Developing…” />
"Phantasy Star Online 2" launches on Xbox One in Spring 2020.
"Phantasy Star Online 2" is one of Japan's biggest role-playing games and it's finally coming to the West on Xbox One, Microsoft announced during the Xbox E3 2019 press conference on Sunday.
The version heading west includes all previously released content, Microsoft said. The Sega MMO first launched in Japan in 2012. It will also feature some form of cross-play. Like the Japanese version, it will be free-to-play.

For those who can't get enough "Minecraft," be sure to check out the upcoming AR game "Minecraft Earth."” />
"You'll get a brief tour of each of our updates over the years! "Hop into the golden minecart and you'll be zipped along a powered rail down memory lane," the news post explained. It's a fast paced treat through the past of 'Minecraft'…"
"Minecraft" celebrated 10 years last month, but a special anniversary map is still available for players to enjoy, according to a news post on the official website for the game posted Saturday.
After the guided tour, players are left with a puzzle to solve to unlock a virtual "Minecraft" museum. The museum has plenty for players to learn about the history of the game.
The map, made by Blockworks, is a celebration of all things "Minecraft," the popular sandbox-style game which allows players to craft their own worlds. It starts in a special golden minecart, and players are taken stop by stop through the various updates "Minecraft" has had over the years. The map is completely free, and gives players a brief tour of "Minecraft's" history.
The free map is available for "Minecraft" on Xbox One, Windows PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and even "Minecraft" Java.

This entry would mark the first return to the "Modern Warfare" moniker for "Call of Duty" since "Modern Warfare 3" in 2011, despite the debut of "Modern Warfare Remastered" in 2016.

The reveal will take place during the official "Call of Duty" 2019 announcement stream, which is set to go live tomorrow morning. The most recent "Call of Duty" title, "Black Ops 4," is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.” />
The short 21-second clip is a bit of a teaser, with the sound of what appears to be a woman making her way through the woods. The company took to the social media account with the message "Going Dark" as well as an accompanying video with a date and time: May 30 at 10 AM PT.
Activision is teasing its official "Call of Duty" announcement for May 30 with a new tweet on the game's official Twitter account.
The next entry in the long-running "Call of Duty" series is rumored to be called "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," with Kotaku reporting that it will be a "soft reboot" of the original "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare." It's supposedly going to go "heavy on troubling, realistic emotional moments," though Activision and Infinity Ware have remained unexpectedly mum on the title the far.
"They could be anywhere. What can you brief?" she says, before the audio is promptly cut off. "I've got a problem," she asserts.

Mixer is introducing a Mixer Loot, an AI-powered rewards experience in which Mixer users can earn in-game content by catching Mixer streams.
During the update's launch, players need to watch the completion of 30 unique "Sea of Thieves" Arena matches on Mixer between April 30 at 8 AM PT through May 5 at 11:59 PT. Mixer Loot will be available starting on Tuesday, April 30 to coincide with the debut of "Sea of Thieves'" Anniversary Update content.
"Sea of Thieves" is available now on Xbox One.” /> Mixer has the full rundown on how Loot works at its official blog post.
Not every channel will support Loot, but those that do will feature a Loot icon next to each stream's title. Mixer Loot is a new way for viewers to earn content while watching their favorite streamers. It utilizes the same kind of AI-powered tech as HypeZone to scan streams on the platform and determine when interesting moments have happened. In turn, it will reward viewers for being around to catch them.
To check progress, there's a Loot icon on each stream page with information on what's been collected thus far and what still needs to be gleaned from the stream. Any loot earned from a stream can be checked via the "My Loot" page in the settings pane, where codes for the gaming platform of players' choice will be available to redeem.

