Warden's special ability, or gadget as it's called in-game, is the Glance Smart Glasses. They reflect the nature of his natural talent, Ubisoft said, to see what most cannot in order to gain the upper hand in any given situation.
Ubisoft is teasing the start of "Rainbow Six Siege's" Year 4 Season 2 by giving fans a sneak peek at some of the operators coming to the online tactical shooter.
It’s no wonder that he was recommended by high-ranking government officials. Now that he is part of the team, he faces a new challenge: to determine if his skillset and iron will remain unparalleled when faced with specialists of his own caliber." He demonstrated his skills distinctly when he led the Secretary of State to safety, during an attack where hostiles outmaneuvered all prior planning," Ubisoft said. "Hailing from the state of Kentucky, McKinley rose through the ranks of the Marines before he found his calling for close-protection detail in the Secret Service. The latest teaser is for a dapper looking defender named Collinn “Warden” McKinley. "His tendency to follow his gut and his unshakable confidence have proved that he is in a league of his own.
During a recent earnings report, Ubisoft said "Siege's" esports viewership rose 205% last year. The game surpassed 45 million registered players across all platforms in February. "Rainbow Six Siege" first launched in 2015 and became a big hit for Ubisoft.
The Year 4 Season 2 update is called Operation Phantom Sight. Ubisoft will fully reveal what's coming in the downloadable content during the Pro League Finals in Milan on May 19.” />
Her gadget, the HEL, allows her to turn invisible. The mysterious Nøkk is an attacker who specializes in infiltration and intel gathering. A second operative was teased on Wednesday.