The domestic box office's top title "A Quiet Place" gathered $15 million from 57 markets in its third weekend, where it opened in two new territories. The next major markets to release include China, France, and Japan. The thriller bowed in Spain with $891,000 at 287 locations, and in Vietnam with $302,000 at 139 locations.
The next key markets to open will be France, Germany, and Japan. In Mexico, the film earned $2.9 million on 2,193 screens, while in the U.K. Korea was another top market, where it made $3.3 million on 870 screens. it brought in $1.9 million on 744 screens. "Rampage" has brought in $106 million in China alone, seeing $27.2 million on 17,000 screens this weekend.
"Ready Player One's" worldwide total currently amounts to $521.6 million. Internationally, the film is just shy of the $400 million mark at $395.4 million. Steven Spielberg's latest opened this weekend in its final major market, Japan, with $4.4 million from 749 screens. Another Warner Bros.' title, "Ready Player One" earned $23 million from 67 territories this weekend.
Combined with its domestic weekend of $7.9 million, the film has made $38.3 million globally. "Truth or Dare" scored $4.1 million from 25 territories, with an international total of $7.9 million.
Universal and Blumhouse's "Truth or Dare" opened in 18 new territories this weekend. In the United Arab Emirates, the horror flick made $223,000 from 45 locations, while in Central America it made $223,000 from 147 locations. Its strongest debut came from Mexico, which yielded $1.3 million in 958 locations.
Along with its $21.8 million from North America this weekend, John Krasinski's horror film has made $206.8 million worldwide.
The Warner Bros. film pulled in $57 million from 61 territories in its second weekend, crossing the $200 million mark internationally. With the $21 million it made domestically this weekend, "Rampage's" global tally sits at $283 million.
Dwayne Johnson's "Rampage" has once again secured the top spot at the international box office.

"Rampage" had originally been scheduled to open on April 20 but was moved forward a week in the wake of Disney-Marvel moving "Avengers: Infinity War" forward a week to April 27. The superhero mashup is on pace to open to a massive $175 million to $200 million in its debut weekend, according to early tracking.
"A Quiet Place" opened with the second-best domestic debut of 2018 last weekend with $50.2 million. The thriller, starring Krasinski and Emily Blunt, should reach the $100 million mark by the end of the weekend. It carries a 96% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Dwayne Johnson's action-fantasy "Rampage" is heading for downbeat North American opening weekend of about $27 million to $32 million at 3,950 locations, early estimates showed Friday.
Overall domestic box office is down 2.6% this year to $3.16 billion as of April 11, according to comSeore. It will decline further this weekend since the year-ago frame was a robust $170.3 million when "The Fate of the Furious" — which included Johnson in its cast — opened impressively with $98.8 million.
Another canine-themed animated movie — "Sgt. The film centers on the real-life Sergeant Stubby, a stray Boston Terrier who became a hero during World War I. Stubby: An American Hero" — is also opening at 1,685 sites amid expectations of less than $5 million for Entertainment Studios.
The stop-motion film, which has earned $13.1 million at the domestic box office in three weeks, is pegged to wind up the weekend with another $6 million. Fox Searchlight is expanding Wes Anderson’s animated "Isle of Dogs" from 554 to 1,939 locations.
First-day grosses in China were impressive with $15.7 million, the third-largest opening day in Warner Bros. history. Johnson portrays a primatologist who shares a bond with a silverback gorilla who becomes a giant beast after a rogue genetic experiment goes wrong and creates an array of rampaging creatures.
"Rampage" has mixed reviews, with a 55% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Thursday night previews generated $2.4 million for "Rampage" in North America — well below the $3.1 million in Thursday night previews in June, 2015, for Johnson's "San Andreas" on its way to a $54.5 million opening weekend. Hopes had been high for "Rampage," given the recent worldwide success of "Jumanji," Johnson's action-comedy teamup with Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan.
"Strong ongoing social media buzz, great reviews, a killer original concept and a great release date have all conspired to make 'A Quiet Place' an unexpectedly strong performer that is poised to make a lot of noise in its sophomore session, and thus present a boisterous box office challenge to the wide release newcomers in what is expected to be another great weekend for the horror hit," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst with comScore.
Blumhouse’s low-cost "Truth or Dare," which Universal is debuting fittingly on Friday the 13th, had been tracking to open in third place with around $16 million from 3,029 locations. Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Hayden Szeto, and Landon Liboiron are college kids on spring break in Mexico who indulge in a seemingly harmless game of truth or dare that turns deadly when someone begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse a dare.
Universal-Blumhouse's debut of "Truth or Dare" will come in above expectations in third with about $18 million at 3,029 venues. That's well below forecasts and signals that Paramount's second weekend of John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place" should repeat as the box office winner with about $34 million at 3,508 sites.
The New Line-Warner Bros. With a price tag in the $120 million range, "Rampage" needs to deliver strong box office around the world to become profitable. release had been forecasted to debut between $37 million and $40 million from 3,950 theaters this weekend.
Universal’s raunchy R-rated comedy "Blockers," starring John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz, has totaled $26 million in its first six days. The third frame of "Ready Player One" and the sophomore outing of "Blockers" are likely to battle for fourth place in the $10 million to $11 million range. Steven Spielberg’s "Ready Player One" has grossed $102 million in its first two weeks for Warner Bros.

