“The whole concept of bringing in people like [Kaling] is to use these individuals to grab people’s attention and I think Stella’s helped us break through with millions of different people who can take action,” Damon told Variety.
As of this year, Water.org has officially reached 17 million people with clean water since Damon and White founded the organization in 2009. Now, with the involvement of big names such as Parker, Damon says they can expect to hit 3.5 million more people by the end of this quarter.
The first campaign video made headlines on Super Bowl Sunday as viewers saw Parker make a welcomed Carrie Bradshaw comeback and Bridges make a special appearance as his nameless “Big Lebowski” character, The Dude. “The Mindy Project” creator will be following the lead of Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges, who each starred in their own promo vids for the initiative, in which the beer brand will be selling Limited-Edition chalices to bring five years of clean water to someone in need.
“I’m a dinosaur,” the actor told Variety.
The award-winning actor says enlisting the help of influencers like Kaling has been one of the most rewarding aspects of their partnership with Stella. ” /> “Just to see other people get to do what I do as a day job and come in with the enthusiasm and the willingness to make a difference, that was really incredible for us,” he said.
Matt Damon, whose only social media presence comes in the form of fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter, wouldn't characterize himself as online savvy.
It just takes our engagement and we can solve this in our lifetime.” “There’s really two messages we need to get out. One, is the magnitude of the problem itself because it’s really hard for people in the West to relate to – we’re all surrounded by clean water all the time,” the “Good Will Hunting” star said. “But the others, for the people for whom this is a problem, there are really real and practical and effective solutions.
Damon’s analog ways are part of the reason that he and Gary White have come to rely heavily on the widespread influence of other stars to spread the word about their non-profit organization water.org which is aimed at ending the global water crisis. Mindy Kaling is the latest big name to join forces with the organization –  she’ll appear in their latest “Pour it Forward” campaign video in partnership with Stella Artois.