In 2007 he also sold his shares in Vitamin Water for a reported $200 million. He also announced last year that he is currently developing three more shows for STARZ after reaching a new deal with the network. Perhaps it will be called Effen champagne. Now 50 Cent is looking to expand his empire into the Champagne business. Related Posts

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50 Cent Taps Jeremih For New Song “Still Think Im Nothing” 50 Cent sat down for an interview with The New York Times where he revealed his plans to launch his new beverage and laying down some new tracks for his sixth album. “On most Sundays, I go into the studio to record my music and meet my producers there,” he said. The rap titan is currently promoting his new movie “Den Of Thieves” starring himself, Gerard Butler, and O’Shea Jackson Jr. “I also go over my projects,” he said, “I’m launching a Champagne next year because it’s my favorite drink. Right now I’m in the middle of recording my sixth album, but it’s as thrilling as my first.”
Last year summer, rumors surfaced that 50 Cent sold his stake in Effen vodka for $60 million, although he never confirmed the deal. The hip hop mogul has his footprints dotted across the entertainment business from music to movies and TV and even his own brand of vodka. The hip hop mogul currently has one of the most successful shows on TV, Power. I could be there six hours and not even feel it. I’m there for a few hours, usually alone, and since it’s Sunday, it’s quiet, and I can get a lot of work done.”
The G-Unit rapper says he spend his Sundays recording his new album and sometimes he would spend hours in the studio just vibing new songs with his producers. And I go over my scripts. “There are no windows so it’s very easy to lose track of time. 50 Cent is planning to expand his liquor business and working on a new album.