The deals come after the parent company of HQ Trivia, Intermedia Labs, announced the closing of $15 million in funding from venture-capital firm Founders Fund, with participation from Lightspeed Venture Partners, which previously invested seed money in the startup.
The HQ Trivia questions are created by a team of writers, researchers and fact-checkers, and the trivia gets harder as the game progresses. Players must answer each multiple-choice question within 10 seconds, which makes it tough to launch a Google search for the correct answers.” />
HQ Trivia runs the games weekdays at 3 p.m. Yusupov previously told Variety that HQ Trivia hopes to someday bump up cash-prize pool to $1 million per game. and 9 p.m. ET. New York-based Intermedia Labs was founded by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, two of the founders of Vine, the six-second video app acquired by Twitter — which then shut it down four years later. ET, and on the weekends at 9 p.m.

Previously, the app's biggest prize pot was $50,000 (won by six players, who split the total evenly) on March 4, the night of the Academy Awards. Players for the game sponsored by "Ready Player One" will be vying for a $250,000 prize pool — the biggest to date for HQ Trivia.
Since launching last August, HQ Trivia now attracts more than 1 million live viewers daily who compete in the 12-question elimination-format competitions. The app’s popularity has turned Scott Rogowsky, the New York stand-up comedian who’s the regular host of the HQ Trivia games, into an internet celeb.
In addition, HQ Trivia has a deal with Nike, which is sponsoring a game on Monday, March 26, to promote its Air Max line of sneakers.
to promote the upcoming release of Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One." Viral game-show app HQ Trivia has inked its first major sponsorship deals, including with Warner Bros.
WB's deal with HQ Trivia, as first reported by AdAge, is worth $3 million and will cover three movies, starting with "Ready Player One." The dystopian sci-fi thriller is set to hit theaters March 29.
ET/6 p.m. The movie has a neat tie-in with HQ Trivia: In "Ready Player One," users compete in a virtual-reality world to unlock clues — and inherit the massive fortune of game's late creator. PT, with a video styled as a movie trailer. The "Ready Player One" Twitter account on Sunday night invited fans to participate in playing HQ Trivia on March 28, at 9 p.m.

However, the Spielberg-directed movie can't change the bigger factors that have so far kept VR a relatively small niche in the entertainment biz and hampered adoption, other observers say. Those include the high cost of hardware and the "exclusive immersion" of VR (meaning users can't multitask while they wearing a headset), said Tim Merel, managing director of Digi-Capital, an advisory firm specializing in VR and augmented-reality technologies.
VR, by contrast, might have 50 million to 60 million installed base and represent annual revenue of $10 billion to $15 billion by 2022. By 2022, Digi-Capital projects, AR could represent a $85 billion to $90 billion market with a base of 3.5 billion users. Like other analysts, Merel is far more bullish on AR than VR.
Steven Spielberg's virtual-reality fantasy "Ready Player One" may help drive sales of VR headsets — which have dramatically fallen short of previous bullish forecasts — but not everyone thinks the movie will really be a tipping point.
Rotten Tomatoes registers a critic's score of 75% so far. Initial reviews of "Ready Player One" have been mixed. On the other hand, the movie has a 98% "want to see" user score on the website, representing the percentage of users following "Ready Player One" who added it to their want-to-see list.
In other words, the movie has the potential to be a mainstream cultural moment that fuels interest in VR the way the overnight hit of augmented-reality game "Pokémon Go" vaulted AR forward. Given how "Ready Player One" extensively showcases VR gameplay, it could serve as a catalyst for the virtual-reality market, according to Jefferies equity analyst Mark Lipacis.
"While 'Ready Player One' is great in terms of raising VR’s profile to drive consumer trial of VR systems in the short-term, it is not clear yet what impact this will have on VR's long-term growth prospects," Merel said.
"'Ready Player One' has the potential to appeal to an electronics-game savvy audience that is motivated to have a more immersive experience." "We believe that the movie will drive sales of VR headsets that require high-performance GPUs [graphics processing units]" from chip-makers Nvidia and AMD, he wrote in a research note published Monday.
"'Ready Player One' tells a breathless and relatively coherent story — essentially, the future of civilization is riding on the outcome of a video game — but the movie, first and foremost, is a coruscating explosion of pop-culture eye candy," Gleiberman wrote. The movie has plenty of VR scenes that showcase "vicarious fantasy combat" in ways that are "entrancingly cool," Variety's Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review. The movie premiered at SXSW on Sunday.
It's on pace to rake in between $45 million and $55 million over the four-day opening weekend, according to industry tracking services. "Ready Player One," set to hit theaters March 29, takes place in a dystopian future where VR gamers are battling for control of the virtual world.
— just 2.9% of the population — used a VR headset at least monthly, according to eMarketer, which forecasts that percentage growing to just 5.2% by 2019. That's led to price cuts from HTC and Facebook's Oculus, and Sony's PlayStation VR for their standalone virtual-reality gear. Last year, around 9.6 million consumers in the U.S. Regardless of how well "Ready Player One" fares at the box office, VR has been a huge disappointment relative to early projections.
In the VR sector, over the long term entertainment — games, location-based entertainment and video — could represent two-thirds of all VR sector revenue, with hardware taking just over a quarter due to "limited unit sales and price competition," according to Merel.” />