The trailer opens with Pike in a devastated combat zone, yelling, "I'm not armed."
16 wide launch. The producers are Basil Iwanyk, Marissa McMahon, Matthew George, Charlize Theron, and Heineman. Aviron Pictures will release "A Private War" on Nov. 2 in Los Angeles and New York, with a Nov. The cast includes Jamie Dornan, Stanley Tucci, and Tom Hollander.
Pike was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress for 2014's "Gone Girl." Heineman was up for an Oscar for best documentary for 2015's "Cartel Land," and won the Directors Guild's documentary award for "Cartel Land" and "City of Ghosts." "A Private War" marks Heineman's first narrative feature.” />
"I hate being in a war zone, but I also feel compelled," Pike says. Maybe I just don't know how." "Maybe I would have liked a normal life.
"A Private War" chronicles the life of the late American-born British war correspondent Marie Colvin, portrayed by Pike, and is based on Marie Brenner's 2012 Vanity Fair article "Marie Colvin's Private War." Colvin died in 2012 while covering the siege of Homs in Syria.
The trailer, released on Monday, focuses on Colvin's commitment to reporting from dangerous locations.
Rosamund Pike's Marie Colvin finds herself in the middle of a hellish war in the majority of the intense first trailer for "A Private War."