Overall Broadway sales picked up 12% after the declines of the previous week, with the cumulative tally stepping up to $29.4 million for 20 shows. Attendance climbed by almost 20,000 to 243,913 — all of which is pretty good for a frame that saw a midweek snowstorm hit the New York area.
"Frozen" ($1,453,464 for seven) nudged ahead of its four-year-old sibling "Aladdin" ($1,262,335) and landed a few slots behind "The Lion King" ($1,774,590), consistently one of the highest-grossing titles on the boards. With attendance at near-capacity, the show's average price paid per ticket was a relatively sane $125 — which doesn't seem an astronomically number on a Broadway landscape where big hits can command the $500 average of "Springsteen on Broadway" ($2,396,015 for five) or the almost-$300 of "Hamilton" ($3,149,330).
Among other musicals that opened this season, "The Band's Visit" ($802,836) looks to be slowing a bit as the competitive spring season gets underway, but it's still doing plenty well for a comparatively small-scale musical with a lot of critical love behind it. The new revival of "Carousel" ($865,507 for seven), meanwhile, looked solid, with a healthy base of interest to build on, as "Escape to Margaritaville" ($625,317) seemed on the soft side but can hope for a publicity boost from its opening night later this week.
Among other previewing shows, the revival of "Angels in America" ($994,785 for seven previews) came within spitting distance of $1 million, making it the top-selling non-musical now running, ahead of Mark Rylance headliner "Farinelli and the King" ($649,192). Like "Angels," the play "Three Tall Women" ($497,066 for seven) — featuring Glenda Jackson and Laurie Metcalf — is also ramping up for an opening later this month, as is Chris Evans outing "Lobby Hero" ($372,855).
The next musical to watch out for: "Mean Girls," which begins previews tonight and, to judge from the buzz alone, has the potential to be one of the biggest attention-getters of the spring.” />
This week it's got three — thanks to "Frozen," the adaptation of the animated smash that landed at No. Disney has long had two titles that show up regularly in the Top 10 of the Broadway box office. 6 on the chart with a week of just seven previews.