"We work closely with retailers to ensure that our products are mutually beneficial for our business and theirs and in general, retailer reception to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has been positive so we’re pleased to be able to provide a variety of choice to meet our customers’ needs, whether they’re looking to purchase this new all-digital console or digital content cards at a physical retail store.” “Retailers play a critical role in the ecosystem of delivering physical hardware and software and digital codes for digital games and subscriptions," Gattis said.
With the Xbox 360, Microsoft released its S version about three years before the release of the Xbox One. The new model comes as the Xbox One approaches a six year anniversary in November. The Xbox 360 E — the last iteration of the 360 — came less than six months before the release of the Xbox One. New, lower-cost, versions of a game console often roll out as the system ages and nears the point when a new system is released.
The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will come pre-loaded with "Minecraft," "Forza Horizon 3," and "Sea of Thieves," and feature all of the same specs as the Xbox One S — which means a 1TB hard drive — barring an HD Blu-Ray player. The system launches on May 7 for $249.99, which is $50 less than the Xbox One S.
The news comes the same day that Sony Interactive Entertainment provided some early details on its next-gen PlayStation, which the company said won't be coming out in 2019.
Gattis added that a digital-only version of the Xbox One is not a reflection of Microsoft's support of physical stores and retailers.
Microsoft's long-rumored, mostly-confirmed disc-less Xbox One was unveiled during one of the company's Inside Xbox videos Tuesday.
"Given this is the first product of its kind, it will teach us things we don’t already know about customer preferences around digital and will allow us to refine those experiences in the future. "The benefits of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is that it offers value and choice to customers that prefer the conveniences of an all-digital library," Gattis said. We see this as a step forward in extending our offerings beyond the core console gamer and continuing our journey to reach more than 2 billion gamers worldwide.”
That console will have improved CPU and GPU as well as better audio and a high-speed SDD disk drive designed to remove a bottleneck that was slowing modern console gaming down.” />
We’re not looking to push customers toward digital; it’s about meeting the needs of customers that are digital natives that prefer digital-based media and providing value with the most affordable Xbox One console.” "As with anything we work on, our customers are at the center of our product development process and general consumer behavior suggests there’s a strong appetite for digital experiences today. “The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is about providing choice," Jeff Gattis, general manager of platform and devices marketing at Microsoft, said in a prepared statement. We think of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition as an option that caters to audiences who prefer to find and play their games digitally.

Curiously, despite the widespread problems, the official "Anthem" live server status tracker isn't reporting any problems with the game at this time.
22, 2019.” /> 3, which will be open to all players, in the event this demo's spotty start keeps players from being able to participate. 1 through Feb. "Anthem" is planned for a full release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Feb. There is an additional open demo coming down the line that will run from Feb.
27 for players who pre-ordered the game or subscribe to Origin or EA Access, has been experiencing these problems since it became available. The VIP demo, which began Friday morning and runs through Jan.
Electronic Arts global community manager Jesse Anderson took to the social media platform to explain that the team would be working on scaling the "Anthem" servers back to gradually allow players in waves, which has apparently allowed several players into the game.
While some are seeing errors reporting server capacity problems, others are being allowed into the game, but kicked out shortly afterward. Currently, players are reporting that they cannot get into the VIP demo at all, and are being met with frustrating errors regarding full servers, the "Anthem" service being unavailable, and a myriad of other issues.

Players looking to jump into "Anthem" by way of early VIP demo codes are unable to do so, as the game is experiencing connection problems.
The official EA Help account on Twitter has noted that it is currently addressing adding "more server capacity" to the demo and looking into the "infinite loading issue" players have been reporting as well.

The map's active area continues to shrink as the timer ticks down. Blackout finds characters jumping from an aerial transport down to the battleground, scavenging their immediate surroundings for weapons and gear, and then working to survive long enough to be the last player standing.
It will feature the same mashup of familiar characters, weapons, locations, and gear from the "Call of Duty" series with new, intense "Black Ops" action. Players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC can experience the Blackout Free Trial beginning Thursday, Jan 17.
"Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.” />
"Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's" popular battle royale mode Blackout is getting a free weeklong trial.
The mode allows up to 100 players, who can play as Solos, Duos, or Quads and can choose from land, sea, and air vehicles to get around while on the ground. There's a wide variety of characters from throughout the "Call of Duty" series as a whole to choose from, such as "Black Ops" star Alex Mason or Raul Melendez from "Black Ops II."
In addition to announcing the Blackout Free Trial, developer Treyarch also released a new "Black Ops 4" update for console players, coming later this week on PC and adding the new "Unsinkable" Gauntlet and new Elixirs in the form of Perk Up, Refresh Mint, and Conflagration Liquidation. Additional information can be found via the official "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" subreddit update.

