New Europe Film Sales is handling world sales. The film was produced by Jan Kwieciński for Poland's Akson Studio, with support from the Polish Film Institute.
Variety has been given exclusive access to the trailer for Paweł Maślona's satirical comedy "Panic Attack," which has its international premiere in competition at Karlovy Vary Film Festival.
Karlovy Vary runs June 29-July 7.” />
"We experience a rollercoaster of events: a woman meets her two exes during one night, a couple picks the worst seat on an airplane, a young girl risks having her girlfriends expose her as a porn star, a bride gives birth at her own wedding, a teenager gets stoned for the first time while a young man has to beg his weird mother to save his life’s work." The film presents six stories about "ordinary people put in extreme situations, which cause them to experience a panic attack," according to a statement.