[Verse 2]
The one thing that really bothers me the most
Is how we calmly take the lives of other folk
The world today is in a grave situation
Dirty water we can’t drink, dirty air, it’s so unfair
Baby, something is missing all over the world
It’s alright, it’s okay
You and me, baby, can withstand
All the sin and corruption this land
We got love, we got peace
If we could hold it, spread it all over world
Oh, then the world’s situation
Won’t be rated X, rated X
Do you hear me? Where’s the joy? When I preach all that I’ve learned
We’ll have happiness and love, it’ll be oh, so sweet
And then we jive in the master plan
We can walk together, side by side, hand in hand
Oh, love is still rated X
We all know is hate is all the way rated X
Where’s the love? They let the children see life destroyed
But they won’t let them see the making
Oh, what happened to God’s creation? Where’s the peace? God is watching, He knows where you’re at
Yes, he’s watching the situation, that’s a fact
Oh, the world’s situation
Should be rated X, woo
Situation Play this song
Oh, the world’s situation
Should be rated X, rated X
Said, the world’s situation
Should be rated X, yeah, rated X
Listen, people
[Verse 1]
Not only in the movie shows
Take a look outside, it’s where the truth is really told
It’s life in living color
Fighting, killing and dope dealing, it’s everywhere
What about the crime? Rated X
What about the killing, fighting, stealing everywhere? Where’s the hope for us all?