Sale Price: $200
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Assassin's Creed Origins
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Monster Hunter World
Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition
Far Cry 5
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Dark Souls III
Xbox Game Pass 12-Month Subscription
Xbox One Controller
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Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Creators Bundle
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
Turtle Beach XO Three Wired Headset
The inevitable big sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us and that means it’s time to start shopping deals for your beloved console. In this post, we’ve put together some of the better deals you can find for the Xbox One as well as discounts on peripherals and games.
Where: Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Store, Newegg, and Walmart
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Where: Microsoft Store
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Xbox Live 1-Month Subscription
There are also some deals on Game Pass, Live and of course, tons of best-selling games. Microsoft has quite the sales going on this holiday, including deals on the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X.
Where: Best Buy
Where: Best Buy
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Peruse below and drop any deals not listed in the comments to help your fellow gamers out. And if the PlayStation 4 is your thing, check out our PlayStation 4 Black Friday Round-Up. If you’re more into PC gaming, check out this Computer Gaming Black Friday round-up, or if you’re more into Nintendo, check out this Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 2DS Black Friday round-up and this major digital game sale for both devices.
Sale Price: $45
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Xbox Game Pass 1-Month Subscription
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Xbox One X 1TB with PUBG and $120 Kohl’s cash
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Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Headset
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Xbox One X Gold Rush Bundle with free Battlefield V and select controller
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Xbox One X 1TB with Battlefield 5 and an extra controller
Sea of Thieves
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack
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Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Creators Bundle with $60 Kohl’s cash
Where: Best Buy

Even more, the option of game streaming is becoming a more tangible reality, as Microsoft revealed with its game streaming tech “Project xCloud” on Monday. In a world where you could potentially stream the same games on any device, wouldn’t console choice become irrelevant?Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot stated back in June a prediction that streaming will be “more accessible” to players, making dedicated or expensive hardware less necessary.“There will be one more console generation and then after that, we will be streaming, all of us,” Guillemot said.” />
“Now that we have ‘Spiderman’ out the door, we’re looking down in 2019 to games like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Days Gone’ but we wouldn’t have enough to bring people altogether in some location in North America to have that event,” Layden said.”We don’t want to set expectations really high and then not deliver on it.”
The event expanded over the next few years as a place to give news updates. This year, though Layden expressed that “we have a lot of progress that we’re making in our games” but also that there’s not much to share at this point for upcoming titles. PlayStation Experience started four years ago as a celebration for PlayStation’s 20th anniversary as a way to “bring fans together” for a consumer event, according to Layden.
In general, game consoles are facing stiffer competition from not just the traditional push and pull with the massive PC games market, but a growing mobile game market, which has exceeded $26 billion already in 2018.  Kodera also said over the summer that he still sees potential in portable gaming, and thinks it shouldn’t be separated from console gaming but seen as another way to experience gaming. As consumers find ways to game beyond traditional gaming-dedicated hardware, the development of such hardware naturally comes into question.
The timing also comes just a month after Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that a successor to the PlayStation 4 is going to happen.
Yoshida declined to confirm whether or not the next PlayStation console will be called the “PlayStation 5,” which seems like the natural choice.While consoles are traditionally announced at E3, the PlayStation 4's announcement actually occurred at an event in New York City and Microsoft's Xbox One was unveiled at the company's campus. “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a [sic] next-generation hardware,” Yoshida stated.
This will be the first time in E3's 24-year history that PlayStation will not be attending the event, it is also the second major PlayStation event canceled by the company in recent months.
In September, Shawn Layden, chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, said the company wouldn't be hosting this year's PlayStation Experience citing a lack of games to show.
The news was buried inside the Entertainment Software Association's announcement of the 2019 show that quoted competitors Nintendo and Microsoft.
Sony Interactive Entertainment, currently riding high on record sales of its PlayStation 4 gaming console won't be hosting its annual press conference or showing up at all during next year's massive E3 expo.
The same could be true for E3 2019, though that does raise concerns about the PlayStation 4 itself and a potential lack of upcoming titles.

