The developer is also working to fix slow server performance at the beginning of matches, audio issues, hit registration bugs, and more.
Additionally, Respawn took time to address the issue of post-launch content and the timeliness with which it's delivered. "Our long-term goal is to ensure 'Apex Legends' always feels alive and thriving, with a focus on quality of content over novelty or speed of release," it said. "At the same time, we want to maintain our culture as a development team and avoid crunch that can quickly lead to burnout or worse."
One of the critical things it's prioritizing is cheaters. Respawn has already banned over 355,000 players on PC via the Easy-Anti-Cheat service, and it said it will share more on the progress it's made next week. While the team is thrilled by the game's success, it said it also hit a few bumps along the way that it plans to address.
"50 million players in the first month (and more since) is staggering for any game, let alone a new IP from a relatively small team who were taking their first swing at a free-to-play game." "To say that the launch of 'Apex Legends' exceeded our expectations would be an understatement," said the game's executive producer Drew McCoy.
Developer Respawn Entertainment said it's "100% committed to the long-term growth" of its new battle royale game "Apex Legends" in an open letter to the community on Thursday, even as it admitted the title's rapid growth left the team some clear challenges.
"Apex Legends" will continue to get "thoughtful updates" throughout the season that address exploits, balance change, bug fixes, and smaller features. With that in mind, Respawn said each season will start with a new Battle Pass, a new Legend, and more.
While "Apex Legends" started strong, there are signs its popularity is waning as fans grow disillusioned with its issues (and Respawn's lack of communication) and influential streamers go back to playing competitors like "Fortnite" and "PUBG." Earlier this month, StreamElements said the number of hours people spent watching the game on sites like Twitch fell substantially.” />
"We need to provide more visibility into the future, and what we’re working on," McCoy said. "That doesn’t mean we’re going to start telling folks everything they want to know when they want to know it, but you can expect more transparency on future updates and fewer surprise drops." Finally, the team said it wants to improve how it communicates with the fan base going forward.

According to Sami'a Ghulab, Senior Iraqi Member of Parliament, "Fornite" and similar games "threaten the social and moral peace" of Iraq.
Authorities in Iraq are currently contemplating banning popular shooters like "Fortnite" in a bid to curb fears of violence in younger players.
"Fortnite" has been a title that's repeatedly come under fire for its "addictive" nature. While there hasn't been any sort of conclusive legislature proposed to limit "Fortnite" and other games of its kinds in the country so far, it looks like individuals like Ghulab are working hard to see that it could potentially happen in the future.” /> Religious authorities in Iraq have attempted in the past to circumvent the lack of legislation to lessen the impact many of those in the country feel has on young adults and children.
She urged the country's authorities to “end this negative phenomenon through the issuance of legislation to prevent the circulation of these games.” “The Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism, and Archeology views with great concern the spread of the phenomenon of electronic games that is causing violence among children, and young boys and girls,” said Ghulab during a press conference in Baghdad on Saturday, April 13.
These developments come after several violent happenings in the country appeared to spur on tragedies such as a young man killing a friend with a shotgun during a "PUBG" role-play, and to a lesser degree "aggression" between children and their parents when asked to discontinue "Fortnite" play sessions.

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Sony's announcement comes one day after Microsoft added the battle royale title to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Fifteen other titles are also coming to Game Pass leading up to the holidays.” />
The game first released on PC in March 2017, then came to Xbox in December 2017, where it's enjoyed nearly a year of console exclusivity.
The Survivor's Digital Edition is $60 USD and includes the base game, Survival Pass: Vikendi, a 2,300 G-Coin Pack, and 20,000 Battle Points (or BP). The Champion's Digital Edition costs $90 USD and includes the base game, Survival Pass: Vikendi, a 6,000 G-Coin Pack, and 20,000 BP. Sony is offering a number of pre-order bundles. The Disc Edition and Looter's Digital Edition both cost $30 USD and just include the base game. BP is the in-game currency usually earned during matches.
The PS4 version of "PUBG" includes three maps — Erangel, MIramar, and Sanhok. The game's upcoming snow-themed map will come out sometime this winter, developer and publisher PUBG Corp. It also includes all major features like custom matches, the ranked system, event mode, and more. said on the PlayStation Blog.
Popular battle royale title "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" is officially coming to PlayStation 4 on Dec. 7, Sony announced on Tuesday.
“It’s always exciting and tense presenting our work to the players as a developer," said "PUBG" PS4 engineering lead Changmin Lee. "Getting our game into the hands of the PS4 community that haven’t experienced 'PUBG' is a thrill equal to creating a new game. Everyone on the PS4 dev team have worked passionately on every single moment of the game to create a perfect experience for our players – we hope you all enjoy your journey on getting a chicken dinner!”
One is a Nathan Drake player skin, the other is Ellie's backpack from "The Last of Us." Plus, people who pre-order on PS4 can get some Sony exclusive goodies.

It now takes both play time and ranking into account when offering rewards. Additionally, players no longer receive four times the BP when they play alone in a squad game. It's adding a supply system that grants rewards based on completed missions and playtime. PUBG Corp. is also making notable tweaks to how players are rewarded for time spent in-game. The developer is also restructuring the BP system. There's now a survival gauge that fills with survival XP, and players who fill the bar get rewards when they level up. Previously, it looked at rankings only.
The Sanhok map is also getting an exclusive vehicle called the Tukshai. said, but it fits perfectly with the map's Southeast Asian environment. It can be found on all maps as a world spawn. Update #21 adds some new content to "PUBG" besides the training mode and reward system, including a new AR weapon called the MK47 Mutant. It's slower than other vehicles, PUBG Corp.
"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" is getting a training mode and a brand new rewards system, developer PUBG Corp. revealed on Wednesday.
The update also brings numerous bug fixes, performance tweaks, and UI changes. You can read the full patch notes here.” />
It allows players to practice "all aspects of 'PUBG' gameplay' in a 2×2 map. A player's health can't drop below one hit point while in training mode. Up to 20 people can join a training session, which lasts for a total 30 minutes. PC Update #21 is on "PUBG's" test server now and it brings a lot of changes to the battle royale game. The biggest addition is the much-requested training mode.