CAB RIDE HOME" by Charlotte Colbert (unrepresented)
Producers: Blueprint/3Arts
Genre: Road Movie
The two develop an unlikely bond after mysterious forces give Veronica the power to enact revenges in her dreams.” /> Summary: After a double mastectomy, fading star Veronica Ghent goes to a healing retreat in rural Scotland with her young nurse, Desi.
Producers: Magnolia Mae/Baby Cow
"BLUE" by Sam Baron (Curtis Brown) & James Appleby (unrepresented)
"THE BIKE THIEF" by Matt Chambers (unrepresented)
Producers: House Productions
Summary: Feeling pressure to start a family she’s not sure she wants, a bored thirty-something finds a portal to the past where she embarks on an exciting affair with a younger man – her husband before they met.
Summary: A character-driven 1950s-set allegory for the unspoken societal fears around male depression.
Producers: Popcorn Group
The film, which garnered nine recommendations, is a “character-driven 1950s-set allegory for the unspoken societal fears around male depression.” It will be produced by House Productions, the company headed by Tessa Ross, the former controller of film and drama at Channel 4, and Juliette Howell, the former head of television at Working Title.
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Adapted from the short story of the same name by Fritz Leiber. Summary: A family survives a devastating ice age and find out they are not alone.
"SURGE" by Rupert Jones (Casarotto) & Rita Kalnejais (42)
"SHEPHERD" by Chris Andrews (Independent Talent Group)
"ANNA’S STORY" by Paul Herzberg (MBA Literary and Script Agents)
Producers: Met Film Production
Producers: Pari Passu Films
Genre: Psychological Drama
"ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME" by Tom Stourton & Tom Palmer (Independent Talent Group)
Summary: A white-van man and his best friend since childhood, who is a trans woman, take a road trip to make the money for her reassignment surgery – one last trip as mates before they’re husband and wife.
Producers: Magnolia Mae
Genre: Period Drama
Producers: Rooks Nest/BBC Films/Creative England
Summary: In the final fortnight of Marilyn Monroe’s life, when she cannot find her therapist, she instead befriends her taxi driver.
"FACE BLIND" by Dominic Harari & Teresa de Pelegri (Curtis Brown)
"SHE WILL" by Kitty Percy (The Agency)
Genre: Post Apocalyptic SciFi
Genre: Psychological Thriller
"BENNY IN THE DARK" by Phillip Morgan (Independent Talent Group)
A New York professor of gender studies becomes increasingly unhinged when he suspects that his mysteriously AWOL predecessor – who epitomized the toxic masculinity he rails against – is framing him for the brutal murders of women in the city. Summary: Based on the novel by James Lasdun.
"YESTERDAY TOMORROW TODAY" by Lawrie Doran (unrepresented). Revisions by Polly Vernon (42)
"A PAIL OF AIR" by Alistair McDowall (Judy Daish Associates)
But inside the walls lurks a terrifying presence that threatens to consume her and everyone around her. Summary: In 1973, a young nurse is forced to work the night shift in a crumbling hospital as striking miners switch off the power across Britain.
Producers: Stray Bear Productions
Producers: Available
Producers: Ecosse Films
Producers: Popcorn Group
"THE POWER" by Corinna Faith (Casarotto)

John Cho's thriller "Searching" is projected to exceed expectations with upwards $5 million at 1,207 venues and Lionsgate's science-fiction actioner "Kin" will wind up with less than $4 million at 2,141 sites. Warner Bros.' fourth weekend of shark tale "The Meg" should lead the rest of the pack with around $12 million to push its total past $120 million. MGM's opening of "Operation Finale" and Paramount's sixth weekend will battle for third with about $8 million each for the Friday-Monday period.
Warner Bros.' romantic comedy will become the fourth title this year to three-peat as the box office winner, following "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," "Black Panther," and "Avengers: Infinity War." "Crazy Rich Asians," which has received strong critical support with a 93% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, has topped $88 million in its first 16 days and will probably pass the $100 million mark by Saturday.
"Crazy Rich Asians" will easily win its third box office title during the Labor Day weekend box office with a total of around $25 million at 3,536 North American sites for the Friday-Monday period, early estimates showed.
Sony is expanding "Searching" after taking in $483,978 at nine locations in its first six days. Cho portrays a father trying to find his missing 16-year-old daughter with the aid of a detective, played by Debra Messing. The movie, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, has been embraced by critics and carries a 90% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Sony is projecting a quiet $3 million take for the weekend but the film is performing above that level.
"Kin" stars Jack Reynor, Myles Truitt, Zoe Kravitz, Carrie Coon, Dennis Quaid, and James Franco. The film centers on Reynor's recently paroled ex-con and his adopted teenage brother, who are forced to go on the run when they find a strange weapon. Reviews have been largely negative, with a 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Heading into the final weekend of summer, the season's box office is up 13.9% over last year's total to $4.26 billion, according to comScore. Those margins should widen by Labor Day, due to the 2017 weekend being one of the slowest ever with a $76.4 million, led by "The Hitman's Bodyguard" with $13.3 million.” /> 29, overall North American box office had gained 9.4% to $8.21 billion. As of Aug.
"Operation Finale" follows Israeli Mossad agents who captured SS officer Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), one of the chief architects of the Holocaust, in 1960 in Argentina. Oscar Isaac stars as Israeli officer Peter Malkin. "Operation Finale" opened on Wednesday with $1 million at 1,818 locations and earned another $726,000 on Thursday. Reviews have been mixed to positive with a 61% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.