He added that he is happy that the main game and its online counter-part didn't release at the same time. While no date has yet been announced by Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive Chairman Strauss Zelnick told Variety that a beta for "Red Dead Redemption 2" is still coming this month.
I stand behind the label and its approach." "More than 2,000 people brought 'Red Dead Redemption 2' to the audience and delivered this incredible result. "We are really proud of Rockstar Games," he said. It's a great place to work and home to some of the most talented people in the industry.
"Red Dead Redemption 2" sold-in more than 17 million units worldwide as of Wednesday, outpacing total sales of the eight-year-old original "Red Dead Redemption" in just eight days, Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two Interactive announced.
You can read all of those stories in our "Red Dead Redemption 2" guide.” />
You can read more about that and more from our coverage of the game and it's release.
Other concerns raised recently include the sudden closure of studios and lack of stability in the industry. Despite that clarification, the statement ignited a discussion about the state of work conditions in the game industry. Some have called for unionization. Specifically, developers from a number of game studios discussed the history and use of crunch, a term used to define the long hours worked by developers in the days, weeks or months leading up to a game’s launch.
Thanks to the sales of "Red Dead Redemption 2," and a strong second quarter performance, Take-Two raised their financial outlook for fiscal 2019, which ends on March 31. The game was eight years in the making with a staff of nearly 2,000. "Red Dead Redemption 2" earned more than $725 million in its first three days on sale and became the highest-rated game of 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Zelnick also said that he doesn't believe that the debate over crunch, which surfaced following an interview with Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, had any negative impact on game sales and that Take-Two supports the company and its culture.
Finally, we ran our own review of “Red Dead Redemption 2,” a title we believe to be Rockstar Game’s best. We also covered the debate over crunch that was ignited following a statement made by co-founder Dan Houser about working 100-hour weeks. In the lead-up to the Oct. 26 launch of “Red Dead Redemption 2,” Variety released a trail of stories that start by examining some of the lingering, still-interesting elements of 2010’s “Red Dead Redemption.” Then we dove into the impact prequel “Red Dead Redemption 2” has had on the game industry and spoke with some of the people who made the game. In particular, we examined how a team of four writers with the help of a massive studio in the thousands, managed to flesh out the central character of the game by giving such deep, detailed life to those who surrounded him.
In the weeks leading up to the release of "Red Dead Redemption 2" Rockstar Games told their employees that were allowed to comment about working for the company on social channels, a change to a long-standing policy that prevented it. That change in policy came in response to an interview with co-founder Dan Houser in which he said that “we were working 100-hour weeks.” He later told Variety that he was referring to the overtime worked by himself and three others on the writing team.

The Free States faction can be likened to a group of "doomsday preppers" who had been stocking and saving supplies up ahead of an actual nuclear war – they believed it was always coming, so prepared themselves in turn. The Responders have a much more noble mission than the others, comprised of police officers, firefighters, and other medical personnel who look to "help each other…no matter the cost."
Bethesda took to the official "Fallout" Twitter account to announced that the Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, and Raiders factions from previous games will be returning, while the Free States and the Responders are two new groups players will be able to potentially join when the game debuts.
14, 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Players can start deciding who to align with when "Fallout 76" debuts on Nov. 23, 2018 for those who pre-ordered the game.” /> (Break-It Early Test Application) is set to begin on Oct. The B.E.T.A.
The factions players can side with in the upcoming online multiplayer game "Fallout 76" have been revealed.
The Enclave, on the other hand, formed ahead of the nuclear apocalypse and are looking to take back control of America. The Brotherhood of Steel, one of the most recognizable factions in "Fallout" lore, was formed in November 2077 according to game lore, and work to spread their messaging and influence via satellite across the world. The Raiders, lead by Rose, are often described as the "scourge of the wasteland," and for good reason.

As part of the new promotion, anyone who purchases an Xbox One S or Xbox One X via Amazon will receive an Amazon Echo Dot as part of a limited time offer. Additionally, a new Xbox Skill is coming to Cortana and Alexa for users in the US, which will allow players to use their voice to navigate their Xbox One system via Cortana and Alexa-enabled devices.
Lastly, Avatars and Dolby Vision support, five additional languages are being added to Xbox One's Narrator feature: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch will be available when the new October update hits. There's an Australian version of English coming for Narrator as well, eliminating the need for Australian gamers to select US or UK English to utilize the app.” />
The new system features a host of different, inclusive options, however, that weren't available in the first Avatar rollout on Xbox 360. Photobooth offers a variety of different emotes, backdrops, and other ways for you to customize your look so you can share it with the world. You can use the new Photobooth feature to take pictures of your new Avatar to share around the network, or use as your gamerpic if you so choose. You can still use your Xbox Original Avatar, according to Microsoft, which is still an option, if the new Avatar system isn't appealing to you. At launch, there will also be a new Avatar Store rife with new Avatar items from games like "Halo," "Gears of War," and a selection of other titles.
The hotly-anticipated new Xbox Avatars are coming to the system with a wide range of different body types, clothing, and accessibility options that will allow players to customize their Avatars to their liking. The Avatars will appear across Xbox One as well as activity feeds, Friend blocks on the Home screen, leaderboards, profiles, and other locations, as they will become a big part of the Xbox ecosystem going forward.
The October 2018 Xbox Update is bringing a slew of new content, including the debut of the new Xbox Avatars, Voice Skills, and Dolby Vision video streaming.
Dolby Vision video streaming is headed to Xbox One, offering HDR video streaming support across Xbox One S and Xbox One X. It will be available as an option that may be turned on via the console settings, so if your television has the latest Dolby Vision support and a Premium Netflix subscription, you'll be able to reap the benefits of the service at launch, with additional app support coming at a later date.

