Twisting masses taking form beyond the murky black
Severed from reality, impossible to turn back
Souls held captive, wither away and die
Sickening screams of horror rend the affrighted skies
Trapped in the path of an oncoming storm
Looking behind the eyes of the dead
Empty walls with no way out
Lost inside this
Severed, Severed Reality (x2)
(Solo by John Laux)
The mind falls into black abyss
Nothing left the same
Mouths emerge from every shape
Howls like dust from the grave
Within cryptic realms unknown
Draped in endless night
With all your might you try to escape
But still you’re lost inside
SEVERED!! Descending into madness
Sanity falling away
Nothing remains from the world you have known
Enter the realms beyond the gate
Twisting masses taking form beyond the murky black
A scream breaks the silence and the skies begin to crack
Eyes burst forth from the body
Their whispers seared into your brain
Beckoning your descent
You stare into the void and it calls your name..