For those participating in Couchella and thirsty for the good word gear, fret not, the items are also available at Kanye's website. But, of course, they're very different from the on-the-ground looks.

And Sunday morning, there was a spread of breakfast goods available for purchase including fresh squeezed orange juice, chicken and waffles and breakfast burritos. Last night, he appeared on stage during Kid Cudi's set. West surprised Coachella fans with more than just pricey attire.

Kanye West's Sunday Service wasn't the only big draw on the last day of Coachella. Ye's worship-inspired merchandise boasted lines that stretched across the field.
The service streamed live from Indio, Calif. Previously, West's Sunday performances have been private and invite only.” />
The self-proclaimed “church clothes” were available for purchase during the musician's morning performance. The collection was made up of neutral-hued items each bearing various god-fearing slogans, including "holy spirit," "trust god" and "Jesus walks" on a pair of socks. Prices for sweatshirts range from $165 to $225, and the socks are $50. A plain poncho with no text at all was also on sale for $75.
Another said, "I love Kanye but I ain't paying $255 for a pretty basic hoodie." "Yikes," wrote one Twitter user.
mixed. Online reactions to the messianic merch were…