They'll have a few months to get through the massive backlog, as "Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far" is coming out later this month.
"Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage"
"Kingdom Hearts Re:coded"
29, 2019 to PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One.” /> "Kingdom Hearts III" is coming Jan.
"Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix"
"Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover"
For $39.99, fans and newcomers can catch up on the entire series in time for the release of "Kingdom Hearts III" next year with the entire collection, titled "Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far."
Fans will travel to iconic Disney worlds and join forces with beloved Disney and Final Fantasy characters in order to fight back against the threat of darkness and bring back light to all worlds." The official Square Enix store listing should get fans hyped up for the release: "Keyblade wielders can relive the magical adventures of Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy and friends as they attempt to stop the Heartless invasion that threatens their universe.
A complete compilation of all of the "Kingdom Hearts" games is coming to PlayStation 4, Square Enix announced Friday.
The next game in the series, "Kingdom Hearts III," is coming up soon and will feature a star-studded voice cast, including Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell of "Frozen."
The compilation includes all of the following:
30. "Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far" is available for preorder now and releases Oct.
"Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD"
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX
"Kingdom Hearts Final Mix"
"Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories"
"Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days"
"Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix"

It's the eleventh major installment for the series, following either a male or female mercenary named Alexios or Kassandra, and the follow-up to 2017's "Assassin's Creed Origins."” /> That's when the test period is scheduled to begin, according to Google's announcement. "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" is projected to release Oct. 5 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
Now, Project Stream is making its debut, with a cavalcade of test group users being given the opportunity to try out "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" via Chrome browsers on laptops or desktops. It was previously reported that Google was experimenting with some sort of game streaming service that would allow players to stream the game to specific Chromecast-enabled devices.
Google is looking to tackle various issues that arise from streaming services, such as buffering and visual anomalies including graphical degradation. These are issues that currently make streaming games frustrating and a hurdle for many, considering the size and scope of larger, blockbuster games like the latest "Assassin's Creed."
Google has officially announced its new game streaming service, Project Stream, with an upcoming "technical test" revolving around the upcoming "Assassin's Creed Odyssey."
Interested parties can currently sign up via the official Google Project Stream page to secure a Project Stream test spot, though there's limited space reserved for users with internet speeds of at least 25mbps. Anyone looking to try out the service must be a US resident and at least 17 years old to participate.

"Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts" is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.” />
The change in direction marks the team having "learned" from their past missteps, according to CI Games CEO Marek Tymiński. This mission-based play takes players to the Siberian wilderness, which is rife with various environmental obstacles, as well as challenging objectives to complete in standalone levels that are meant to be played and played again.
There's a selection of secondary objectives that can be completed for bonuses, as well as ways to retry completed contracts for a chance to earn even more money. Featuring a single-player campaign where players work through various missions each with their own unique objectives and rewards, the game changes up the established formula from CI Games' previous offerings in a big way. This iteration of the "Sniper" series is trading in the open world of "Sniper Ghost Warrior 3" and swapping in mission-based scenarios with a new "contracts" system.
CI Games announced a new entry in its long-running "Sniper" shooter series on Thursday, opting for a more traditional, mission-based approach with "Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts."
Aside from changing the core gameplay philosophies, the team is also focusing on minimizing longer load times and establishing a stable frame rate, as well as stuffing features in that new and longtime fans, will enjoy.

These accomplishments did, however, make "Monster Hunter World" the best-selling and fastest-selling game in the company's history, which were impressive achievements to say the least. "Monster Hunter World" reached a record 7.9 million worldwide sales milestone in May 2018, but has since seen a decline in sales across the board. Previously, it set a record for 7.5 million units in March, so the rise wasn't a significant one even in the course of two months.
“Although cumulative sales volume is growing steadily, we get the impression the popularity of Monster Hunter is dying down sixth months after its release,” BofAmL stated in a report, which also lowered Capcom's overall rating from "neutral" to "underperform," citing the continuation of sluggish sales in the next few months.
It garnered near-universal praise upon its debut, and the PC version is expected on Aug. 26 earlier this year, the first game in the long-running franchise to feature drop-in cooperative play in a bit to make things more accessible to new and returning players. 9.” /> The action RPG first debuted on Jan.
According to The Financial Times, its share target price was reduced from ¥2,800 (about $25.19) to ¥2,300, citing "significant risk of sales decline" for its massively popular title "Monster Hunter World." Japanese game developer Capcom's stock plummeted 12.9 percent on Tuesday, after a downgrade from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
It remains to be seen whether or not it can keep up the dizzying pace it reached earlier in the year, directly following its debut. Despite the recent announcement that "Monster Hunter World" would be making its way to PC after a long period of time available on only Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it appears analysts are concerned about that particular title's future. Recently, the game hasn't been able to maintain the strong sales numbers it once enjoyed, as sales reflect a massive drop over the last few weeks in global sales.

The water tunnel is actually a secret way into the Scar stronghold. A Stronghold is "Anthem's" version of a raid or dungeon, a 4-player mode that provides a tougher challenge and better rewards. Once one is discovered, it can be accessed from the map at the start of any expedition. Irving describes it as a "long form adventure" and it can take well over 20 minutes to complete.
"What that means is every time you go out and explore the world, you'll have a totally different experience that yields different rewards," Irving said.
The players put these combos to good use at the end of the video while facing a giant arachnid-like boss called a Spawn Tyrant, but fans will have to wait until after the game's launch to see how it all ends. Using certain abilities together can trigger extra effects for massive bonus damage. As the players venture deeper into the Scar stronghold, Irving explains how combos are a really important part of combat.
BioWare released a nearly 20-minute "Anthem" video on Thursday that's full of details about the online game's combat and 4-player "raids."
"Anthem" comes out on Feb. 22 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.” />
During the mission, the four players in the video encounter a random titan. There will be plenty of emergent world events like that one throughout the world of Anthem, apparently. It's quite powerful and they beat a hasty retreat through a water tunnel. Missions can be joined in-progress and friends of any level can play together and earn experience and rewards, Irving said.
the players). Narrated by BioWare lead producer Ben Irving, the video focuses on a mission called "Scars & Villainy." The Scars are relentless invaders who are in constant conflict with the Freelancers (a.k.a. They've managed to get their hands on some type of acid weapon, and the players are sent in to investigate.

Sony has also refused to allow cross-platform play with Microsoft and Nintendo for "Minecraft," stating that they cannot control the user base and protect the many younger players who enjoy "Minecraft."
When they did, the response was quite simply, lacking, only acknowledging that cross-platform play is compatible between the PlayStation 4 and the PC, Mac, iOS, and Android versions and further stating that Sony had "nothing further to add beyond at this point." There was a lot of speculation in the reasons why Sony had blocked accounts from use on the Switch in the two days it took the company to respond.
The update is available now on the Nintendo eShop.
While Sony is within its legal rights to not allow accounts to be used on the Switch version, it certainly doesn't make them look too good as the console wars era is coming to an end.
While Nintendo's new trailer seems like a bit of a veiled jab at Sony, it also gets across the main point: "Minecraft" is definitely a game that's better together, regardless of what system you play it on.” />
"Minecraft" players can also cross-play with the mobile and PC versions. A new trailer from Nintendo shows two people playing "Minecraft" together— one on the Switch, the other on Xbox One.
To put the significance of this into a bit of context, this new update comes not long after the release of "Fortnite Battle Royale" on the Switch, released on June 12. While there was much excitement as "Fortnite" players started downloading and cross-playing with their friends, there was a lot of backlash for Sony, who chose not to allow cross-platform play. Players who used their "Fortnite" accounts on the PlayStation 4 were stunned to find that they were then unable to use those accounts on the Nintendo Switch version— and vice versa.
"Minecraft" fans who play on the Nintendo Switch can now play with friends who game on Xbox One thanks to a new update.

This story is developing.
Twitch’s official coverage of the event began in earnest Sunday afternoon. The 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo takes place this week, from June 12 to June 14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Ubisoft held its E3 press conference on June 11 at 1 p.m. PT.
Follow all of Variety's E3 2018 coverage, which includes breaking news, original interviews, and hands-on impressions, right here.” />
The game will feature split-screen multiplayer for up to two players and seven “massive unique planets” to explore. “Starlink” is Ubisoft’s foray into the “toys-to-life” market, and will involve players building and customizing toy starships that mount directly to standard gamepads for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.
Ubisoft showed off more of "Starlink" with a trailer at E3 on Monday.

"PUBG" is the second most-streamed title on Twitch, behind only "Fortnite." It’s also the third most-watched game on the popular streaming service behind "Fortnite" and "League of Legends." Since "PUBG’s" release last year, the title has become one of the most popular online games to play and watch in recent memory.
Joonhyuk Choi of the PUBG DEV team gave further details about improvements players can expect in a post published on Xbox Wire on Thursday.
Thursday's update is one of the largest since the developer posted its spring road map on March 9. Specifically, this update should address the world-loading issues by simultaneously rendering buildings and interiors, and fixing instability issues which led players’ games to crash.” />
“In addition to Miramar and its new weapons and vehicles, the development team continues to improve optimization and stability throughout the entire PUBG Xbox Game Preview experience,” Choi wrote. “Players will continue to see regular updates that improve terrain and building interior load times upon landing, as well as reduced instances of crashing and instability across the entire game.”
also released two DLC outfit packs, the Golden Tracksuit and the Instructor Set, for $4.99 each. PUBG Corp. New weapons (R45 revolver, Win94 lever-action rifle, sawed-off shotgun) will complement the vehicles made specifically for the terrain of Miramar — a six-seat van and an off-road pickup truck.
Just a week after the release of the Miramar map for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) on mobile platforms, Xbox One players of the popular battle royale game will now get to join in the fun.
“To put it bluntly, we are simply not satisfied with the game's current console performance, and especially so during tense moments of onscreen action,” the post reads. “Until we are completely satisfied in the quality and reliability of the experience, efforts to optimize performance will be an ongoing hi-priority issue.”
The new map features a wide expanse of desert, which varies from densely packed buildings to wide-open areas.
In their Spring Road Map for "PUBG," developers noted their disappointment with the Xbox One version, posted on the official website’s forum.

"Sea of Thieves" is an online action game where players can form a crew, hunt for treasure, kill skeletons, and engage in other pirate hijinks. It's one of the first Microsoft exclusives offered under the new Xbox Game Pass program, a monthly subscription service that lets people play certain titles for free. It reached one million players in its first 48 hours and topped two million after the first week. It launched on PC and Xbox One last month and quickly gained a following. That probably helped its launch numbers, but the big influx of players caused some server issues as well.
Its first update, called The Hungering Deep, arrives in early May and adds a new, unique event to the game world, along with new mechanics, rewards, and a mysterious A.I. Online pirate game "Sea of Thieves" launched just over three weeks ago, and developer Rare is already outlining plans for future content. threat.
The question now is whether or not Rare can keep those players logging on. Many have criticized "Sea of Thieves" for its lack of meaningful content. It looks like Rare is taking those complaints to heart.
Cursed Sails will add a new ship type to the game, while Forsaken Shores opens up a "perilous" new part of the world. Each update will be free for all "Sea of Thieves" players. Rare will release three additional updates later on sometime during the calendar year. After The Hungering Deep, the studio said it's planning two more content updates during the summer.
"We are hugely excited to be beginning this phase of 'Sea of Thieves,' and seeing where the adventure takes us," said executive producer Joe Neate.” />
The updates will add major features to the game, along with new items and mechanics. In a YouTube video, Rare said it wants to release regular content updates and weekly events. But this re-focusing means Rare is putting other things on the backburner, namely pets and ship captaincy. The weekly events, meanwhile, will help showcase brand-new content and give pirate crews fresh objectives to complete.